NIVEA In-Shower Body Moisturiser

Whether I'm being lazy or in a rush, creaming the skin can be that extra long step, all that skin. Yet I can't go around with dry skin, prevention is better than cure. I remember seeing the NIVEA commercial for the new In-Shower Body Moisturiser and thinking, oh now that I'd like to try!

I'll be lounging on the couch,
Just chillin' in my snuggie
Click to MTV, so they can teach me how to dougie - Bruno Mars "The Lazy Song"

Designed to keep the skin moisturised even after towel drying, something I'm too lazy to do too surprise, surprise. I prefer to let the skin dry itself while I'm getting ready so I do normally spray myself with oil, let it sink in. Knowing I have some drier areas than other on my skin such as kneecaps & elbows it was interesting to see how that will work with my skin.

Using a shower gel and rinsing off, I then apply the in-shower moisturiser all over and rinse off. It can be rinsed off straight away, it doesn't need to be left on for a certain amount of time. What I like about this is that it's not sticky and glides on easy, it just reminds me of applying cream to wet skin normally.

Good product idea, kind of like a wash & go with your hair but for your skin (just must remember to put your clothes on of course) I didn't need the extra cream on the drier parts like I might of expected & my skin didn't feel dry or lacking of anything. I really had a thought it wasn't going to work but making sure to give it a consecutive run, I was happy to share my review.

Would I purchase it, it's something I would purchase, not anytime soon just because I need to get through a lot of stuff *ugh* but it's definitely not on the never again list.

Available for two skin types normal & dry skin.

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  1. I'm intrigued by this and it's not that expensive at all so I'm sure I'll be giving it a try in the future :)

    Amy xx
    A Little Boat Sailing

  2. You know what, I'm so immature. Giggled a litle at the "creaming the skin" part. Childish Lima!

    I tried this earlier this week, feels like a barrier doesn't it? But not particularly wow'ed by it.

    You know if you ever fancy trying an alternative, try slathering yourself in coconut oil in the shower and rinse out the excess. Works out cheaper in the longrun and skin feels silky smooth and smells good enough to eat ;)




  3. Ever since I've seen the advert I've wanted to try this out too! :)
    I'm so lazy when it comes to moisturising so this is right up my street!


  4. feeling of freshness.....it really nice, i already used it..... :)

    Thanks & Regards



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