Christmas with Love Aroma

Love Aroma is a home fragrance website that brings global brands together under one website. They're also the largest independent retailer for Yankee Candle in Britain so it wouldn't be right to mention Love Aroma and not at least one of the most popular scents for this time of year, Yankee Candle Christmas Cookie. The wax is a light yellow / cream that goes well with the buttery vanilla smell, which just fills the room the fragrance gives a sweet remembrance of festive cookies. With most fragranced candles, if you want maximum fragrance and minimal tunneling burn the candle for 3hrs+ each time.  The burn time on the large jars are approx 150hrs.
I adore this Stoneglow Tinkle Twinkle Candle Winter Spice tumbler. In the inside you've got an outer rim that has gold stars inside a solid gel like substance. The candle is in the centre and the great thing about this is it's reusable as once this candle is burned down re-create the candle with a tealight or votive candle. The aroma this gives out a warm exotic spice, a blend of cinnamon sticks, clove buds and fresh zesty orange with that good old sandalwood! gives of this gentle aroma at first, you definitely smell that spice but I didn't find it overbearingly spicy.

Autumn & Winter always feels better inside when it's cosy with candles  and you can view the Love Aroma Christmas Gift Guide click here. Treat yourself as well as others.

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