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Festival season has started and with the unpredictable weather you never know if your going to get lucky with dry ground or your a pig in muck (hey that's quite fun!) so I'm going to my first festival in July (wahh-hey) and of course now it's time to festival close plan. Funny thing is 80% of the time dress myself from foot to top. I can do the shoes oh and accessories and base my clothes around that, so as I'm starting upside down, it's my festival shoe wishlist. So considering I really do live in trainers, that's mostly my wish, wish, wish!

I own converses out the A! but only Hi-Tops, for some reason those are the only ones I prefer. Maybe cos they don't make my feet look mahoosive. Yet great grunge accessory in my eyes. True timeless classics, these comes in a range of colours, patterns and designs, if you've currently got Superman fever, these will be ideal.

Let's be frank, if your anything like me and you think of festivals it's either wellies or Woodstock, orgy love fest. Wellies are a good investment living in the UK you never know when your going to be caught out in torrential rain, knee deep in snow or knee deep in mud. These Diesel wellies are short, neon and in the style of biker boots. Ideal for wellie virgins.

These come in 13 different shades, from neon - dark. Whatever suits you, I'm sure you'll find. These short glossy wellies are spot on for you ladies who don't want calf - knee high boots and want to catch a little bit of sun - safely mind (SPF those bodies) Gloss short are lighter than the original boots they are modelled from, I have to say I'm loving the glossy boots.

These I must get, from the colour, style and design. OH EM GEE! It's just me. They come in a few other colours such as neon green and neon yellow but me being a pink girl. Hello! The spikes give it an extra edge with the bright neon pink trimming. Ah I'm in love. Little on the pricey side but possibly worth the orgasmic feeling.

More trainers 'yay' pink galore. Patent leather and breathable mesh, it makes it ideal for those muddy summer days, easy to wipe clean and your feet get some air - phew. These also come in black and pink if you prefer something not so in your face! I have a few hi-tops with straps from adidas and converse, I like the extra addition. You can get these online or in-store from Footlocker!

Other shoes I would suggest would be, flat boots, Dr.Martens, Worker Boots or Zipped boots.

What are your festival or Summer go to shoes?
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  1. I usually wear cheapo pumps from Primark to festivals then throw them away. Disposable clothing at it's finest!

    Actually loving the footwear here! The yellow boots and the converses though *insert appropriate emoticon here*.

    Love you lots like polka dots.


  2. I love the black and pink hi tops, but I'd be too scared to ruin them in a muddy field, I killed my toughest boots at Wireless :') xx



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