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Living in this day and age it's hard to not feel under pressure when it comes to our image. I too feel it - don't like the look of this & that. I'm currently in my own battle of the bulge in a few places and a lot of times I thought, how much easier would it be to throw down some ££s [albeit thousands of those lipsuction cost is a huge investment] and let a DR. have his way and suck that fat away and leave the rest to me.

Currently it's not an option, not that I'm anti, it's because maybe there's more of a cheaper, easier way - maybe a little longer but it's healthier and with less risk.

  • Eliminate white starch - This one is ever so hard for me as I adore bread & pasta but I do know one thing - it leaves me BLOATED and that feeling and look isn't pretty.
  • Avoid Stress - Erm well yes I'd love to be centred and in the zone and I have heard that stress can contribute to weight gain...maybe that's my main problem!
  • Water VS Diet Soda -  Water will win hands down. We all know that our body is 75% water, it keeps us hydrated which maintains muscle tone which increases the body's fat burning. ( I remember reading that ice cold water helps to burn fat - never tried it myself sensitive teeth and all that jazz )
  • Weight Training - I've been told this by plenty of souls. It's not body building but it tones your muscles like no other .... I should join a gym! 
  • Being realistic - I know losing weight is hard but there are alternatives to try.

I wouldn't call liposuction the easy way out cos I'm sure for a lot it's really the last resort and it's important it's important if this is the case to find a board certified liposuction professional and find out all the ins/out of cosmetic surgery

Or do what I'm doing and ditch the pasta and pick up the kettlebell :)
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  1. I love pasta as well and staying away from it is super hard.. Drinking a lot of water is very important carry a bottle with you everywhere at all times.

  2. WW always works for me. I have no desire for surgery until I am at my goal weight and my saggy boobs need to be lifted lol


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