Toni&Guy Touch Control Creative Curler

Another day, another post (:

Today meet the Toni&Guy Touch Control Creative Curler 

Tuesday I trimmed my hair (more like chopped to me) so when this was delivered to me on Wednesday I was a little eek cos I even though I'm going natural I rarely wear my down in curls mostly it's in a bun or on lazy not doing nothing days I'll have it in two French plaits.

So I washed my hair doing my usual routine and used Shielo leave in protectant using Toni&Guy afro dryer to make sure I leave in enough moisture as possible during this heat process my hair dried fast enough.

This is how my hair is when dried - completely straight at the's getting back to it's natural curly straight it's kind of reminding me if I relaxed my hair I'm just growing out all the damage that over a decade of constant straightening has done.

Sectioning off my hair I started and what I noticed was this can give various curls when you fiddle about, my hair ended up with some defined curls and some waves lol

The proofs in the pudding as people say, you can see my hair hasn't dried out, it's retained it's shine and it was unbelievably bouncy. Now I'm not sure if that's to do with the products used as well but I was loving walking down the stairs --boing--

I loosened up the curls and viola slap some lipstick on and you've got yourself a look;

Let's get to the nitty gritty of the appliance itself :

It uses a side switch that you slide to switch on/off now I prefer this cos you know you have some hair appliances that your twisting about and you sometimes can switch it off without noticing cos it's too near where you put your fingers.

This curler has no clamp ... sometimes I hate curlers with clamps cos they tend to be quite heavy and extra work as you don't want to put the clamp down and have to hold the hair *extra work*

This has a LCD screen that once switched on will appear :

Now this is where the touch control comes into play ....
There are 5 temperature settings 150ºc - 230ºc and 5 function buttons let me walk you through them :

Touch Control Up( ··· ) Adjust temperature upwards
Touch Control Down ( · ) Adjust temperature downwards
Touch Control ( - ) Ion decrease
Touch Control ( + ) Ion increase
Depress Ion Button - Turn function on / off

If you wanted to lock the temperature on the curler hold down Touch Control Up( ··· ) for two seconds until a padlock appears :

 To unlock just repeat the steps as above.

Auto switch off function that activates after 1hr just in case you've forgotten to switch it off.

The only thing I didn't like was that there's no glove to use. Which annoys me cos to hold the hair at the ends and trying not to burn yourself is a pain. I did this twice before remembering I had a glove from another hair appliance. That would be my only con ...

The ion function I like as my hair doesn't dry out and it keeps the moisture in instead of taking it away.

IONIC Technology : Negative ions generated by the joystick curler help to lock in the nature moisture of your hair and reduce static, leaving you with softer, shinier and more manageable hair. 

Purchase at Argos & all good electrical retailers
Price : £34.99

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