Travalo Milano & New Classic

Not long ago I reminded myself that I had a travel atomiser, what I had done with it, I don't know but looking back it was the Travalo Classic. I was bummed because I wanted to have an atomiser just to pop in my bag so it lessened things on my bag lady travels. Then I was contacted by Travalo - signs! I was sent 3 New Classics and 3 Milano atomisers. These are handy in many ways, they are good to pop into your daily bag, carry on for the plane or just travelling in general. You don't have to worry about your glass perfume bottle being destroyed. Both of these are Travalo Express compatible meaning that you can change the inner vial with another one so you can change your fragrance in seconds without having to spray it out or wait for it to finish. Being so simple it's easy for young and older to use them.

New Classic
You'll notice these come in a plastic tube, you just pull the bottom to get the atomiser out, with 10 different colours to choose from, there's one to suit almost everyone, the atomiser is extremely light even with 5ml of product inside. They stand at 86mm tall and you get 65 sprays out of it. There's no chance for spillage while transferring the liquid or while it's been transferred. I've experienced zero accidents. The spritz mist is quite different & I mean that by the way it sprays out the product, it almost gives a wide spray but not harsh, gentle and generous. Being able to take the take out the vial means that you can quickly refill and you can see how much you've got left through the window. Handy to have that's for sure and only if I knew what happened to my previous one.

How beautiful are these? Seriously! I was quite amazed at how well these ones are. Presented in it's own black box, it sits in the centre of the black foam, I'd say these are the higher end, luxury atomisers from the brand. They have a leatherette finish with polished metal accents. The Milano stands at 80mm tall, 65 sprays out of this 5ml vial, they come in 8 colours. The vial comes out just like the New Classic. This has more of a weight to it than the previous and could possibly be mistaken for a lipstick within your bag but to me they look extremely sexy as well as helpful.

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