Keeping Me In Love With Blogs

While going through my blog reader list and seeing who do I still read & who I don't etc.
I began to think ... " What keeps me interested in a beauty blog!? " Like a lot of things in life sometimes when we initially like something over time it loses its appeal to us and onto the next thing unfortunately I can be like that with blogs ....

Content is the main attraction in this circus of beauty bloggers but what keeps me following ...

Reviews : I like bloggers who have researched and for a lengthy time tried out a product. I really dislike it when someone's used something for a week or two and stand by the products marketing claims. It's pretty pointless for me to read if I'm basically just reading an online advert.

Seeing is Believing : When you have photos / videos to back up claims or to see how a product works or even looks on the persons skin. It gives me more of an insight and if I should even bother with the product in question.

Photography : Clear photographs are key for me. I do like admiring the image of a product - seeing it true to life. Something that's been taken in bad lighting with the flash on can be quite off putting.

Text : I don't mind how short or long a post is if it's giving me all the information that I'd love to see about a product review, press release or even a make-up look / tutorial I'll read it all. If you wording StArTs To LoOk LiKe ThIs I cannot cope. I think it's important to show your personality through your blog no matter what reason you do it for hobby or professionally otherwise I feel it's a generic robot whose blog I've been reading.

Interaction / Feedback : I decided to write these as one point. When I read blogs and I'm asked a Q. I will more than likely answer it because your interacting with the blogger alongside others commenter's who will be reading. Your helping out that blogger with answering the question & not to mention picking up tips/views of others. It's a win - win situation the blogger gets feedback and interaction and so do you. My other point on this subject is finding out what YOUR readers like to see, what posts would they enjoy more of, what reviews / looks things of that nature.
* I myself have a vote poll in my sidebar cos it keeps me knowing what you guys want...

My motto "You don't know, until you try" and over the last 3 years I've dabbled if it wasn't  regular guest post by  New York & New Orleans Celebrity Makeup Artist Brandy Gomez-Duplessis, YouTube videos, Outfit of the Day or Blog giveaways/competitions...

General / Personal Posts : Not everyone is a fan of this, I don't do many 'personal' posts myself but that's because I highly doubt people are really that interested in my daily activities lol but it's nice to view others cos you get more of a feel who they are as a person keep in mind even if people don't do these type of posts I'm not saying you can't get a feel for them cos I bet if you followed them on twitter you'd find out a lot more about your fav blogger.

Help Posts : It's always nice when a fellow blogger doesn't mind to share 'tips' on their insiders view on blogger such as PR companies, Photography, How to Improve, What Works for Them etc. because to begin with blogging is all about sharing especially beauty, fashion, lifestyle, food blogging it's all about sharing it is a community and when a blogger is selfless *thumbs up*

I think that's all I can think of at the moment (:

Please keep this in mind this isn't aimed at anyone this is just my personal blogging reading preference sometimes. I'm no blogging guru lol

I'd love to know what keeps you in love with blogs & going back ?

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