Toni&Guy Afro IONIC Moisture Lock Dryer

You all know I'm on my natural hair journey. Tough but I'm getting use to trying to get my curls back. I even purchased a book to help me but that's for a different post.

Even before I started tampering with heated hair appliances hair dryers were never used on my hair besides the first time I got it blown out. Yet I decided to try this as it's aimed at afro hair and it's also to lock in that moisture that we often lose when using heat on our hair.


By using Variable IONIC TECHNOLOGY.

Which is ?

Variable IONIC TECHNOLOGY allows the level of ions emitted by the appliance to be reduced or increased according to your type.

There is three different hair types : Fine, Normal & Thick
Fine hair will require minimum ions while thicker hair will require a higher level of ions.
With this dryer you can also reduce the level of ions to help styled curls last longer or increase the ions for a sleek finish.

Variable IONIC Dial

You can adjust this dial onto three different settings according to the instructions here is the dial colour reference :

Hair Type               Ion Setting                       Colour Indicator 
Fine                   Low                             Orange
Normal                   Medium                              Black
Thick                   High                              Silver

You have 2 speed settings and 3 heat settings

Cool shot button ( set your hair style ) & Turbo Button ( extra power for faster drying )

Included within the box is also a concentrated nozzle and a wide tooth pik 

My views on it it dried my hair pretty quickly I had my hair in two side French braids (unless I braid my hair I won't get the curls all over as my hair's still on it's journey of growing out the straightening damage). Yet when I took the braids out my hair was dry all the way through and it was incredibly soft to touch.

Buy From Toni&Guy online shop Here
Price : £39.99

Is it important for you that your hairdryer helps you retain as much moisture in your hair as possible with drying? 

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  1. I want ooooooooooone!!!!!!!
    Im so SICK and TIRED of buying these cheap WAHL blowdryers with the hair piks that break off as soon as I put it in my hair, smh!
    I'm also going natural too! How is it going with you?

  2. @The Nerd... Yeah I know what you mean with the hair piks, those weak ones that doesn't matter how soft your hair'll break off.

    Oh's a struggle trying to work out what works etc but it's getting there it's that transition period I'm in right now so it's a lil frustrating for me personally.

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