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Sunday, October 21, 2012

MakeBelieve Sunbeam Bronzer. The packaging for this bronzer is one of elegance, can look gorgeous on anyone's vanity! Maybe a bit too bulky to carry around in your bag ( unless your name is LaaLaa and you carry anything & everything anyway )

The makebelieve logo embossed into the bronzer, personalising it. - yes I had used it before taking the picture *shoot me* The thing that makes me like this more - it's matte. Makes it so much easier to build on, some people don't like all that shimmer that some bronzers can bring and to me personally shimmer when you want to look 'natural' in Winter isn't practical. I can understand this colour wouldn't be good for girls probably any darker than me I can range to an NC42 on a good year . This would be ideal for a lot of women if they decided to bring out more colours and possible finishes. Just for an wider audience.

With this I think a lighter hand is better, less is more to begin with and work on your desired finish.

The kabuki brush it comes with feels very soft, slightly more tapered but truth be told, I didn't use it much - bad of me I know but I ever so rarely use brushes supplied with products! I honestly just prefer tools with more of a handle, I rarely use a kabuki brush - even for minerals. When I did chose to use this, it was on my temples where I didn't mind if it applied a little heavier. Yet I did just use my fan brush to apply this for contouring. It did replace my Sleek Suede blush. I used it for my TravelSupermarket Beauty & the Beach competition look. Just to lightly give me more colour and some cheekbones!

I have liked this bronzer and I've made no qualms in telling others this too. It's ideal for my skintone, I can build upon it, use it to contour, it's matte making it autumn and winter friendly and more versatile for my personal preference.

Purchase from : Makebelievebeauty.com
Price : £15.00

So I know this product for some has been hit & miss but who rated it and who dumped it ?

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thank you makebelieve for your generosity with sending us 3 products xo

*This product was sent to me for consideration for a review. This does not sway my opinion. This is 100% my view and research is that of my own!


Epiphannie A said...

Well Sam loved it and if they bring one out a bit darker then who knows maybe I would to

coisas da Nadya said...

that kabuki is so cute **



Stephanie said...

Eh....I liked it but I wish they came in darker shades!

Tattooed Tealady said...

Can I just say, you look phenomenal in this photo Laalaa, seriously! Great review. Going to take your tip and use a different brush with it xo

Liss Cope said...

Laalaa you look gorgeous!!

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