Cosmo Blog Awards 2012

Hi loves,

Thursday was the Cosmo awards, I went to Kings Cross to meet Miss Budget Beauty, well we had a little adventure finding each other to begin with, kings cross why are you so huge! Once I had walked past her and found her again, it was such a lovely meeting - she's LOVELY! I love meeting such sweet bloggers in person, we hadn't spoken much beforehand just via Twitter so of course I've now gone back darker with my hair which is taking a lot of adjusting mind you. Read Miss Budget Beauty's blog about our day (there's even a video and excuse me talking about my breasts so much, it doesn't 
happen a lot, I promise) We did a little Victoria Secret's window shop before hand in New Bond Street - this store is beautiful, it's set out like a dream

My prime goal was I wanted the kimono dressing gowns they wear but hello miss frugal on days wasn't going to pay £45 for something I'd rarely wear, especially with it getting colder these nights -do you feel me!? But if anyone is offering I won't say no lol!

Heading over to The Rose Club, that we had completely walked past the first time and got 'lost' we made our way to a pub where we luckily met a fellow Cosmo girl :) Toni who runs a lifestyle blog called 'Reasons to be Cheerful' once we got over to The Rose Club again to enter once we was fashionably late.
We mingled and talked met up with Ems "A Day in the Life of Ems" ( who btw also won an award EEEK )
Ems & Miss Budget Beauty
I was absolutely bummed I couldn't met A.J of "The Sunday Girl Blog" *my blog crush* due to mishaps but hopefully we will cross paths soon!! I met Holly "Hollyarabella" once again as it was so lovely to spend time with her last year and Ysis from "Le Beauty Girl" - I actually was wondering where Holly was as we was meant to be meeting up and I tweeted her during the awards being called out and I turned to my right and she was standing RIGHT THERE lol, it was a real twilight zone music cue moment!

SOOO...They begin to read out the Best Established Beauty Blog winner and ... Dolce Vanity is called, I was in so much shock it was ridiculous!! I still am in shock my heads full of air.

I can't do these photos that I can't choose to delete LOL!
Along with a illustration from a Parisian illustrator and fashion designer Coco we also got a NEXT goodie bag that had a £50 gift card, perfume and their 2012 Christmas Catalogue which was nicely done.
Katy of All Sweetness and Life (highly commended sex & relationship ) & I ( Em in the background )
A lot of my thanks do have to go to my readers, as you have supported me for nearly 4 years and it's appreciated, I mean this last night made me cry, Steph from Nerd About Town did such a sweet blog post about me it was just beyond nice. Grace "All that Slap" & Annie "EpiphannieA" both called me last night, I just love them!
I'm just truly blessed to have the love & support so I will tell you girls, I have those times, I want to give up ( like last week for instance lol ) but persistence  patience and passion ... the LaaLaa 3 Ps.
Being shortlisted is an achievement in itself so congratulations to all those shortlisted cos you are winners too! Thanks to Cosmo for a nice evening and more :)


*phew* these last few days have been something and a lot of you may or may not know. I entered a competition for which was this post right here  and we could create individual looks to win £500 for the category we entered, make-up, nails or hair OR you could do all three and be in the chance for £1,000. I was on the train on Thursday when they announced the overall winner for the 1k and when my phone vibrated and I saw the TravelSupermarket twitter appear, let's just say I caused a small scene on this train!!

Everyone was so sweet with the tweets congratulating me and I appreciated that 100% as I'm sure the judging process was a hard one, so thanks for all that ladies & Travel Supermarket.

This was the soundtrack for the day "Ice Cube - Today Was A Good Day" 

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