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I've had a few emails asking me if I have heard the news regarding Google Friend Connect . If you have no clue what I am talking about read this post on the official Google Blog . Keeping it short they are basically getting rid of most of their products and Google Friend Connect is one BUT from what I can understand it's ONLY for NON Google blogs. is a Google product this should not effect us blogger/blogspot hosted blogs so if you have your blog hosted on Wordpress and use the GFC for people to get updates this will be no longer an option as of March 1, 2012.

Regardless what blogging platform that you use there are several ways to get your blog out there and for people to subscribe/follow.

Facebook Page : Some people think it's a great idea to have a Facebook page others find it slightly pretentious. Me on the other hand find it to be a great idea as Facebook is still the social networking site to be apart of. Their pages have a lot of apps and everyone & their mama has a Facebook profile so it's fantastic way for your friends to follow you and to spread the word of your blog.
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Bloggers : I look upon this one as a "Blogger Catalogue" you can search blogs within categories & Country. The have a spotlight feature daily called "Editors Pick of the Day" so not only is there a chance you will be front page featured they also tweet who is their EPOTD. I was fortunate enough earlier this month to be featured, it's worth signing up.
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Google Reader : A lot of us find Google Reader easier to keep up with our favourite blogs. You can read the entire blog ( if the RSS feed is full ) and catch up. You can put your subscriptions into folders & continue following more blogs than blogger always on your dashboard.
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Twitter : Another very popular social networking site, your blog posts can be automatically published to twitter via FeedBurner, Twitter & more. Great way to keep in contact with fellow bloggers and discover new bloggers/companies and latest beauty gossip.
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Google+ Page : Since the launch of Goolge+, Google is having an early Spring clean of products and launching new ones. Google+ pages -learn more here- are one of those and are available to us with a range of categories to select. They look identical to the profile pages so there's not much getting use to and as far as I can tell there's no direct feed from your blogs to your Google+ fan pages at the moment ( do correct me if wrong ). It's still fairly early to see what will come of these pages.
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BlogLovin' : You can be notified when your favourite blogs update via your email when you sign up to BlogLovin' -it's optional- but if you are someone who is glued to their email inbox or you liked to be notified asap on when your favourite blog has posted something. This can be one for you. Once again on BlogLovin' you can search new blogs by Country & category.
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I think networking is important and I also think it's ridiculous that Google is shutting down GFC for non Google blogs. I must admit I'm not the best at social networking but it can work out for the best and there's always sites that your readers will feel comfortable to follow your blog on.

What's your favourite social networking site to use in association for your blog ?
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