After having some bad sleepless nights and looking gormless and tired, these Optrex eye masks were ideal to help relax my eyes. You can use these while travelling, before bed or just to relax anytime. The difference with this product is that they have Microsteam technology which means that as soon as they're opened they instantly warm up. I've never come across something like this before.

Optrex Warming Eye Masks are air-activated and start to warm up instantly when opened. The MICROSTEAM™ Technology delivers a gentle warming steam that is designed to moisten and soothe tired eyes:
▸ Air activated, self-heating masks.
▸ Single use disposable masks.
▸ Designed with straps to allow mask to fit securely over your eye.
▸ Suitable for everyday use.

I've got a pack of fragrance free but you can also get lavender scented which if you like the scent it would be relaxing for your senses as well as your eyes. In the evening when I'm unwinding before bed, popping a mask during the unwind helps the eyes feel less tired and sore in 10 minutes. Of course it doesn't stop my body feeling tired but that eye ache - girrrrrl...that's what I can't stand cos I need my eyes to see - thankfully. I think these are very good to even just have in your home for a 'just in case' situation.

Have you tried these Optrex Warming Eye Mask?

Purchase: Optrex Warming Eye Mask


Optrex Warming Eye Mask

I've mentioned before, I like to glow, it makes the skin look sun kissed, healthy and of course around this time of the year skin has a tendency to look sullen and dull. Boo! Transformulas have an anti ageing hydrating & recovery crème that aims to soothe and smooth skin by using a blend of vitamins and minerals that leaves skin wrinkle free and refreshed. As I have no wrinkles I cannot attest to that claim.

▸ Hyaluronan (Hyaluronic Acid) - This key ingredient has regenerative properties that helps combat the signs of ageing.
▸ Aqua - Highly purified water that helps spread anti-ageing ingredients evenly through the skin.
▸ Zea Mays Oil – Gives your skin a silky smooth texture whilst moisturising it.
▸ Gold powder – Illuminates the skin giving it radiance.

Benefits of this crème include: luminosity & radiance, hydration, toning of collagen fibres, nourishes and promotes cell stimulation, combats free radicals, hydrates the epidermis (the upper or outer layer of the two main layers of cells that make up the skin) and the derma (true skin, lying beneath the cuticle) of the facial skin & 23 carat gold Illuminates the skin with a hint of shimmering gold
How I like to use it:
Small amounts is the best way to go, I like to add a couples pumps no more to my moisturiser, if I'm bare faced it gives a nice illuminated feel to the skin without doing much. That also goes for foundation I've mixed it a couple of times with BB cream and foundation just to give a glow - which I'm pretty happy with results wise. Especially as I always like my skin to look glowing and bright, it's never a bad thing to have a little help.

Have you ever tried Transformulas before?

Purchase: Hydration Gold


Transformulas Hydration Gold

I've never tried a scent from Accessorize, to be honest I never knew they even did fragrances but since their first in 1998 there's been 13, with the latest being this one, Lovelily EDT. A name I like, it's so sweet and soft. It's a 75ml bottle that packs some flavour, it's got hints of fruit, citrus and floral with musk notes flowing throughout the bottle.

Top notes
Bergamot, raspberry and orange.
Middle notes
Jasmine and lily-of-the-valley
Base notes
vanilla and musk
The design of the clear 75ml hexagonal bottle is simple with the logo & name completed with a clear glass with a fuschia pink lily blooming inside.I'm all for fruit floral scents during the day, this one is ideal for those Autumnal - Spring days and I think it can work for both day & night due to the light scent of vanilla & mask. I think this will make a great fragrance from teens - young women, it's quite sweet with musky undertones as it dies down on me the base notes seemed to thrive. Not that long lasting in all probably 5-6 hours wear but by then it's very much died down but a great option. I think I may have to get one for my cousin being a teen, she would appreciate this.

Have you ever tried an Accessorize fragrance?

Purchase: Accessorize Lovelily £19


Accessorize Lovelily

Since being introduced to the beauty blender some years ago, I’m all for sponges now. I’ve tried a few brands and Real Techniques this year released some new additions along with their leading sponge.

Miracle Complexion Sponge.
I’ve had this sponge previously and it’s always welcome. Due to the different sides, the rounded sides are great for blending larger areas on the face, dab – dab – dab. While the tip can pin-point blemishes and imperfections which I find good for pigmentation marks for me while using camouflage makeup. The flat side is for around the eyes and nose

Miracle Diamond Sponge.
It’s a really interesting looking sponge. 13 facets meaning you can get more out of the sponge. The designs of the swirls are different on each sponge; no two swirls are the same. Just like the complexion sponge, the pointed tip works on small imperfections, while larger sides apply makeup to larger areas quicker such as the forehead and cheeks. Smaller sides work around eyes, mouth and brow bone. The top works to buff and blend to make the foundation flawless.
-_______It can be used wet for dewy application & dry for full coverage powders.
-_______Recommended to be changed every 1 – 3 months.
-_______Latex Free.
Miracle Sculpting Sponge.
A sponge to help you contour and highlight!? It could possibly work. At times using a brush and not buffing out your lines as well can leave stark lines. This 6-sided sponge, with a very unique design uses the small sides for precision highlighting, making it good for that brow bone, nose tip, cupids bone and highpoints of the cheek. Large side for contour, temples, jawline and cheek. It’s not a large sponge so it makes working with it easier and should keep too much product on the sponge to a minimal.
-_______Use it wet for dewy application & dry for full coverage.
-_______Recommended to be changed every 1 - 3 months.
-_______Latex Free.

Miracle Mini Eraser.
Sponges to erase those mishaps, flaking mascara…! Always extremely handy because sometimes some sponges are just too large to target some areas. Now I’ve seen mini ones before but wasn’t captured too much by them but in hindsight, it’s not a bad idea. With the mini eraser, 3 different sides help to do 3 different things.
-_______Flat edges: erase
-_______Rounded sides: buff + blend
-_______Tip: targeted sweep

There’s 6 ways to erase and for you to get the most out of the sponges:
-_______Sweep away under eye shadow fallout
-_______Wipe away liner gone wrong
-_______Pick up brow product fallout
-_______Wipe away mascara smudges
-_______Pick up over applied shadow
-_______Blend away too much blush or highlighter

I like to use it to definitely sweep away fallout but also to apply my concealer underneath my eyes if I'm going for a full - heavy face (which isn't often)

Purchase: Real Techniques Sponges


Real Techniques Sponges.

I'm all for brows! Everytime I 'touch' mine up with a little removal here and there. I get annoyed cos they start to look too 'thin' granted I have brows but I'd want them to be more dense but on top of that I've got bits of my brow that just doesn't grow in so they need filling. Always want more than we have but for that there's brow products and I've got the OG, Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pomade, ColourPop, Shishido, the brands can go on but I'm always on the look for something else. Know Cosmetics are one of Sephora's most popular brands that have since launched in Superdrug. Yes for small mercies.
What intrigued me the most about the No Bare Brows pencil is that it's a 4-1 universal product! - How Sway!? It looks to be a medium to dark brown shade but it can be used for those with light brows too, with wax at the other end to tame brows. This pencil also comes with two additional caps that have built-in sharpener & brush so you've got all you need with just your pencil.
What I think is good about this because it's got buildable colour, you use it very lightly, light strokes for light hairs and a little more pressure for dark brows or continue to go over the strokes to build colour. I was pretty impressed with how it works because it's almost detachable, I didn't feel to have very bold brows on this day and used light strokes to do my tail and sparse areas and I was pretty impressed.

Purchase: No Bare Brows


Know Cosmetics - No Bare Brows.

I've tried a couple brands of coloured contact lenses before and having read about Solotica during this year. I've seen it's a popular brand amongst celebrities (Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Pia Mia) and bloggers and since being able to trial them, I can see why.

I opted for the Solotica Hidrocor in Avela because it's a light hazelnut shade. The Hidrocor range have no limbal ring (the black outer ring), they're very opaque and natural looking. When I looked at them in the vial I could barely even see them.
Here's some details on the contacts :
Material: 62% Polymacon ▸ Hydration: 38% ▸Diameter: 14.2 mm ▸ Base curve: 8.7 ▸ Degree: PLANO 0.00 Degree ▸ Manufacturer: Solotica Brazil

In the box there was 1 pair of YEARLY lenses + Lens Case, so I did have to go out a couple days later and get some multi-purpose contact solution. Another good point would be to also have lint free towels because it's the ideal way to make sure once you've washed your hands you'll get a fluff free result and that means no pesky fluff in your eyes. As I couldn't tell you the amount of times I've got a little hair or fluff in my eye while putting contacts in. I've either got use to putting contacts in and wearing them or there's something completely different about this brand that I have such ease putting them in and wearing them.
Here's the eyes closed up, you can see the pattern on the contacts that I feel gives it that beautiful flawless light design, the brown of my eyes is still there through the opaque pattern but it seems to work and give it a unique colour. Avela. As described previously it's a light hazelnut colour that covers my dark brown eyes amazingly as there's not a trace but it also gives it a natural result from afar and even close up, I had someone who knows me look twice and ask if the light was changing my eye colour lol or did I have contacts in but complimented on how natural they appear. I agree. Now for some these can be an issue price wise, these are currently £76.46 which for some you're going to be thinking WTF!? but they're yearly which works out as £6.37 a month and most monthly ones cost £25 or less depending on the brand so it actually isn't a bad deal at all!

Do you like to wear coloured contacts?

Purchase: Solotica Hidrocor Avela Lenses


Solotica Hidrocor Avela

Earlier this year I reviewed the MooGoo Super Vitamin C Serum and now I'm featuring the product that started it all for MooGoo. As my skin hasn't really been dry I've not been able to feature it but a few beauty treatments have started to dry the skin out so I pay attention and cure.

Formulated for dry skin, this is surprisingly a light cream and I can see & feel why they say it's the lightest of their creams. I only locate this to the problem areas that feel drying and it absorbs easily and nothing is greasy but it leaves my skin hydrated and comfortable. The milk protein within this product keeps the skin supple and encourages the elasticity. The power of this cream has even reached a number of hospitals within Australia, to be used for dry & damaged skin following chemotherapy and radiation treatment.

Some of it's ingredients include Aqua, Sweet Almond Oil due to the high fatty acids to help troubled skin, Aloe Vera for it's healing and soothing, Olive Oil is an excellent humectant (draws moisture to the skin), Rice Bran Oil & Vitamin E. Just from these alone you can see how much benefits this cream has. It has a powdered milk scent that I find isn't strong but it lingers on the skin for quite a bit but as I only use it in some areas it's no problem for me. It's £8 for 120ml and if you use it only on specific places and the fact you don't need much it'll last quite a bit.

Have you ever used anything from MooGoo?

Purchase: Skin Milk Udder Cream

Sample / affiliate link.
Due to the Hydrolyzed Milk Protein this is not a vegan product.

MooGoo Skin Milk Udder Cream

The 90s makeup trend hasn't stopped and I'm quite grateful for that because I love the look of those muddy, camel tones so the best pairing would be this Chocolate lipstick from Elizabeth Arden. Having never tried a lipstick from the Elizabeth Arden brand, they say the satin-matte finish can last up to 12 hours while keeping lips soft, smooth, supple, moisturised and hydrated without sticky residue. It gives medium to full coverage packed with vitamins and shea butter. Knowing this has shea butter as an ingredient, makes me already know that it's got amazing moisturising properties.
It's a beautiful, flawless lipstick, looks as though it's got a reddy undertone. Extremely nourishing and moisturising without a doubt, doesn't last long on me when I'm eating and drinking, I applied a lip liner but not all over the lip, it adhered over the lip liner whilst drink. Applied with a lip brush and you get a sheen of chocolate, light and nothing too bold, use it out the bullet and you get full on 90s chocolate. It's a spot on colour for me to get that lashing of 90s brown lip. Although more browns are always welcome.

Are you still loving the 90s vibe?

Purchase: Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Moisturizing Satin-Matte Finish Lipstick - Chocolate

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Elizabeth Arden Satin-Matte Finish Lipstick - Chocolate

It's not secret I adore the Conscious Skincare brand, at any opportunity I work with the brand and I'm going to share with you a skicare set that is for skin that's problematic - like mine! Within this Conscious Skincare Neutralize Cleansing Trio are a Make Up Melt, Neutralize Exfoliant and Lemon Balm Hydrolat, aimed at cleaning, toning and exfoliating skin without irritating or drying it out. It comes in a fair trade organic bag and also included is a Organic Cotton cleansing cloth - which is so soft after each wash too!

Make Up Melt
A product suitable for all skin types, it's made up of certified Organic Sesame & Castor oils which help to gently break down make-up which I think is always good especially on and around the eyes were the skin is thin and delicate it's important to not tug and pull too much or at all. Oils are my choice for makeup remover. Organic Sesame Oil develops a light barrier to keep in moisture and organic Castor Oil penetrates deep into the skin, hydrating and softening (also aides in growing and strengthening lashes). It also helps the production of elastin and collagen which help delay the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Additional essential oils such as Rosemary, Eucalyptus and Myrtle are included, helping lift grime, unclog pores and tone skin. I can see why it's a "Winner of ‘Best Makeup Remover’ category in 2014 Platinum Awards."

Lemon Balm Hydrolat
This is a facial toner ideal for problematic and sluggish skin, mine can be problematic so anything to give a nice tight and boost, is thumbs up for me. I like to use this in the morning after cleansing to just prep my skin and allow it to just get rid of that last bit of grime that might of stayed around after cleansing. With a subtle smell, it wakes up my skin and myself, the skin doesn't feel dried out after use which is a bonus probably down to the fact that it's alcohol free and it leaves it ready for moisturising. The Lemon Balm is distilled from the Melissa officinalis (lemon balm) plant

Neutralize Exfoliant
This exfoliant has Organic, fair trade Lemongrass essential oil it's an effective astringent to cleanse and tone oily skin. While also helping clear up acne & reducing pore size. Organic Tea Tree oil is an antiseptic, bactericidal and antifungal that helps refresh and cleanse. While having an organic anti-acne blend, Acai Oil, Andiroba Oil and Copaiba Balsam. Organic Aloe Vera Juice is full of bioactive compounds. This includes amino acids, vitamins and minerals – making it one of nature’s most effective cleansers. It has a gentle, calming and soothing effect. An excellent skin moisturiser, it supplies oxygen to skin cells which helps with any skin irritation.

I've used this before and not long actually finished it so it's lovely to have it back within the scent as I was quoted on the Conscious Skincare website ‘It smells uplifting, it has a slight spicy but citrus scent, I apply it to damp skin and use my hands in a circular motions rub it onto my skin.’ Read the full independent review here by top beauty blogger LaaLaa Monroe. Please do read my full review on this product.

Purchase: Neutralize Cleansing Trio


Conscious Skincare Neutralize Cleansing Trio

There's no denying that temperatures have dropped, it's to be expected it's heading closer to Winter but with colder temperatures also brings cold & flus and other ailments that cold weather can provoke such as joint pain. I've rounded up some products from an online website called Chemist that I feel will be suitable for a lot of us. Chemist have a wide range of items from health and beauty to medicinal.

Natures Aid EchinEeze Echinacea 90 Tablets
The benefits of Echinacea I'd heard from before and one of my best friends swears by them. Echinacea is a flower that is classified as a herb, several species of the Echinacea plant are used to make medicine from it's flowers, leaves and roots. It helps boost the immune system and cuts the chances of catching a cold by 58% but if you already have a common cold it'll reduce the duration by one and half days. It'll help alleviate pain from headaches, herpes, bowels, measles, gonorrhea, measles, sore throats, stomach ache, tonsillitis and toothache. On top of all that it can be a natural remedy for anxiety, depression, social phobias and ADHD! Incase you're feeling blue this winter, preventing or curing a common cold - try Echinacea!
West Lab Magnesium Flakes 1kg
By adding magnesium flakes to your bath it's an effective way to add to your bodies magnesium levels. Magnesium deficiency can lead to problems within our bodies but adding to those levels helps induce sleep by calming and de-stressing our body and mind, healthy bones, relax muscles and regulate blood pressure. By using this in the bath our magnesium levels are able to rise safely because taking this orally can produce a laxative effect - nobody's got time for that!

Weleda Massage Balm with Arnica 100ml
Comprised of pure plant oils from sunflower and olive blended with extracts from arnica flowers and birch leaves. This is used to help increase blood circulation and encourage natural healing. You'll also notice lavender and rosemary essential oils that add to the fragrance for a natural relaxation. It's good for those who have been working out and also if you've got pains to help relax and stimulate. My knees play up so bad in the winter, it's very off putting. They can swell up if the chill gets to them - ugh. Prevention is key I find.

Eucerin AtoControl Body Care Lotion 250ml
When this time of year comes around it's all about making sure the skin is truly hydrated and moisturised. Eucerin is great, this has no fragrance, parabens or colourant making it a good choice for skin that's sensitive and very dry - now I have neither but I find the richer the better to keep it well protected. It's full of highly concentrated fatty acids (evening primrose oil and grape seed oil) and contains the soothing licorice extract that helps restore the skins natural barrier! . I find it's easy to rub in, leaves no residue and my skin can stay moisturised for about 10 hours daily!

Dr Paw Paw Tinted Peach Balm 25ml
I adore me some Dr Paw Paw, without a doubt. I've had the original of this before and decided to opt in for this peach pink balm for a change. As the name suggests it has a peach - pink tint. Making it great for use on the lips and cheek for adding colour while giving your skin the attention it needs thanks to the PawPaw that's full of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins C+B, it'll aid in repairing skin and calming anything down thanks to it's anti-inflammatory properties while giving the skin moisture. The tint is meant to adapt to individual skin tones while you can build up to your desired tone. Fragrance free meaning that sensitive skin won't be bothered.

What do you think of my choices? How do you keep well during the winter?


Winter Wellness.

Just before I washed my hair to revert it back to it's natural curls after having it straight for over a week, I decided to try this Chopstick Styler to see how it performs. As I've limited a lot of heat in my hair, I don't mind using heat from time to time - (shoot me natural hair nazis)!!

As I looked at this appliance, lightweight with a 7-10mm ceramic barrel I noticed it had no manual temperature setting, only an on / off slide. It heats up to 200°C and that is it's only temperature setting. It heated up incredibly fast, which I was impressed about, as soon as it's plugged in, by the time I brushed and combed my hair it's been heated up for quite a while, takes about 10 seconds! With any styler like this, I prefer to use a heat protected glove, one isn't included but I have a few as I'd rather save the burn if it occurs - none did - although it has a stay cool tip but I find that sometimes my tips are on the barrel and therefore I need the protection.

Within in an hour or so I'd done my whole head, my hair straight is to the middle of my back, so it covers the barrel quite well but as I wasn't looking for too much of a curl I spread the hair over the barrel which would leave some hair off not being covered so I'd go back and continue so the strand was completed. For this I'd think I may fair better with the Lee Stafford Argan Oil Ultra Long Chopstick Styler.

What I noticed was, I was left with a pattern quite similar to my own natural hair pattern which is a 3A - 3B (multi-pattern) but a lot more thickness which I lovvvvvved! I raked through with my afro comb and the hair just got more defined and bigger so you know what I'll be reaching for just to touch up any limp curls when my hairs misbehaving, right!?

Have you tried anything from Lee Stafford?

Purchase: Chopstick Styler


Lee Stafford Chopstick Styler.

The last TVK Beauty Box of the year has arrived and it's got things from the shower to the dressing table to suit everyone. The box has got vegan nail polish and even a lip liner that I'm pleased to see within this months box.

Inecto Natural Little Saviour Coconut Hand and Nail Cream £1.00
As the cold is setting in, skin is going to get drier for most of us and this can be a good saviour for dry hands. I noticed how lightweight but moisturising this is. As it's so small it's easy to have as a travel cream and available whenever you need it. I was surprised at how this was only £1.00 - that's an amazing price. The Inecto line looks to be very affordable for anyone.

Dr Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Body Wash £2.99
Things I have tried from the Dr Organic range I've been fond of. As argan oil has a great amount of rich source of vitamins, antioxidants and fatty acids. Along with aloe vera, clove oil, wild mint oil, orange peel extract and vanilla fruit extract. It's also SLS free making it good to not dry out the most sensitive of skins.

Amie Naturally Kind Morning Dew Matte-Finish Moisturiser - sample (RRP £4.95)
Another great cruelty free brand, anything from Amie I've thoroughly enjoyed. I'm looking forward to trying this moisturiser. It's described as a light, mineral oil free daily moisturiser with natural plant sugars that hydrate skin, rosehip and bilberry nourish and soften while orange and lemon blossom control excess oil and shine.

PHB Ethical Beauty Peach Lip Liner £8.95
Dusky peach shade that's ideal for my daily makeup lip. It has plant oils and waxes to keep lips soft as a lot of pencils can be pretty drying. It is one I'm looking forward to using, it's very pigmented and glided on to test easily. As it can be used to line, under lipstick or by itself it's got to be more moisturising than drying.

Maggie Anne Gel Effect Nail Varnish £10.50
I've tried gel nail polishes before and most of them require a top coat to get the effect and others can be used alone. Like this one, it's a slightly thicker formula and 2 coats can be used to obtain a glossy, streak free polish. It's a toxin free range and of course vegan. The shade featured is Jasper - a nude shade which is a big preference for me next to white.

Faith in Nature Watermelon Shampoo - sample (RRP £5.50)
This is a popular product by Faith in Nature, it's a fresh and fruity shampoo with organic watermelon extract, enriched with Vitamin E and organic Glycerine which is a humectant. It's 100% natural in fragrance, free from parabens SLS and artificial colours.

Human+Kind Body Scrub £13.50
A 3-in-1 body scrub that aims to soften, smooth and revitalise your skin. It has a light, delicate fragrance that alongside the exfoliating will have the skin feeling smooth and fresh. I don't mind if products are huge in smell but I know fragrances can be very irritating to some skin types but this is aimed for all skin types making it a safe and effective product for everyone.

Purchase: TheVeganKind


TheVeganKind Beauty Box #9

One of the Pantone colours of the year 2016 was Rose Quartz, so it's fitting that Magnitone London release their award winning BareFaced cleansing brush in Rose Quartz, it's also available in Gold from their Precious Collection. I thought this beautiful Rose Quartz would be more suitable for me as I'm all about the luxurious pinks.

Ah cleansing brushes, I've been using a Magnitone London cleansing brush for a good few years now. I don't use them daily but I try to use them at least 2x a week but that might be increased if I've used make-up. I don't use it to 'remove' my make-up entirely, I'll double cleanse and use the brush with a foam cleanser to shift any makeup and sunscreen that's sitting in my pores. Magnitone have been a much loved brand in the cleansing brush game for me.
There's two modes, press once for regular/daily cleansing and twice for Pulselift™. Pulselift™ Toning mode helps boosts micro-circulation. Microcirculation is the circulation of the blood in the smallest blood vessels and the Vibra-Sonic™ technology gives you a deep cleansing. With this model you get the active clean brush head. Heads that are so soft, it's cleaning and gently exfoliating without irritating your face. There's no need to be hard just allow the brush and technology to do all the work. After it's switched on, you'll get 20 seconds before you'll hear a beep to remind you to move to the next area on your face, helping you not to 'over cleanse' and make sure that each part of your face gets an equal time to be cleansed, in my opinion that's a very good feature. With additional brush heads available to purchase for sensitive skin, your body, pores etc there's something to help your skins needs while being gentle.
This would be a great gift for Christmas, for either yourself or a loved one. What's nicer than giving someone the gift of beautiful skin *wink*

Purchase: Magnitone London BareFaced Vibra-Sonic Daily Cleansing Brush - Rose Quartz

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Magnitone BareFaced Rose Quartz

This surprise came to my door a few days ago and I love a good surprise. Soap & Glory have hit the mark with this because it even features a musical box and Soap and Glory's own rendition of 'Deck the halls..' {view it here} Come on, how can you not love this...

Most times it's a lot more easier to have a set that includes all your beauty needs. Soap & Glory are a very reliable brand, I've never had an issue with their skincare and it's always gentle and smells like the heavens (well... what I'd imagine all those clouds might smell like lol) Alongside this keepsake tin, you're getting 7 items inside all for £16;-
▸Clean On Me Creamy Clarifying Shower Gel (75ml)
▸The Righteous Butter Body Butter (50ml)
▸The Scrub Of Your Life Super-Smoothing Body Buffer (50ml)
▸Sugar Crush Body Wash (75ml)
▸Sugar Crush Body Buttercream (50ml)
▸Sugar Crush Body Scrub (50ml)
▸Sudsy Puff Body Polisher.
This gift is a showstopper! I've purchased this and a few other stuff as right now Boots have 3 for 2 going on and someones getting this gorgeous tin for Christmas! P.S. Why did nobody tell me that the Sugar Crush range smelt so Goddamn good! I want to live in the stuff all day long! It's bursting with a lime fragrance.

What do you think? Are we loving it?

Purchase: No Longer Available. 

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Soap & Glory Foam & For-tune

It's rather fitting to feature this perfume, as Elle made its arrival on the market nearly 20 years ago in the Autumn of '97 designed by two renowned noses, Olivier Cresp and Jacques Cavallier, Elle brings joy with luminous crisp notes of lemon and litchi on peony petals. The Elle slim lined bottle has an interlaced monogram, cut from gold metal, highlighted by a beautiful, vibrant and luminous fuchsia making it unforgettable and eye catching. This is a vibrantly feminine and bold fragrance that has blends of woody and floral note running through.
Top notes
Peony, Citron Wood, Lychee
Heart notes
Purple Freesia, Rose, Jasmine, Pink Pepper
Base notes
Patchouli, Vetiver, Cedar, Amberette Seed
Yves Saint Laurent Elle, is a youthful fragrance I feel but can be worn by women of all ages. It's distinctive but is not overwhelming, the day I received this I wore it to see how it worked with my body as fragrances can smell different on various people depending on how it works. It's strong on the first spray and it's got quite a long sillage and sits in a room for quite a while after being sprayed. Once it dies down, I smell more fruity floral as it begins to dry, it settles into a sweet almost powdery, fluffy musk with a slight underlying spice undertone. I can also smell why people say they can smell a blackcurrant. It's a dark feminine fragrance which is me for night, I like a dark, woody but that still carries a fruity, floral scent as during the day friends know I'm definitely fruity floral. I think it can be worn during the day but I would prefer it at night, for an event, a date, out with girlfriends - whatever. It's a modern, elegant, feminine fragrance it takes about 20 minutes for it to completely dry and give me it's overall scent for me, it doesn't change as the day goes on. The longevity I'd say it can last the workday which for me is a sufficient time. I'd certainly love to keep this in the collection.

Browse the House of Fraser fragrances.


Yves Saint Laurent Elle.

Who doesn't love to indulge in a bath, especially when you've been outside in the cold for most the day. Being able to just lay back and soak is a great feeling. When I had a browse through the Soapbombs website, I noticed that they had quite a huge selection of bath blasters for £2.50 each!!!

With Christmas coming there's a lot of festive bath blasters, I decided to go for "It's Snowtime".

A white and blue outer and a whipped creamed centre sprinkled with glitter and a snowflaked covered sign - it's a nice design that cannot be faulted - well besides that minor mishap in transit. Hits the water and fizzes up and melts effortlessly the scent of grapefruit and bergamot essential oils are gentle.

It leaves the water paradise sea blue after the white disperses and the glitter isn't overwhelming and can be seen floating around in the water but don't worry if you're not a fan of glitter, it's not over the top!

Have you ever shopped at Soapbombs? Take your interest?

It's Snowtime Bath Blaster.

Sunday marked my 29th day on my diet and one stone down so this snack box is welcomed.

Foods of Athenry Just Oats Bite sized flapjack bites
Now after trying their cookies previously without a doubt I was hopeful with these flapjacks and was not let down. These are oaty with a little ginger flapjacks. Really moreish and satisfying. Free from so much GMO, gluten, dairy, additives and more.

Cheeky Monkey Peanut Butter Puffs
True to taste peanut butter with these puffs. These are baked - not fried - packing protein. I use to love peanut butter and haven't had it much lately - well until these arrived. Sometimes different combination crisp snacks aren't totally for me but these were ok in moderation for me.

FRUU Fruitilicious Avocado Lip Balm
Very moisturising but gives a matte finish, it's also allergen free, suitable for sensitive skin. Ingredients include, avocado oil, coconut oil, aloe vera and vitamin E. No artificial colouring or flavour.

Lenny and Larry's Birthday Cake Complete Cookie
Very large cookie! VERY large, it's something good to nibble on. Has a nice taste to it, there's a lot of vanilla aftertaste. A few bites for me at a time is enough but I enjoy the little bits of sprinkles over it. Gives me a reminisce of a birthday cake for sure!

Mr Organic Free-From Chocolate and Hazelnut Spread
Nutella alternative? I think so. It has the smell of it without the diary within the chocolate. I can't wait to have this on a spread of toast.

Pop Chips Sea Salt and Vinegar Ridges
As soon as I opened these for the photos, I couldn't stop eating them - making them my snack for the day 97 calories. I love the ridges in these Pop Chips probably more so than the original ones they do.

What snacks have you been loving lately?

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TheVeganKind #37

NeoStrata is a brand I’d never heard of before but since being introduced it’s now a brand I spot while on forums and products are recommended especially for those wanting even skin tone. The brand has different ranges to target specific concerns. I was so fortunate to be put on a regime at the PRs suggestion. After viewing pictures of my skin and talking about my concerns the following products were sent to me to try. For over a month I’ve been trying this to help, pigmentation, reduce any pimples, control oil and just have an all-around baby bottom smooth face.
Clarifying Facial Cleanser 200ml.
Range: Refine.
Ideal for: Acne-prone or Rosacea-prone skin.
Technology: Polyhydroxy Acids (PHA)

A soap free PHA foaming cleanser that contains 0.3% Triclosan, an antibacterial that reaches deep into pores to help dissolve impurities and help reduce problem-causing bacteria which can worsen conditions such as acne and rosacea. PHAs function the same way as AHA but cause less irritation and beneficial for those who have sensitive skin & may not be able to tolerate AHA. Providing anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits and assisting with exfoliation. This has soothing chamomile extract and Provitamin B5 to help condition skin. I did at first use this twice daily & switched to once a day, my skin was starting to get a little dry but not irritated but once I started to use a richer moisturiser and reintroduced this again twice – perfect. My skin was clean, I’ve also only had one spot since starting this, even around my cycle.

Oily Skin Solution 100ml.
Range: Refine.
Ideal for: Oily, acne-prone skin.
Technology: Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA)

8% Glycolic Acid gently exfoliates, helps clear clogged pores and removes excess surface oil, sebum and other lipids present on acne prone skin. Glycolic acid is a degreasing ingredient, effective for controlling sebum production. This product I’ve seen on forums people raving about to help pigmentation as well as control oil & I can see why after I’ve cleansed, I will use this twice a day and my skin is matte but not dry or tight. It feels smooth and looks bright, I’ve experienced no tingling and it’s controlled my oil like I wouldn’t believe. Throughout the day I’m barely producing oil with or without make-up.

Antioxidant Defense Serum 1.0 fl oz.
Range: Skin Active.
Ideal for: Sun damage and premature aging.
Technology: Bionic and Polyhydroxy Acids (PHA), Antioxidants, Citric Acid, Lilac, Green Tea and Chardonnay Grape Seed Extracts.

It’s important to have a product that’ll help against sun damage, especially with uneven skin tone because it’ll just reverse all the damage you’re working on. Chardonnay Grape Seed Extracts help preserve healthy DNA, lipids and cellular membranes, while the EGCG Green Tea Extract protects against inflammatory in the skin. After toning, I’ll use my fingertips and apply this over the face and next, I wasn’t crazy on the smell once this was being spread out but that disappears quickly. Takes a bit to absorb and it can be a little tacky but once any creams go on top that's no more.

Pigment Controller
Range: Enlighten.

With 0.01% Retinol, stabilised Vitamin C and NeoGlucosamine a technology that gently exfoliates, encourages cell turnover, diminished the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles and exfoliates hyperpigmented spots. Alpine plant extracts and SabiWhite, a proven alternative to prescription strength hydroquinone which reports have linked it to cancer. Vitamin E protects skin and also helps even skin tone. It comes out in a yellow coloured cream that leaves no traces of it once blended in. I’ll apply it all over but especially over places where there is pigmentation. Using this daily controls pigmentation by increasing cell turnover & helps to prevent new dark spots from forming which is a good thing in my case because – a blemish means dark spots. Optical diffuser brightens skins instantly. I love using this, half way finished but goodness did it help so much. For two weeks it was advised to apply once a day so I did it at night and then twice daily afterwards.

Sheer Physical Protection SPF50 PA++++
Range: Targeted.
Technology: PHA/Bionic complex.

Dispensed from a needle nose applicator, it’s a fluid formula that needs to be shaken for about 15 seconds before each use (generously apply 15 minutes prior to sun exposure) to ensure uniform product consistency. It gives a broad spectrum of protection from UVA/UVB. A universal tint meaning that it’ll leave no white case or make darker complexions ashy, I haven’t experienced a white cast, the skin does appear brighter but I’m on the fence some days. It has a matt finish and can make a great base under some makeup.
-_______Did you know the PA stands for how much the SPF protects you against UVA rays? The more plus symbols, the better protection.

Sheer Physical Protection SPF50 PA++++
Range: Skin Active.
Technology: Retinol, NeoGlucosamine®.

I have 3 samples of this new product from NeoStrata. it was 0.5% stabilized Retinol along with NAG to help intensify the firming effects versus using Retinol alone. NAG or NeoGlucosamine is a gentle exfoliant that helps reduce the appearance of uneven pigment and age spots. Using this daily has become very beneficial, although it's also good for firm lines - which I don't have - it's helped my skin feel smoother being on the programme and using these products in conjunction of one another. My pigmentation has gently but quickly lightened.

When I did my face one day and was speaking to someone they asked what I had done to my skin because it looked to be glowing. Well that's all I needed to be sold even more. My skin got to the point by mid October was so clear I only had to use BB cream (here). Now this isn't the cheapest of skincare regime by far but being able to trial it has helped me to pick out some items that I definitely love and feel work exceptionally well for me. I'm continuing this programme after being on it for a month a lot changed. Now I'm continuing until all is finished because ONE internal minor mishap (see it's all about diet and lifestyle too) allowed my skin to breakout *wails* so it worked once and I'm hoping the next month it'll help me once again!

I've found a place within my town that sells the NeoStrata brand and even online. I'll definitely be purchasing the cleanser & toner as I love those and how clean my skin feels and appears after use. To browse and find where to purchase visit the NeoStrata website.


NeoStrata Skincare Regime.