Kreme de la Kreme Take Two

You might be thinking but she already did this and yes I did but it only featured 1/3 of the new Krispy Kreme range due to a little mishap. The delivery man and I had a conversation for nearly 5mins about doughnuts he was giving me recommendations lol.  So I will now present all three in there Kreme Glory.

What Kripsy Kreme say :
Filled with smooth pistachio praline Kreme, drizzled with pistachio and white chocolate icing and finished with chopped pistachio, honey and raspberry flakes.
What I say:
The toppings look like sweets but as said above they are pistachio  honey & raspberry flakes - so what puts me off with this - I don't enjoy honey and ended up taking off the toppings. Takes away some of the appeal of the doughnut. White chocolate, is not my favourite choice for chocolate after awhile it makes me feel ill. Inside it's filled with praline something I can't say I've eaten before and don't think I will again - I'm not sure if the taste of the chocolate and some of the flakes along with it, just didn't mesh with my taste buds.

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What Kripsy Kreme say :
Rich chocolate cake, hand dipped in milk chocolate hazelnut sauce, encrusted in caramelised hazelnuts and finished with a dark chocolate icing drizzle.
What I say :
Biting into this, it's softer than a regular doughnut as it's just like a cake - just like described. Let's just put it like this, I prefer milk chocolate. Rich chocolate is a no go for me but I did try this. I enjoyed the hazelnuts around because I enjoy hazelnut and it was a nice touch but too much chocolate with not much other taste to break it up isn't a good deal for me.

Purchase at your local Kripsy Kreme Stand or online

What Kripsy Kreme say :
Filled with salted caramel, dipped in Belgian dark chocolate icing and hand finished with a white and caramel iced decoration.
What I say :
I reviewed this one before and it had to be my least favourite out of the three. Just the salted caramel and Belgian dark chocolate was too sickly for my taste buds.

Purchase at your local Kripsy Kreme Stand or online

Now you know I don't like to put 'negative' reviews out but I'm being honest everyone has different taste buds and mine didn't like the combination or ingredients within this new collection. Unfortunately it's a no go for me.

What would you choose from how they are described? 

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  1. Eugh! This looks so gorgeous and tempting and sinful! *drools*

  2. Oh wow that looks soooooooooo yummy!!!
    Amazingly tasty pictures:)


  3. hmmm look's yummy xD



  4. omg they all look so delicious!

  5. Please tell me you didn't have the sample the whole box by yourself loool I won't be surprised if you hate donuts now

    1. lmao! Imagine that, you'll see me and I'm waddling like a duck. I didn't though, sampled one of each! Um yeah I do now. Just thinking of it *belly gurgles*

  6. why is it that most blogs are making me hungry right now? -____-

    I found your blog on FBL bloggers, so I'm following you now. I hope you follow back as well. ;)


  7. They look divine! Love Krispy Kremes..Yummers...x

    Yewizzy @ She Loves The Finer Things

  8. Uhmmmmm looks delish I have a sweet tooth!

  9. The chocolate donuts look really yummy and delicious to eat. My favorite one is rich chocolate cake it’s always tasty to eat.


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