Are Men Being Emasculated Or Accepted?

It's Movember which is a moustache growing charity event which is held during November to raise awareness & funds for men's health.

What I've noticed in two days is not a lot of women are keen on the moustache period.

I personally prefer stubble .. okay besides the fact that sometimes you can get that stubble rash.

Yet I'm laying here thinking....

What happened to the days of a man showering, throwing his clothes on and combing his moustache and hair and splashing on the aftershave and telling us :

 "Come on already, we're late"

Then again I remember hearing when women were never allowed to wear trousers as it was frowned upon and now trousers are a staple in most women's wardrobes. Now in most cultures it's acceptable for us to wear trousers. We can can cross over into the man's world but for a man to step over here its *side eye*

So why is it when a man wears makeup it can be frowned upon?

We love our partner to look good right ... David Beckham (  & several others ) became that spokesman for the metrosexual way of life. Hey why not, good to take care of yourself.

With a few brands offering men that little bit more than skincare & aftershave is it getting to the stage where we'll be sitting side by side at the vanity rather than him sitting downstairs impatiently waiting on us to get our face on.

 Guyliner offer products that include concealer, mascara, guyliner, lip balm, various tweezers & scissors

Eylure market two false eyelashes for men thick & fine for those with sparse eyelashes.

Do I believe there was a gap in the market for this ? No & Yes.

  1. Men who enjoy and feel sexy wearing makeup use the same brands us as women do ( I firmly believe with makeup there's no rules *within safety )
  2. Society can does view makeup as a female thing to do. We see adverts - it's always a woman advertising. So to have solo or branched off brands that's directly for males - is the gap. 

Your Views ?
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