The Little Bunny That Did ....

When I saw that this little bunny last month was up for sale how could I the owner of 11 bunnies possibly not make this a special #12.

The Worshipblues Emporium is such a beautiful place to get delicate "shiny fings" ...these are pieces you won't find once they are gone. I reviewed this web shop when it was first up and running and I'm not failed every time I visit to see new items.

Upon purchase I got a lovely email thanking me and letting me know I was now an owner of a shiny fing from the Emporium with the lovely descriptive words that you often see throughout her personal blog it gives it that all important touch.

When it was delivered the packaging so beautiful and personal with a letter to instruct you on what your shiny fing do's & don't are.

My bunny Jude <3 he's a little delicate piece that sits so well on my neck, he may be small but he has a big personality.

The Little Bunny That Did

A solitary bunny, fearless and adventurous.
Look for him by sun down, watch for him at sunset. This is the little bunny that DID for he is not just a dreamer!

Update:- Website no longer available.
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