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Friday, October 26, 2012

I have never been a Rihanna fan but I do like how she does reinvent her image with each album a la Madonna who I am a fan of btw. Rihanna loves to change her hair a lot. My least favourite personally was her curly sideshow Bob do. The one I've always held a candle too & loved how she could make it edgy and soft was her mid / late 2008 curly mohawk!

 The back of this hairstyle is gorgeous!
I haven't had short hair since I was a toddler, I've always kept my hair at a certain length it's my security blanket to my being.

You've no doubt read about me saying I've given my hair a rest for the remainder cold months as it needs a lot of recuperating. Plaiting it up yesterday I noticed the amount of dead hair that needs cutting, not trimming - I mean a CUT!

We all know your hair will grow but most times some of us don't see the growth in length as our hair is breaking at the ends.

Next month the hair is being cut and I need a style. I think what stops me going short is, I love short hair on bone structured faces, only bone structure I have is in my elbow.

What's a girl to do!

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  1. looooool I love the bone structure comment loool

    Honestly browse through a short hair magazine to find a cut that will look great one you . . .in fact I should send you a few magazines or something

    1. LOL, it's true, pure oval fat face! It's true, some cuts suit some face shapes a lot better *sniffles* what if I regret it, will be living in my wig lmao my mum said I will .. probably would.

  2. totally ignoring the hair but how amazing does her concealer look in the first pic! See i need to find something like that, that makes you look so wide awake, healthy and glowing. Damn I need a celebrity makeup arist as my BFF




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