Elizabeth Arden Prismatic Lipgloss

Since liquid matte lips became an easy daily wear, lip gloss, who? Until now. These three beautiful Elizabeth Arden glosses are beautiful to look, goes without saying. They come in 3 shades 01 Moonlight Kiss, 02 Midnight Kiss, 03 Sunset Kiss with multidimensional pearls that give a prismatic effect & light reflection colour change.

01 Moonlight Kiss is an opalescent gloss, cool pink-violet & blue and white reflects.
02 Midnight Kiss is a fuchsia gloss; with a little more pigment than the others, with slightly larger glitter particles, pink and bronze reflects.
03 Sunset Kiss for me the most subtle of all three, with gold reflects with pink and white microshimmer in a sheer, bronze gloss.

I tried one when I first received them & was surprised that my lips were not tacky or sticky - a non sticky gloss, got to be a fluke. Each wear, still no tack. I was falling in love with a gloss again. These glide on, almost as easy as a lip balm. Because these are translucent and should leave behind a subtle glitter, especially when the light hits. The lipglosses have a conditioning formula with aloe vera to moisturise and soothe. Vitamins A, C and E for environmental protection.

Purchase:Elizabeth Arden Sunset Bronze Prismatic Lip Gloss £18 each (Limited Edition)



  1. OMG I love the sunset gloss - it gives such a pretty effect and your swatches are super helpful

  2. Pretty colors!



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