Shiseido Lacquer Rouge

Finding that perfect nude to me is like finding that perfect red. It can be time consuming and we might not get it right the first few times but when we find it, we really do find it. I love  this colour so much, couldn't wait to share it with you - like OMG valley girl moment!!

The first time I found the perfect nude lipstick was when I was in my early teens and I purchased Mizz magazine and they had stacked lipsticks and one was called 'Camel' and it was a subtle brown and was good for me to wear to school cos of the 'no make-up' rule this lipstick was given a bly.

I've found that again in Shiseido's Lacquer Rouge in Camel* - I knew straight away this would be my ultimate choice, the name took me back, instantly I knew - you are mine!
“The collection is about the simplicity of a lip gloss married to the intensity of a lipstick, with deep pigment and rich colour payoff, long lasting shine and gloss. The Lacquer Rouge collection creates a speedy glamour.”
Dick Page, Shiseido Artistic Director

The only other lacquer rouge I have tried is Chanel Rouge Allure Lacque. Shiseido Lacqure Rouge is more glossier than the Chanel Rouge and more moisturising in my opinion.

Shiseido designed a 3 tier design mechanism to make sure we get the best out of this product :
  • Moisture coat layer: Evens and smoothes lips using moisture holding oil and S Hydro-Wrap Vitalizing DE. This technology repairs rough lips, no matter what their condition and keeps them moisturised forhours
  • Adherence of colour: Uses Colour Condense Oil and intense colour pigments to ensure deep colour remains fixed to lips
  • Gloss coat layer: Lips are finished with a rich, polished shine to highlight their maximum fullness. And for the ultimate budge proof finish? Anti-bleed powder disperses into the three layers and fixes rouge to lips

It doesn't have a sticky texture or does it feel drying - I would feel disappointed if it was drying after all they do say there is a moisturising layer. I feel like I have moisturising lipstick on with a nice shiny coat on top.
Don't ask about the pout face (-_-)  got my Bella Dream Hair in or is that on ?!
I wouldn't say it LAST long on my lips, probably a few hours at most. I talk to much, what can I say. My lips just rub that deep into my skin til it's no more like a cream!
I'm still in awe that I have found my perfect nude. *sings praises* They come in 8 other shades :
Price : £23.00 / 6ml
Available from : House of Fraser stores nationwide & online

do you have that holy grail nude? share it with me below!

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