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Friday, May 04, 2012

One night or 5 nights..We can never part from our nightly & morning needs but lugging around full sized bottles? No can do...

This is my biggest pet peeve. I hate whenever I am going away and I need to pack my routinely bottles especially when they are large, oddly shaped and pretty pointless to lug about but having travel sized bottles is the easiest thing to invest in.

Ickle Bockles are a brand that specialise in products that are easy for us to take with us while away or to decant our favourite products into bottles.

For me this was perfect for going away as it saves me room and allows me to take even more stuff in a smaller bag.

I was kindly sent products from them :

Travel Size Toiletries
  • Shampoo [shop]
  • Conditioner  [shop]
  • Chocolate shower gel  [shop]

Travel Size Essentials
  • Lip balm  [shop]
  • Toothbrush & Toothpaste  [shop]

Travel Size Bottles
  • 100ml Lotion Pump  [shop]
  • 125ml Screw top Bottle  [shop]
  • 100ml Flip Top Bottle  [shop]
  • 60ml Spray Bottle  [shop]
  • 30ml Pots (2x)  [shop]

My essentials managed to squeeze down. Could have my toner, moisturiser, perfume, face wash, cleansing oil and not pictured but my coconut oil in a 30ml pot. [two bottles on the left are only ickle bockles] Sometimes we're lucky and already have some of our products that are small and compact such as I do with my cleansing oil & soap.

If I was really to bring all I needed compared to what I took with me....

compared to it all decanted and compact for my wash bag :)

A lot more easier and lighter to travel with and if you end up losing something at least you have the full sized original at home.

Ickle Bockles Official website

When you travel do you decant your products or travel with full sized ?

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  1. These are such a good idea! I used to carry around the Hugo Boss Orange perfume in my bag every day, but the bottle was just far too big!

    I really like the travel sized Soap and Glory toiletries for taking away with me, but it would be nice to be able to take a few of my larger products in smaller bottles!

    Amy xx


    1. Ah S&G can't go wrong with them hey, love their products except most of mine are in full size :( lol xo


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