All I Want For Christmas....

44 days until Christmas
*readers shoot me virtually
(that's due to all the Call Of Duty I've witnessed)

Anyway Christmas is rapidly upon us whether we are going to admit it or not.
Traditionally I normally do my shopping 6months prior.
Not this year.

While browsing what to get Tom, Dick & Harry.
I started to make a 'Wishlist' or as my lot call it
'Dream On List'

I'm thinking of just doing posts of what I'd like to unwrap 
or even just to give you guys gift ideas for yourself or loved ones (:

Some things are affordable - I could go out tomorrow buy myself,
Others are an investment
While some are more 
" Have I really been a good girl for Santa this year...? "

1. Clarisonic Classic £155
I think we've seen reviews up to our eyeballs and beyond regarding the Clarisonic products and I for one have been pretty sold on this deep cleansing brush. It seems no matter how much we really do look after our skin. After seeing the reviews on's not as clean as it appears and I would love one please Santa. 

2. Braun Silk-├ępil 7 Dual Epilator £84.99
Asking for a torture weapon for Christmas may seem a little odd. I say torture but seeing some reviews on epilator's it's not enjoyable depending on some people's pain threshold.
It's something that gets easy over time. I chose this ones because it can be used wet or dry and I'd rather have my pores opened trying this than using it dry until I've got use to the pain. 

3. Models Own "Beetlejuice Collection" £20
When I first saw these I thought it was in regards to my favourite film 'Beetlejuice' but reading some established fashion/beauty blogs I believe it's been based upon the iridescent colours of a beetle bug's wings? Correct me if I am wrong but regardless of what it's been based, I would like Fab Fingertips has done some swatches if your interested.

4. Models Own " Pink Fizz" £5
I see this on Holly Arabella's blog and was like WHAT! ..Where has this shade been? I would love you more Santa lol. It's such a lovely shade. I don't actually own any models own polishes but they do look gorgeous and this one is no exception. Alongside Peacock Green, Purple Haze, Magenta DivineChampagne & Purple Grey.  

5. Soap & Glory " Sugar Crush" £8
I've seen a few reviews on this and I've seen nothing but positive things. I'd love to give this a try (:
I always like to have more than one scrub in my stash.
Buy Here

6. Soap & Glory " Scrub' em & Leave 'em" £7.40
Another I'd love to try it's got mandarin & jojoba oil the latter of which I use in my face routine. I could imagine that it's a nice body buff to give the skin a nice boost and feel.
Buy Here

7. Soap & Glory " Flake Away" £6.64
I've been using this for the duration of the year in rotation with the FCUK Body Polish. I adore it so much it's so easy to use and smells divine. Sometimes the grains can be a little stubborn to rinse off for me but it does the job
Buy Here

8. Canon" 600d" £445+
Now if my relatives or friends are reading this they are no doubt saying out loud "This girl's lost her mind this year" lol I probably have. I love & enjoy photography, I already have a good digital camera but come next year I'm looking to take things a step further. This could be a little helper (:
Shop Around Here

9. Stratusphere Yoga Kit $39.99 CAD or $49.99
If you follow my fitness blog you may or may not have noticed I'm quite obsessed with Trish Stratus and her fitness body. I've followed her career and still do and I'm a lover of yoga and she shows that it's not time consuming and you can build up your muscles and tone up. I think this present is more in the pipeline as I've been dropping hints all the time lol.
Buy Here or Here

10. Vivienne Westwood Naughty Alice 30ml £37
Gorgeous bottle, lil charm bracelet to boot ... A smell that's guaranteed to make you feel sexy and comfortable strutting in it.
Buy Here 

11. Hugo Boss Deep Red 30ml £27
All time favourite of mine. I LOVE it! I think I bathed in the stuff well I did kind of as I purchased a gift set for myself back in xmas 2007. Everytime I wore it people would constantly ask me what it was. Now that's a fragrance.
Buy Here 

12. Chanel Coco Mademoiselle 35ml £45.00
Oh how I dream for a bottle. Chanel where do you go wrong ?
( well there's a few places but that's for another post )
So beautiful, I want to carry this around with me everywhere.
Buy Here 

13. Chanel No5 35ml £45
It's a classic, my mother has this perfume. Because it's pure it's quite strong, not a daily wear I would say but definitely one for the collection for special occasions. I've come across a good few who don't like the strong smell but I adore it ...
Buy Here 

Do you still write up "wishlists" for yourself ?

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