We all know about my blonde journey, loved having the ombre blonde but now I've decided, it's only good when you want to have vibrant colours running through the hair, looking like a mystical unicorn mermaid. When I was alerted to Chill*, I gave the brand a go with semi-permenant colour that can last from 10 - 20 washes depending on your hair porosity, I thought what the hey, got to give it a chance!

Chill* Ed Stain | Purple + Pink Hair

When I was asked by VoucherCodes if I wanted to participate in their SOS Box, I gladly accepted, this box is all about Save or Splurge. Choosing my own products from bargain - mid - high end and comparing them all to save you the time and money. I decided to go for some popular brands and compare them, I tried to go for some that had similar claims, volume, separation and of course length.

Save or Splurge box - Mascaras

For years I've read about keratin treatments aka the Brazilian blown out. Keeps the hair straight, free from frizz and gives us that low maintenance hair we've all been wanting.

Cue Free from Frizz, this one time application box is available in Boots for £14.99, comes in two different categories so you can type you hair to the one you need thick/coarse or thin. Being that my hair is natural curly and thick this is the one I have.  It scented like mangos and oh boy is the scent orgasmic.

Free From Frizz | 6 Week Blowout

I don't know about you but I have the need that wherever I am in the house music needs to be ready and available. I listen to music more than I watch television, whether I'm in the bathroom, in the kitchen, living room I need music! This is why bluetooth enabled devices are ideal for people like me. Just like this August SE50 Bluetooth Boombox with FM Radio it's perfect.

August SE50

I spent my Saturday late morning at Bannatyne Spa for a Swedish Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage & heavenly scalp massage. Upon arriving, there was a £3 charge for a bag, slippers, towel and dressing gown - (which we had to give back bar the bag & slippers). The dressing gown, I wanted to keep was big, white and fluffy, simple things as I've always wanted one. Being led into their spa relaxation room to wait for the masseuse, it was so relaxing it almost felt criminal to be taking images in there, let alone talking.

Once she was ready, she showed us to a room, with two separate tables and tranquil music and gave us roughly 5 mins to de-robe and lay half nude (wah-hey) looking around I noticed they used purely Elemis Spa products, once she returned I was asked if there was any particular parts that needs working on, I didn't have any in particular but she did say that any tense parts she comes across will be worked on more. Believe me she worked on my shoulders, I could then feel how tense I was, very, very tense. For the first time in so long, I completed zoned out, I was so relaxed, I couldn't even feel my legs.

Being there is no clock or sense of time 25 minutes might of been longer or shorter - I couldn't tell. It just felt absolutely divine. When I met my masseuse back at reception and pointed out to her that I could feel the tension in my shoulders as she worked on me, she agreed that I was definitely very tense and need more massages & with my kettle bell workouts, it's ideal. I was recommended the Elemis Aching Muscle Soak which I think I'm going to have to purchase and soak until I'm pruned.

All in all, it was such a good experience to have my first professional massage, it's now something I recommend for any male & female to get if they can because you truly do unwind and I slept like a baby last night, my shoulders are a little sore but as tense as I am, I'm sure it's to be expected. With my birthday weekend coming up (yes I said weekend) it was a nice treat and also a nice way to clear my mind from all the stress of the previous week.

2 for 1 Spa Day £79 on the weekend - £69 during the weekday.

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Bannatyne Spa Day

Ever gone away and just wished that you had some type of home comforts that you just miss while abroad, whether it's beauty products or food produce? Antler who are a luxury luggage company comprised a survey after asking Brits what they would pack with them while they're travelling. This Antler Survey is interesting to read, noticing what's popular amongst us.

Which has led me to wonder too, if I could have only 5 - 10 items what would I bring that I miss from home?

LUSH Ultrabland
Andrex Shea Butter Toilet Roll
Soap & Glory Hand Food
NV Colour Felt Tip Liner
Lucas Paw Paw Ointment
Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie
Eucerin Even Brighter Cream
Dr. Bronners Soap

Yeah I could probably live on the Marmite and bringing multi-purpose products help while travelling and there just great to have in general - cuts down the crap!

What would be your top item(s)?

These products may have been sent to me. For more information, see my disclaimer.
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My Essential #BritKit Items

Makeover month is still going but I decided to change up my exercise routine this month and since my phone had not been working, I've been able to have earlier nights and that means earlier mornings, 5am early and yes all week, Sun - Mon. The new workouts? Kettlebell Kickboxing Scorcher Series!! I've heard and been told numerous times, forget the cardio for the majority of your workout, pick up the weights, then the misconception ticks in but I don't want to be Hulk Hogan and have 24 inch pythons!!

Forget the bulking up, weight training helps you to burn fat and tone up & boy do I sweat during this but you know something, I actually love it. I started with a 6 kg Kettlebell, I also wear hand weights but they are only a 1lb each. I've never lifted weights before and any less and it would of been baked bin tins for me.

The first few times I did the 4 discs (not at the same time) I listened to the instructor Dasha Libin but once I got the moves down, I'll pop my headphones in and clip my little iPod shuffle onto my sports bra and workout alongside the t.v. team. I mention this because reviews online kept saying about the lack of music and that the instructor talks too much either doesn't bother me, didn't before and well I can't hear with my earphones in.

Four DVDs split into sections Power - Arms, glutes, inner thighs, obliques. Strength - Total body fat loss. Longevity - Lean legs & midsection & Diversity - Abs, arms & glutes. Each move is done for 60 seconds within a set. All week my abs have just been so tight, my thighs and arms - ow I feel the workout. I have one rest day per week and sometimes will do two in a day as these workouts are quite short and as I enjoy them I don't feel as if it's a chore.

Since starting the training my right arm is getting more toned and my left one is getting there, prior to the workout or afterwards I will do extra reps with my left arm. I joke that my right arm is stronger due to my prior excess cheese grating. I should of taken a before image, I guess I still can, even though I'm already noticing slight improvements. I think the next one I want to get is The Body Series.

Have you started any new health & fitness regime?

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Kettlebell Kickboxing Scorcher Series

This months Love Me Beauty box has 4 items and a few surprise items. I chose menu one mainly as I focused on my current needs.

Betty Hula Secret Wonder Oil Roller Ball(full size) £6.25 10ml this is a moisturising oil, suitable for all skin types and I like that this on the go roller ball is handbag perfect. It is said to boost the skin's natural moisture barrier to promote radiance whilst the roller ball encourages circulation through gentle massage. It's made of pure oils : Grapeseed Oil, Apricot Kemel, Avocado Oil, Hemp Oil, Vitamin E, Rose Absolute, Jojoba Oil & also handmade by Betty!

Models Own Coral Reef (full size) £5.00 14ml from the tropical collection this vibrant, in the summertime shade is perfect, it's red in some lights but it's definitely an orange toned coral. Look out for it in a future Manicure Monday.

Neal & Wolf Silk Smoothing Blow Dry Balm £12.50 200ml(full size) I always find their products smell divine, absolutely heavenly. I got this for the net time I decide to blow out my hair and trial this anti-frizz and put an end to any tangles.

Redken Colour Extend Conditioner £9.99 250ml (25ml sample size) as my hair is colour treated, it's nice to have something that can extend the life of the colour. It is suppose to detange and provide protection from fading agents while restoring the colours vibrancy.

Also within the box was a few Weleda stretch mark massage oil sachets and a Hello Fresh £25 gift card - such a nice touch as I'd never heard of Hello Fresh before but it's a service where they deliver a box of step by step recipes and fresh ingredients weekly for you to do at home!

What do you think of this month's edition 1 box?
 Did you get a Love Me Beauty box for April?

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Love Me Beauty | April Edition 1

I properly started using the Caci Microlift machine last month, I was a little apprehensive after trying it on my nan and she broke out in some itchy spots, it made me think the serum was going to irritate my skin. The first two times I used it in the evenings I then did a clay mask afterwards cos I was petrified the serum that comes out of the buds was going to result in a break out but after I relaxed and continued the program it didn't happen for me.

The program I continuously used was the toning, I don't have any deep set wrinkles, I have the odd expression lines on my forehead but that's when the muscles are being used, my main issue was around my jaw line, I'd have loved for that to be more toned and firm. I used this 3x a week for just over the month and I have to be honest and say my forehead, I can feel that it's got more firm, when I move my eyebrows up and down, the skin feels more taught.

This isn't something that takes up a lot of time 5 minutes to do the toning treatment and you can do it sitting in front of a hand held mirror and be watching the t.v. or relaxing it's nothing that requires you to take a tremendous amount of effort. I kept it on my dressing table so when I was doing my nightly routine, it'll be there and one of the steps on the given day.

Why I think my forehead toned a lot more than anywhere else was, I actually felt it there more than anywhere. I actually felt the serum being 'pumped' into my forehead and I'm sure I saw very delicate, light flashes of electrons(?) on the higher setting I felt more of an electro pulse especially on the forehead and around the jawline but I found I had to tilt my head to the opposite side that I was treating to get that feeling. When the treatment is done, the areas can feel dry, I'm going to guess that's to do with the serum. I'll wash my face again (make sure the face is clean and make-up free prior to treatment) and continue to get my face bed ready.

If my mid-twenties skin feels more taught in places I could see it benefiting others older. It did take me a while to adjust to it, as in the pinching and release technique & I noticed I kept pressing the buttons while using it, clumsy but once the technique is sorted and you get the intensity mode low, medium and high to suit you, it's a breeze. I wouldn't recommend high to start off with, gradually build yourself up.

Purchase £349.99

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Caci Microlift Review

The natural hair movement is a debate between females and males that's been going on for a while now. Why is it a debate? Cos a huge % of us females, do give a crap what men find attractive, don't lie! I've had the discussions more so with my male friends (as I have more of them than females.) While a lot of them don't rate the weaves / front lace wigs because women cannot take care of them and they hate the 'You can't pull my hair' line, many of them like the natural hair look, whether it's curly or straight but please let it be all your own. We do put a lot of value on our hair but why shouldn't we?

Let's talk about what I've noticed since I traded in the hot plates for my brain thermal warming curls. 

Demographic wise, I get more of a forward approac with my straight hair from most ethnicities but when it's curly - not so much. I find they will stare at the hair - a lot. Once they do find their balls & to talk to me, I'm complimented tremendously on my hair with offers of wanting to sleep on it as a pillow & can they touch it. I guess the most fascinating thing is the spring back, ah the simple things like a shiny spoon!

I also love the compliments women give, that seems more gratifying, we all know how some women can be ' mean girls united ' if they can't have it, they don't want you to have it so God forbid even getting a genuine compliment.

Curly girls can have best of both worlds but not without some repercussions down the way.

Without self love of the curls, all of that doesn't mean much. Curly hair isn't without it's trouble, for me. I use to avoid eating bread crust as I was told it would keep & make my hair curly. WTF?! It was like feeding me bleach, it wasn't happening. Not many children around me had curls and when you're young and at an impressionable time in your life - all that 'being different is cool' shit isn't cool.

All great achievements require time.- Maya Angelou

I was ready to fall in love. I've reverted back to my daily curls for about 16 months now. Those days when I know my hair needs to be washed and it's an all day operation. Staring in the mirror, what does my hair need, is it too dry? Too oily? Is my scalp itching? Is it normal? Does it just need clarifying for the week or a real hardcore wash? Do I need to trim my hair? Maybe the colour is starting to fade and I want something different? Some days I find my bad hair days look a lot worse than others, the frizz halo, limp strands, dryness, shrinkage and when it happens all at one time, dude, so not cool.

HE will need to know that when I say I'm washing my hair and I'm busy, I'm truly busy from morning to evening. This bush doesn't come easy & with a lot of successes in life, it comes with time & hard work (or a rich husband but I don't see how that'll help my hair.)

HE will need to know that my hair can be larger than life and have a mind of it's own, be cautious, if you sit by me and I move my head, you will get slapped. Don't take it personally.

HE will need to understand that frizz is not an option and therefore isn't publicly presentable for me. Vain yes but I'm sure he wouldn't walk outside with his penis in his zipper.

HE will need to know that hairball wasn't from the cat but from my brush / comb and somehow escaped the bin.

Would I trade it in, hell no. It's taken me a long time to accept these curls and these curls are what are natural about me, the unpredictability, the way it makes me scalp sweat in heat, use it to hide my face when I'm trying not to laugh or simply to just put my hands in and ruffle the curls about.

India Arie sang I'm not my hair, well India, I might not be my hair but it's a big part of me. Most importantly women, do as you feel with your hair. If it makes you happy, nobody else matters do they? Even if we do inconspicuously want to know others opinion - it's natural ha!

Tell me what love affair do you have with yourself?

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Why He Will Have To Put Up With The Afro-Slaps.

My first Yardley London item was the Polarie EDT and I have one of their newest scents 'Jade' but also their Floral bath & body collection, you can mix and match with these items. Choosing from Energising Peony, Uplifting Daisy of Invigorating Blue Orchid. All of these are budget purse friendly and they have a feminine look to the packaging, not sure if I would be initially drawn to the packaging for my own personal taste.

Energising Peony Hydrating & Enriching Body Lotion 250ml £3.99 This range's fragrance has peony flower, red currant, geranium and heliotrope with undertones of warm amber. This is quite sweet, possibly too sweet for me. When I did apply this moisturiser the skin felt more coated and I noticed that dimethecone is one of the ingredients. Being that this is too sweet for me, I doubt I'd use this all over, would be too much for my nose. Uplifting Daisy Moisturising Body Wash 200ml £2.49 the daisy range is a burst of fresh green leaves and apple with a heart of hyacinth and white rose, enhanced with warm base notes of sandalwood and musk. One thing I do look for is SLS within body washes, only cos I find the ingredient irritates me, this does have this in, which is unfortunate as this smells, beautiful. Reminds me of Spring, just fresh, calm & new. Invigorating Blue Orchid Nourishing Hand & Nail Cream 75ml £2.99 last but not least the blue orchid has mango, orange and redcurrant with a floral, sensual heart blending water lily, bluebell and vanilla orchid, with warm woody base notes of cedarwoods, mahogany and tonka bean. I really like the scent to this and it's always handy for me to have as many hand creams as possible, my hands are forever being washed and need moisturising whenever possible, it's soft and absorbed nicely into my skin.

Yardley London - Jade EDT 50ml

The bottle is stunning, minimal, 60's vibe and I just get the impression there's no pretence to it. You just know what your getting. When I first sprayed it out, honestly? The smell didn't take to me. I thought, no I love perfumes with Sandalwood in, how can this one fail me. Then it started to settle on the skin, it's Spring, it's another fresh, 20 something woman going about her day scent. I'm not sure if I'd purchase it myself if given the choice, there's something that doesn't capture me entirely but it's wearable.

Fruity, aromatic green top notes of peach, bergamot and galbanum
An airy floral bouquet of rose, jasmine, ylang-ylang and orris
Delicately wrapped up in patchouli, sandalwood and moss

Have you tried anything from the new Yardley London range?

Yardley London Jade EDT + Floral Bath & Body

Happy 6th month Anniversary The Vegan Kind
Wow, 6 months already, that's such a good feat. Congratulations! One thing I noticed when I received this month was the box is smaller, I actually prefer the more compact box. Saves on cardboard & our environment :)
Once again there's a great mixture of snacks, food, supplements, drinks and even body care. I'm slowly but surely getting there with my vegan lifestyle and this box does help tremendously. Sometimes you just don't think something's you can still eat or just never think of and the box comes and I'm reminded or intrigued, plus I've found not only do I benefit but others around me do too.

Coconut Sugar, you may have noticed I've mentioned I adore the scent of coconut, I can have it in food but I can't drink the water or just eat pieces of coconut, I don't know, it's like tomatoes! Anyway me and my Grandma both thought this was a cool alternative, we tasted a piece of the sugar just by itself, my nan describes its as having a 'toffee' taste, so this will be our latest alternative, I don't do sugar at all, I haven't had sugar in months interested in Coconom Coonut Sugar you get 250g for £3.25 and it's available online.

Me and my mum are going to put together a vegan basket for a friend of hers and I'm searching through all my previous The Vegan Kind posts looking for some websites to get some things to put in this basket. We decided to put the Landgarten Organic Dark Chocolate Soya Snacks & Creative Nature Sublime Seed Bar Seeing as most people enjoy treats as a filler.

Clearspring Sushi Nori, I'm really loving this Clearspring range, I'm sitting here just eating these online lol, well it's vegetable, nothing wrong with that. They say it has a distinctive nutty flavour but it really does remind me of when I tried sushi last year and that's all it reminds me of but these strips are light and almost nothing to it. Just tastes really nice, I'm going to try it with food later and see what it adds to it

The other things in the box are Rebel Kitchen Choco Mylk 200ml £1, honestly I never was the child who enjoyed chocolate milk, so it doesn't honestly intrigue me. Besides my soya milk & now almond milk, I don't really do flavoured milk - it also comes in Banana & Orange Choc Mylk. Those on vegan, vegetarian or dairy-free diet this is ideal and there's no additives, preservatives - all healthy. Last but no means least, Freya Luna Lip and Body balm 10g £3.50, this handy multi-purpose tin, scented with lavender can be used of course as it states lips, face & body. As it contains lavender which helps promote new growth of skin cells, it's handy to have in your handbag for any unexpected skin mishaps, with this weather as unpredictable as me, it's handy to keep this for yo' dry lipzzzz! Also it's cool for healing of such skin mishaps such as burns, sunburn and issues such as eczema and psoriasis!

So what are you waiting for? Order your The Vegan Kind box - try an alternative lifestyle.

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TheVeganKind #6

As I write this up, my baby nail has just broken on my right hand *woe, woe, woe!* Thank you Kettlebell! 

These are being added to my Cheeky collection, you can view my last post on the brand here. (Quite good nail growth in two months, if I do say so myself!!) I wanted to try more of their nail paints cos I quite like the consistency. Seeing as I've tried a some what dark shade previously, it was nice to have a dark & light mixture and wait, how good does purple & yellow look together?

Here is Orchid You Not & Lemon Tart.
I applied two coats of the purple, no problem. The yellow, I applied the first coat and left it to dry it was albeit a tad, streaky? patchy? Maybe uneven strokes is the thing I'm looking for, which led for the second coat to not be even as the first coat was uneven it led to the second coat to be just that. I decided to leave it to completely dry and it was noticeable to myself, nobody else I'm sure but me knowing was going to drive me to an early OCD grave.

I did a third coat when it was rock hard dry and voila - perfect. Honestly this wouldn't put me off lighter shades of Cheeky Chat Me Up Nail Paints, it was my first experience and next time I'll know to do an even base or it might even be perfect, who knows but all I know is me and the broken nail (who is now resting in the bin) really do like these paints, they cover well, glide on well enough for me.

Purchase Orchid You Not &/or Lemon Tart £7.00 each for 10ml

Have you tried Cheeky Nail Paints before?

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Cheeky Nail Paint | Orchid You Not & Lemon Tart

Roughly for a month I've been using Racinne Skincare. I decided to change my skincare routine by adding this cleanser and scrub (I love scrubs - serious addiction. Racinne has three different categories for what you might be looking for in terms of skincare 'Ultimate Youth Power', 'Ultimate Hydra' & 'Ultimate Aqua Blanc'. The two products I'm going to talk on come from the Ultimate Hydra range.

Both are suitable for all skin types but recommended more for those with normal to combination skin.
The swatches of the products Cleansing foam (L) - Refining Scrub (R)
Looks like a shimmery rave! As you can see they are quite similar in appearance dispiste being for two different things but the exfoliating particles in the scrub are so fine and soft they almost disappear into the skin without you noticing.

The gentle cleansing foam is exactly that, I didn't find any irritations, well with either product. It didn't break me out and my face felt quite clean and refreshed afterwards. it's second ingredient next to water is Myristic Acid. I've never come across this before after some research I've discovered this is an fatty acid occurring in most animal and vegetable fats, particularly butterfat and coconut, palm, and nutmeg oils. The downside is that this does have parabens in, albeit there all near the end of the list but it will put a lot of people off. As an addict to scrubs, I did really love this, it's soft and unlike some scrubs that are very gritty, can irritate the skin or feel drying afterwards, can't say I experienced any of those with them, I used this 2x a week and did notice a brighter complexion - though it happens most times I use an exfoliator. I'd recommend the exfoliator for those who do have skin that's prone to irritation and combination skin. If you prefer a more gentle exfoliator - this one is that. Even the scents for both products isn't overbearing delicately floral & fresh but here's my honest opinion, I do hate looking at ingredient lists and having to Google a great deal of them, it's just my personal preference, I'd rather have 5-6 and know what they mean than 14+ and only understand water and that was my issue with these.

Ultimate Hydra Gentle Cleansing Foam 120ml £22.00
Ultimate Hydra Gentle Refining Scrub 75ml £19.00

Racinne Skincare

I've got a product but I'm still reluctant to try it due to previous heartbreaks! Honestly, I've never favoured felt tip liner pens, the ones I've tried previously have failed me, which lead me to revert back to a favourite liquid liner but I wanted to try this pen because well, you never know. What's the verdict? I wish I had more thumbs to give this pen 4 thumbs up!!

Not once did I experience any drying or dragging of the lid due to the lack of moisture of the felt tip. That is what I've had issues with before yet with this one it's plain sailing and I'm absolutely happy *cue Pharrell*, I found a pen that works for me. It's not waterproof or smudge proof as I noticed when I thought I was smart and rubbed my eye corner and ended up with a faint near missing wing but that being said it was 8 hours after I had first applied it but 11 hours after the initial application, the black hadn't faded and my liner shape was still in it's feline prominence. I can't really complain. It's available in two other shades "Twilight Purple" & "Blue Velvet"

Purchase NV Black Cat Felt Tip Eyeliner £6.00

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NV Felt Tip Eyeliner Pen | The Feline Flick

*on repeat* Hyper-pigmentation is an issue of mine and thanks to a really bad time for my skin last month, I'm taking drastic action and decided to do a at home peel using Salicylic Acid. After doing some research this acid seems to be the ideal one for my skin issues.

According to the website the main benefits from salicylic acid are :
- Exfoliates dead skin cells from the surface leaving the skin softer, smoother, and brighter
- Controls excess oil production
- Decongests the pores reducing the possibility of spots
- Removes blackheads
- Encourages skin cell turnover and boosts collagen production
- Effective bactericide - will kill acne causing bacteria

After reading the information sheet that was provided, I made sure my face was clean and dry and applied the acid to my face using a cotton pad (they do also send you some which is a nice touch) and I waited for a minute and I noticed how my face started to get a white film, nothing in clown appearance but it was noticeable as the acid began to dry.

Once the minute was over with, I began to put the neutralising gel on, this is where the tingling started to occur and the skin started to feel flustered. I wondered if I was even doing the right thing & suddenly knew how Freddy Kruger just might of felt! Looking in the mirror, the redness was beginning and I was warned that the redness won't be anything too bad, like a mild sunburn. I've never had a sunburn before and let me tell you something now, I wouldn't want one and I don't know how anyone could risk burning in the sun - so not a good look!

Two minutes later, I was ready to wash off this concoction, I washed it off using my hands and gently patted my face dry with a clean flannel. There was no irritation besides the redness, it says to avoid any creams with petroleum jelly or paraffin wax.

I decided to use the Luminosa Blemish Reduction cream mixed with SPF to make sure the skin was protected, still getting work done and also to protect it even more from the sun. It'll be interesting to see how this works when Mother Natures shows her crass face again! I'll do this every other day and of course I will keep moisturising which I do morning & night as it aids the peeling.

*sexy - sexy*

Salicylic Acid Peel 20% £5.95
Hyper-pigmentation £7.25

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Active Solutions Salicylic Acid

Cellulite, it's something we either get on with or do something about. I've had it for years, oh gosh for as long as I can remember, I think I still had carpet in my room, so we're talking high school, I read in a teen magazine / Sunday paper magazine that Naomi Campbell used coffee grinds to help her problem areas out. I tried it, the article said to rub it into the areas and wrap clingfilm around it and lay and wait ( can't remember the waiting time ) then rinse off.

It's not something that's particularly bothered me cos it's not extreme and only when I sit down do I see a few of the 'cottage cheese' effects, being that there's no known cure for cellulite, what are we buying into when we're shopping for these creams and oils? Prevention of further cellulite is the most likely answer.

What causes it?
It has been said that cellulite forms when fat cells beneath the skin enlarge, restricting the blood flow and circulation, causing fluid build-up that enlarges the fat cells. Causing a bumpy lumpy appearance under the skin. - Mmm sexy lumps.

This isn't a fat vs skinny issue it's a 80% vs 20% 

Cellulite doesn't discriminate! While asking the males in my life about cellulite from a males prospective, I got responses such as "not a major concern in moderation"..."Find it sexy"...."Less is more but if you're in a committed relationship with someone when it hits full effect it doesn't matter."

Cellulite and all, will be loved.

It's a concern created by women to sell products. I've never heard of a case where a man has divorced or left his partner based on her cellulite ratio. Yet lo' and behold, I'm talking about cellulite today and sharing tips that have worked for me over the years as it's not got any worse.

Stimulate & Scrub!

Dry Body Brushing
I picked this tip up from one book I got in the library when I was about 12 (wish I could find the title of that book!) but I religiously stuck to the dry body brushing. I was also given a detox book that recommended the same thing, it's an inexpensive thing can take 5 minutes tops. It's advised you start from your feet and move your way up towards the heart. Get your circulation flowing better with this quick tip and it might even help reduce the appearance of those bad toxins that are accumulated in the fat cells that we know as cellulite. The two brushes I use are uno & dos. So there's one for those who prefer manual & automatic and the one for my back

I was informed women in Brazil use sand to rub onto their cellulite to 'prevent' it. Now they're famous for the fact they have some of the best butts in the world. So what can we do? That's right, make your own sugar scrub or coffee scrub or of course if you're not the kitchenista type - go ahead and purchase one that suits you.

I love a good D.I.Y opportunity and here's a scrub that fits that, sugar caffeine cellulite scrub. The two main ingredients are in the title. Sugar is a good exfoliant for the skin, rid any dead skin and help promote stimulation, while the caffeine can help to tighten and smooth out the skin. Thus giving us hope of prevention or any further orange peels. I wouldn't make a big batch of the scrub, you may want to do this 2 - 3 x a week.

½ Cup of Fresh Ground Coffee
¼ Cup of Sea Salt
¼ Cup of Brown Sugar
¼ Cup of Sweet Almond Oil or Olive Oil
Few drops of essential oils (optional)

  • Evenly mix your granules together, coffee, salt and sugar.
  • Add your oil and mix well and store in a tight lidded jar in a dark place, away from sun light and keep cool.
  • Apply a generous amount while in the bath or shower and pay attention to the areas needed always working upwards towards the heart.

We've got the circulation moving, the dead skin gone, our next step is to moisturise but we want to make sure we are still treating that cellulite throughout the day / night.

Cellulite Oils
Here is one I've been using since last month Fushi - Really Good Cellulite Oil it's vegan, made of 98.75% Organic ingredients & slightly pricey at RRP 19.96 for 100ml. The smell I feel would divide some, it took me a while to get use too, I want to say it's a medicine scent but it's not really, it's just quite strong. Now I'm use to it, I find it therapeutic, go figure! This needs to be applied 2x daily for a fortnight then once a day from then. You really need to take time and massage this in, try this method, time consuming but not everything on a shelf is a miracle worker.

My skin has appeared a bit smoother, nothing oh my God, yet it's texture has improved, the dents don't seem as deep but I only can see mine when I'm sitting on a hard chair as that's when they are visible.

The ingredients in this oil are:
Sesamum Indicum (Organic Sesame Seed Oil), Hydrocotyle Asiatica (Triple infused Organic Gotu Kola Serum), Corylus Avellana (Organic Hazelnut), Coffea arabica (Green Coffee), Simmondsia Chinensis (Organic Jojoba Oil), Triticum Vulgare (Organic Wheatgerm), Citrus paradisi (Grapefruit), Betula lenta (Sweet Birch), Tocopheryl acetate (Vitamin E), *Limonene, *Linalool, *Citral -* Components Of Essential Oils

Note the coffee within the mix. Hopefully if we get you on this cellulite work-out plan *winks* by Summer your cellulite can be better in appearance.

Bust Cellulite Naturally

I knew Britney Spears had a perfume out but I didn't know she's had 5 in total but with the release of the Naughty Remix & Nice Remix it's tallied to 7. This is the first fragrance from Britney I've smelt and my god, why is it that these celebrities can design such good aromas? It should be illegal. I'm not ashamed to say, I quite enjoy celebrity fragrances - well - not ALL but there is a majority that do appeal to my nose buds and this is going to be draaaaained out this S/S!!!

"Daring and mysterious, The Naughty Remix emphasizes fantasy’s captivating core notes of jasmine petals, white chocolate orchid and delicious cupcake. The dry down continues with exotic orris root, sensual woods, and creamy musk, amplified from the original fantasy scent to evoke desire."

Top Notes
Jasmine petals

Middle Notes
White chocolate orchid, Sweet cupcake accord

Base Notes
Sensual woods, Iris, Creamy musk
This is definitely powdery but wearable, I cannot compare it to the others as I said previously, I didn't even know all the others Ms Spears had. I've been addicted to a few scents as of late and you might notice a pattern throughout the ones I do adore, they are mostly floral, woody and on occasion citrus. This has a sweet, woody and floral scent running throughout the notes and what sells a perfume to me more than anything is when people compliment what I am wearing, wanting to know after they've sniffed and wondered when the smell has waifed past, "What is that scent?"

Britney Spears Fantasy The Naughty Remix and Fantasy The Nice Remix will be available in 30, 50 and 100 ml Eau de Parfum.

Do you have a perfume fit for Spring & Summer?

Britney Spears Fantasy The Naughty Remix

I've decided to have a frugal April while having a makeover month. I say makeover, I guess it's more so a clean up of the body & mind. Hey, it's a new season, got to start shedding that winter fluff. Starting with...removing these leg hairs so I pulled out my epilator (review here) and decided to get to work, I haven't epilated in a little while and the pain tolerance was a little low until I continued and the pain became pleasure ha! Once I start I can't stop, oh well until I get nearest to my bikini line, who the f--- can epilate there?! Anyway I've been epilating when I can be bothered for over a year now and besides the fact I've noticed the hairs are all over the show, they grow in patches, hairs grow lop sided left, right and pointing upwards or tucked under the skin but the bonus is the regrowth is a lot slower. Since it was two years since my last epilating review I'd say I'm more confident in how I can use it to suit me.
Truth be told, I did my left leg on Sunday night but as I started after my bath it was tiresome by the time I'd finished, I have the diameter of the universe for thighs and more hair than you'll ever find on a Sasquatch. Yet you will see that there is no redness and just smooth, hair free skin. I did begin to epilate some of my right leg so that's not actually how my hair grows F.Y.I. What I do love about my epilator is the option to use it wet thanks to the added razor to make the legs smoother, as I do find when I use it dry it can't be as smooth. Saying that I use it dry more than wet.

To use it sometimes I go up like I would with a razor in long strokes, sometimes I find short strokes are better per section as it picks up more hairs carefully. I keep a tweezer handy just to make sure I need to release any trapped ingrown hairs and I will pluck them out with the tweezers.
Open the pores
Hold the skin taught

NThe legs aren't the most attractive looking pins once they are done, which is why I say do it 24 hours before you have anything leg showing happening.How you see the front leg looking, that is exactly how the other looked 12 hours previously so believe me when I say a picture speaks a thousand words but these upcoming words will let you know more information.

As soon as I'm finished I apply the Shea Moisture Honey and Blackseed Elixir, I spray it onto my hands and rub it all over my legs, it does state that it can tingle but not to worry as it's good for you, I honestly haven't felt any tingling but don't be alarmed if it happens. I've used ingrown hair prevention sprays before and they have stung and I found those made my legs worse off, irritated the bumps and made the skin itch.

This spray has anti-inflammatory Arabian Honey which aids tissue healing, reduces inflammation and scarring. Willow Bark extract helps soothe sensitised skin, reduced redness and prevent the occurrence of ingrown hair.

The Shea Moisture After Shave Lotion is applied after that & daily to help slow the regrowth and to continue to prevent bumps, razor burn, discolouration and whatever else can happen to the skin after waxing and shaving. Gymnema Sylvestre Leaf extract naturally slows hair regrowth while giving the added benefit of finer, less coarse hair.

None of these irritate my skin which makes it worth the money, they normally retail for over £12 each but have been half price. I think I need to keep up with the epilating as it does remove hairs that are 0.5mm in length.

So now I've done the legs, there's so much more left on this body to do pluck and feather this month.

Shea Moisture Honey and Blackseed Elixir 4oz £6.49
Shea Moisture After Shave Lotion 4oz £6.49
Braun Silk-épil 7 Dual Epilator 7891 Wet & Dry Cordless Epilator £169.99

Shea Moisture Shave