NEOM Luxury Organics - Scents of Christmas

When you get that whiff of Christmas, it makes you want to put on your lounge clothes, cosy socks, mug of hot coco in front of a fire, that ye' old classic picture perfect look. O.k. it doesn't happen, not that I've experienced it but smelling these it makes me want that. Anyone who has come by my room the last week have smelled these and inhaled and 'Mmm, ahh, they smell sooo good' - & they do! Within this box you get 3 x travel candles.

Cedarwood, Vetiver & Star Anise
This has a liquorice note that bursts through (which I am personally not keen on) but I noticed after some burning the other notes come through and just as describes does have a slight leathery masculine aroma but to remind us of log fires burning - Warm and everything that makes it want to snow for just one day.

Pine, Cedarwood & Eucalyptus
The pine scent comes through with this candle, giving a fresh, woody scent, suitable for both sexes within the home. It's one for us all to appreciate.

Christmas Wish
Mandarin, Cinnamon & Tonka Bean
Spicy & fruit notes this one to me has the classic potpourri scent. Fills the home nicely for this season or any season to be honest when you just want to feel happy and relaxed.

These candles have added a nice touch, after burning them initially I'm waiting to continuing burning next month - holding on. Wanting to get the settings correct, tree, decorations, lots of food and heavenly scents to continue the relaxation.

Love, LaaLaa xo

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  1. These look totally stunning inside and outside of their packaging x

    Beautyqueenuk xx

  2. This looks so cute, and really good value! I'm tempted. Christmas present to myself maybe?!

  3. They look so yummy I want them for myself :)

  4. That looks like a gorgeous set! x

  5. These candles look absolutely gorgeous, I don't think I could bring myself to actually burn them haha. Loving the sound of Christmas Wish and Harmonise though! :)

    C x |

  6. Creo que mi favorita es Christmas Wish, canela y haba tonka siempre son una buena combinación :)

    Kyllie | Make Up Fragrances


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