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Bumble Bee Nail Art


Before my DLP trip I decided to do nail art inspired by Disney. Winnie the Pooh has been my favourite character since birth [my first teddy was a homemade Winnie the Pooh] so I couldn't get the face down to a T because I was using my left hand so I settled on a bumble bee seeking the honey.

Nail Polish Used :

  • Barry M - Ice Cream
  • AVON - Sunshine
  • W7 - White 
  • Born Pretty Nail Art Pen  - Black

Sometimes just doing something on the nails can brighten up your day by adding a few bits of art. It was tricky doing the bumble bee with my left hand but steady does it!

I wanted to break it up by adding one nail with yellow so it didn't all look the same..I have blue to represent the sky and yellow to symbolize the sun.