EOTD : It Could Be A Bird!

I enjoy mixing bright & dark shades, having a nice smoked out outer eye and a nice pop of colour in the inner corner. It's what I like best instead of sticking to similar shades, I just enjoy colour. I think I've done something similar like this already, wouldn't surprise me but I was bored and wanted to just play with colour and anything that came to my eye was applied. Even some colours that don't appear to be there are there - where I'm not sure but I applied it.
Here's my 'trick' i.e. laziness not really a trick but when I'm bored but want to do make-up but really don't have the feeling to do a full face as much as it's probably appreciated. I do the one eye, considering I take a picture of one eye anyway, makes no difference you just don't get my cherub face AND it also gives me less make-up removal time. That's what puts me off, of putting my face on. I have taking it off. A whole day applying, a whole night removing.
I went digging into my palette drawer, I constantly purchase more ( ok, not constantly ... but more than is needed ) when I rarely use up what I have already. I went and dug out the old school palette, yeah you know that one "88 Original Palette". There's a few Urban Decay palettes that needed love too, out came 'Smoked' & "The Black Palette" .

(1) I started by applying Urban Decay Jet onto the outer corners in a patting motion
(2) Taking Urban Decay Rockstar and a blending brush, blending into Jet and the crease until it's blended & faded.
(3) 88 palette a fuchsia shade patted onto Jet gently.
(4) Taking a coral shade from the 88, that's applied and blended into the fuchsia
(5) Urban Decay Kinky is used to give a inner corner pop of the eye.
(6) Onto the lower lash line using the 88 palette and a sea foam green and working that mid way onto the lower lash
(7) Using a violet shade and continue the lower lash line to the outer corner.
- To make the sea foam green shade more intensified I used Sleek Eau La La Liner in Tonic
Use your preferred liner for a winged eye & eye rim, pop on some mascara and favourite false eyelashes and you are done.
It's nice to just use what's laying around, even if you have to blow dust off them.
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