YUKO | Treatment for Dry & Damaged Hair

My ragtop hasn't been blown out hardly ever in the last six months, I'm finding that my hair needs a great deal of preparation for this procedure ( yup, it's medical ) besides prepping the hair with a protein mask ( one egg, 1-2 scoops of coconut oil ) on wash day. I also need to use products that are targeted towards, dry & damaged hair as I'm still trying to repair the hair from my bleaching a year ago.

I've used these YUKO products on the occasions I've blown out my hair. the YUKO brand was founded in 1996 by Yuko Yamashita, with the idea for easy haircare for women who suffer with their hair where by it frizz, damaged or straight up out of control & rude. She worked closely with Phiten ( a Japanese sports, health & beauty company) to design YUKO hair straightening which I have the conditioner from that section, below.

I used my BaByliss Big Hair dryer until it conked out on me during the operation (R.I.P) so out came the hairdryer and a time to test out the Macadamia 100% boar hot curling brush (I never knew this was really BOAR HAIR!!!, forgive me Jesus) and I sometimes find when you have products that are aimed at certain types they are so hit & miss.

Phitenbella Conditioner, intensive conditioner - just the word, intensive, sells me. Being told those are the type of products I need to use, I try to stick to that especially when going straight. This conditioner is recommended to use AFTER the YUKO Permanent hair straightening treatment. Ingredients that are included are keratin, sericin, algae, collagen, vitamin E and amino acids. Keratin is known for it's smoothing like properties. It's a light-weight, moisturising and easy to work through the hair conditioner.

When my hair has air dried about 85-90% I begin & as I go by sections I spray the Repair Through onto the individual section I am working on. The Repair Through is a leave in conditioning spray with amino acids that can be used on wet or dry hair. It can help against heat and brush damage, something I think a lot of us at times can forget about. I found that two spritz near the roots and end works best because too much of the spray can make my hair feel like straw.

Once my hair is blowed out and styled I take the Anti-frizz serum and begin to run it through my mid sections downwards. The serum is so light and watery, perfect cos when I wear my hair blowed out I prefer for it to not be weighed down but still moisturised.
More than anything I recommend just no heat - period - if possible or if like me and you want to have a change up, only do it when it's necessary, important dates & engagements. My only 'important date' was I wanted to see a length check from when I had it snip, snipped in November. In six months I've seen my hair go from damaged, hair that wouldn't curl to hair that is curly and a lot better in texture but when it's blown out the hair is a lot more manageable, thicker and healthier.

Granted this review has taken me a little while to do but I really wanted to see on the few events that I do blow out my hair how these products held up.

Have you heard or tried YUKO products? 
Did I sway you just a little?

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