Sleek MakeUP i-Divine Ultra Mattes V1 Brights

Bright make-up doesn't have to be loud!

My post on this may be over a week late but I first broke the news to you in this blog post that Sleek were to launch two new palettes, purely consisting of a matte texture.

I was sent the V1 Brights palette. At first I looked at these colours and thought 'Wow!!' they do take you a back in all it's bright glory and you may wonder what could you do with them now if your not very adventurous it is possible to get a look out of this that can look - mild and everyday wearable.


I have to just point out it's hard for me to find ANY yellow eyeshadow that appears well on my bright as I want it...this yellow swatch so far has made me fall in love.

First 6 swatches were done on top of UPP - Eden the others were done on top of a concealer.

One thing you may have noticed that's different with the palette is the way the shadows themselves are presented. Sleek always previously had the criss cross "wafer" effect to them :

This is the 'Au Naturel' palette

Without them it does make the eyeshadow feel softer and the brush does glide over them - not that it didn't before mind. Just I know some people like myself can be quite anal regarding 'change' with designs on some products. It was something I noticed first off but I can deal with it.

Colour pay off - of course with Sleek as always is a winner and for a drug store brand it once again holds their own against others and high end brands!!

- Now I need to get my hands on the dark version next week - clear winner in my book - any chance of a nude matte palette maybe?!

Now onto the look I done using mostly Sleek products :

Mr DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up

Face :
  • Good Things Miracle Matifing Moisturiser 
  • VS Primer
  • Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation #54

Cheeks :
  • Sleek MakeUP Blush - Suede* ( contour )
  • Sleek MakeUP Blush - Pan-Tao ( apple )

Brows :
  • Sleek MakeUP Brow Kit - Dark 

Eyes :
  • Sleek MakeUP Ultra Mattes V1 Brights Palette* 
  • Floss ( lid ) Pucker, Pout, Sugarlite & Strike ( crease ) 
  • Dragon Fly ( lower lash line ) 
  • Sleek MakeUP Eau La La Liner - Tonic* ( waterline & upper lid  ) 
  • False Eyelashes HKCenterKK 

Lips :
  • AVON Glimmerstick Lip Liner - Pink Bouquet 
  • Sleek MakeUP Lipstick - Candy Cane 
  • AVON Glazewear Extreme Lip Gloss - Pale Pink Shine

[FOTD has been a long time in coming right?!]

Now don't forget these launch on 9th May 2012
Price : £6.49
Available at : Superdrug & online at SleekMakeUP

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  1. I love matte eyeshadows! Can't wait to get my hands on the sleek matte line! The pink shade looks gorgeous on you xx

    1. Sleek have done well with this one. Thank you :) xo

  2. Nice!
    i follow you on bloglovin, follow me back? xx

  3. <3 this look, I really want this palette...wish we could have superdrug in the US!!

    1. You can order from their official website, too, opposed to just finding them in Superdrug :) xo

    2. Why thank you! & Yup that is true they do ship worldwide xo

  4. I really want the ultra mattes palette! I think I am definitely going to have to add it to my wish list. Unfortunately, although the brights palette looks stunning, I very rarely wear bright colours anymore. Stunning photos btw, you look lovely xo

    1. It's a must have. It's a good job they have two different palettes for everyone's taste :) thanks for your kind words xo

  5. I love the baby pink colour in this, and i find yellow is always good in the corner of the eye to give a little pop xx

    1. Yellow or white could work very much so, your right. I felt like such a Barbie with this look today lol xo

  6. Great pictures! And your new hair color is absolutely stunning!

    1. Glad you enjoyed and thank you xo

  7. love the palette and gorgeous fotd honey,love it!

  8. Anonymous6/5/12

    Which pallet is the one in the other picture? Not the bright matte pallet, but the other one?

    1. The other palette included in this post is the "Au Naturel" palette

  9. Anonymous6/5/12

    Oh my god I can;t wait for this to come out, that'll take my Sleek palette collection up to 14!!! Ha ha, bit of an addict, your beautiful looks you did has totally sold it to me as we are of similar skintone.

    1. I am too. They are such a good investment and I believe you will love the pigmentation in these. Yay aw thanks so much lovely

  10. oh my goodness! I love the bright palette, but I don't suit bright colours on my eyes - it makes them even smaller than they already are! But I really wish I could wear more colourful eye shadows, I'd buy that in an instant! I'm so drawn to colourful things x

    1. That's such a shame :( I sometimes myself can be scared of bright colours cos I don't want a clown look happening lol. Such a pretty palette to have in the drawer x

  11. Anonymous16/5/12

    What's the difference between the 2 pink ones?

    1. "Pout" is more of a hot pink than "Pucker" xo