Marilyn Monroe x MAC - Launched

Alot of people in the UK kept asking me when the launch for the Marilyn x MAC collection was.
Well all I knew was it had an  October launch date, turns out it's today - Available online now

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  1. Looks like a great collection!
    Love your blog, so I follow via GFC:)
    Would love if you follow back:)

  2. omg i want it soooo bad!!! this collection is so ridiculously awesome :)))

  3. the "charmed im sure" is the best redlips for this fall!! omg i looooove the cranberry, dark red colours <3!!!! in france its not avalaible yet! i cant wait!

  4. Awesome collex but u know me its always going to be about lipstick ha ha!

  5. I really want pure zen! Xx

  6. I love the collection! I love the shades and they definitely look classical since its has pictures of Marilyn Monroe. I got to have one of those but not all....

  7. MAC is not cruelty free

    1. I know that they are now testing in China along with other Estee Lauder brands, this was just an information for my readers who had been asking, this isn't me using or purchasing the products.

  8. It’s a big collection of cosmetics which will really help us to look beauty and I always go for the lipsticks.


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