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She Only Likes Spikes & Studs


When I wear colour it's a shocking thing cos I love black. I decided to go all black w/ studs and spikes for the Cosmo's this year, very different to how I went last year but it was definitely 100% me. My spiked shouldered peplum blazer* from Shelikes, was complimented on and even with the spikes it's versatile with other styles such as skirts & shorts.

I decided to get a body from ASOS, my god - when did people stop making things with poppers?! I don't want to have to strip to my bra everytime I need the bathroom but on a good note, the puppies got some air time thanks to the push up! High waisted trousers - love them and I thought they'd go well being the blazer is a little short in length and it just kept me all snug and I didn't have to worry about crouching down and builders crack. My nails all broke - yes everyone of them, I'm 10 down - so you know what that meant, bring out the gloves and get my Madonna on. Laptop cases bags/clutches whatever you want to call them have become a guilty pleasure right now!

- So I'm going to TRY give y'all what you want which was more FOTD, Hair Tutorials (?), Videos and OOTDs - let's keep in mind - I'm no fashion blogger and tend to just wear whatever I feel from wherever so...ta'da I present my first proper OOTD!

God help me. So if you do have a lookbook or Chictopia account I would love if you could like me :)

Shelikes Pepulum Blazer*, ASOS Oh My Love Body, High Waisted Trousers - Hearts & BowsLaptop Stud Case, BHS Necklace, Half Gloves -eBay,  Steve Madden -Madden Girl Boots,

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