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Since childhood reading has been a passion of mine, not only reading but writing. My childhood was filled with poetry, history and literature, books to encourage and help the structure of poetry. I use to create books in junior school and sell them for 20 pence and they even had illustrations. The woes and tales of an only child! Even though it has been a long time since I've purchased a poetry book, the love for reading hasn't been abandoned. There's another part to the books I buy more times than none they are second hand books. The books I get are either out of publication or very hard to find and thanks to generous people, there given up and into my hands.

A story within a story I look at it as, the people who had this before me, what was there take on the book, what page did they need to bend at to make sure they attended back to. The genres of these don't stray too far from my childhood like, they involve history in a sense, more criminal and biographical books, I know a lot of people love to read on kindles as they are more convenient when travelling but there's nothing better to me than feeling paper and print.

Scouring car boots, charity shops and even online it's a haven for us bookworms.
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  1. We must be twins <3

    Our house is filled with previously loved books, there is nothing better...



    1. It's so true, wouldn't have it any other way if possible xo

  2. I can imagine you selling your books when you were lil' nipper, hehe.

    You know my other half is a loser. The amount he spends on books in Waterstones is RIDICUL-ARSE. Pre-loved books are the way to go. They smell amazing, don't they? Ha!


    1. Oh no, I can't be having that now, we must steer him into the right direction! SECOND HAND BOOKS. Whenever people got me books was always brand new but now they love how much they save second hand and I just love the way they look.

      They do smell amaze ha xo

  3. I love books too. Secondhand is defs the way to go.

    1. Thank you for your comment, truly is the way to go. Giving a old book a new home xo

  4. Like you, reading is one of my favourite past times and has been since a very small child. I hope that reading and getting all curled up to read and enjoy a book never dies out, now that we have all this new technology. There is something rather satisfying about reading a good book. xo

    Hannah xo | Glitter and Sparkle