VIVO MakeUp Review

Branding themselves as the MAC of supermarket makeup brands, Vivo cosmetics have a range of affordable cosmetics ranging from £1.50 - £6 ! Below I review three of their products... 

Curve Effect Mascara £3* 
This mascara comes in three shades black, black/brown, black waterproof.
The concept of the curved brush is to push up the lashes a bit like a push up bra that gives us that curl and lift from underneath. It doesn't lengthen my lashes it does slightly curl them but what I dislike is the drying texture.

Let me explain you know when you see someone has piled on the mascara and it looks lumpy and crisp. I sometimes get that with two coats. When taking it off it's not a smooth experience, I feel like my lashes are coming off too cos of how drying it feels.

Lipstick £1.99*
This range has 9 shades that range from neutral tones to 40s inspired. I was sent Sugar Pink which I find light for my complexion but it's a moisturising lipstick.

There was no lip tugging while dragging it on, very smooth application, sweet smelling. I'm sure I would love to experience more of these lipsticks to see the range of finishes this one was a little sheer on me.

Highlighter £5*
This is my first highlighter to play around with.

I tend to use it more on the top of my cheekbone where the light hits it to give it more of a glow. You only need a little bit to work with.

The brand consists of baked blush, baked bronzer, undereye roll on concealer, baked shimmer palettes, khol eyeliners, false eyelashes and more. 

Available in Tesco stores nationwide.

Check out their Facebook for more products & info


  1. ooooo i really want to try out vivo make up :D nice post! x

  2. @Elle Marie thanks, yeah I'm looking to venture more on their products too. Not bad for the prices x

  3. Thanks for the great VIVO review LaaLaa! xx


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