No7 Stay Perfect Nail Colours

After a successful nail growth earlier this year, during the summer and up until now my nails broke and just needed to be rebuilt again so I invested like a lot of beauty bloggers in a nail wheel, evidently it's helpful as it let's you swatch as many colours to quite a perfect standard without stripping your own nails. If you prefer real nail swatches then I apologise but this is quite easier for the meantime. Anywhoooo!

Currently there is 6 weeks until Christmas, what?! Meaning party season, yeah that time too. Most of us love a good party and with work do's, friends & families festivities happening, we need to be ready. Nails can do just as much for our hands as jewellery. First up is Devils Delight it's a seductive red, almost that traditional red. It'll look beautiful against gold and also the LBD! Moonlit Shadow is a champange, gold metallic tone colour but it's quite opaque and needs about 2 - 3 coats, which you can see the difference in the two nails. While In the Stars can be used as either a glittery top coat - as above, or by itself for a clear but shimmery look on your bare nails. Don't skip on No7 for these quick drying nail polishes and at £6 a bottle - can you really go wrong?

Which one is your favourite?

Love, LaaLaa xo

This post contains pr samples


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    1. Thanks for the comment sweetheart xo

  2. oh I’m agreed with you! Nail wheel makes it so much easier, I need to get one of those hehehe! I’ve never bought any No. 7 nail polishes! will give them a try! big hugs hun!! xxx


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