Bella Dream Hair

I posted a guess post during the week and Jennifer of Spiced Beauty guessed correctly and pretty fast - it is a wig! I was kindly sent 3 bundles of 4oz 20 inch Brazilian straight hair from Bella Dream Hair*

My reasoning for the wig : You may of noticed for the past 6 months I was bleaching my hair and lightening it quite a lot and even though my hair kept in great condition, all of  sudden it caught up with me and my hair started to get weak and that was the stopping point for me - dyed my hair back dark and with the colder days approaching quickly. It's the perfect time to keep my hair wrapped up, away from heat and colouring and gives me more time to reconstruct it.

I have never had any other sort of hair besides hair supplied from a beauty supply store so this is all new to me. Deciding to make a wig instead of weaving in the hair, gives me the chance of being able to re-use this hair and reduces a lot and I mean a lot of shedding as the wefts have not been cut! This is just an initial review on the hair! 

Packaging : The bundles as I said come in bundles of 4oz and come in a drawstring burgundy shaded bag. Each weft is has the Bella Dream Hair seal wrapped around it with an elastic band underneath to keep it all together.

Each bundle is extremely soft. It makes me honestly think this is what baby hair must feel like. Unprocessed and heat free hair, tangle free, fingers and combs glide through it easily. I've fallen in love with hair. It's beautiful.

Measuring it out it's 20inches, some of the odd strands ends give it that 20.1+ inch figure but it's true to the length.

As told for the 10th time, the hair was used to make a protection wig :
I intended to make a U-Part but that still of course would intend for me to use heat by leaving out a section of my own hair so I turned it into a full wig. OH EM GEE!!

Wig Method Used : I didn't cut a single track until the end, I just flipped it over, flattened it as much as possible and then sewed it down and continued onto the next row. The left over hair, I used to make the closure.

Here's the closure :

Late Night .... Bare Canvas - but my honey boo-boos know the line!
Second plan after deciding on the full wig - was to do full bangs but I decided against the full bangs for this one I did the swoop fringe, of course if I get bored I could do the straight blunt bang but we all know the hair isn't going to grow by winding my arm ( any of y'all have those dolls? That doll was the one in the 90s!  ) Back to the wig and away from 90s toys, I had to be careful, I am looking to get my baby girl Aaliyah hair going on,

 There's a few tweaks that need to happen on the hair such as cutting and styling - good God and I'm going to do it myself.

Since doing this wig, I have worn it out, run the straighteners through it just to flatten it out from where it was tied up with the rubber band but of course hair lasts by how you treat it and I still used heat protection on it and combed it through before using any hot tools.

There's hardly been any shedding that's come when brushing and this is from starting to make the wig until today which is impressive as I'm use to seeing hair EVERYWHERE ( and I really mean everywhere )

I did cut the elastic band of the cap which I could of kept if I was going for a full bang. Instead I just used clips and put two at the front, two at the back and two at the temple. I cornrow my hair and I place a wig cap on top to protect the hair from the clips.

Once this has been styled properly, used more hot tools and given it a good wear. I can give a proper review - this was just an initial review for you all!

In the meantime if your interested in Bella Dream Hair please do visit their website at as you guys wanted a lot more hair tutorials, I think this may be a good way of doing them for you while mine is in re-constructive rehab.

A girls gotta do, what a girls gotta do to protect that hair - I'll be balder than Britney circa '07!

let me know what your winter protective hair methods are in the comments below! 

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