Beauty Kitchen Chill Me Create Your Own Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are increasingly popular, with a lot of online stores and established businesses also supplying them, the options are endless but sometimes being able to do things yourself is just as fun and can shave some hours away while at home at the weekend, especially on these cold winter afternoons. Beauty Kitchen have it sorted for those who love a spot of D.I.Y. Their Chill Me Create Your Own Bath Bombs jar has everything you need to make some bath bombs.
Contents include : 
2x bath bomb moulds
Citric acid
Sodium bicarb
Chill me essential oil
Cranberry seeds & Wildflower seeds. 
-The wildflower seeds, aren't to be put into the bath bomb moulds but are to be planted to help the bees!
Me and my nan made some over the weekend! It's pretty straight forward.

1. Sieve the contents of the sodium bicarb & citric acid into a bowl.
2. Empty the contents of the cranberry seeds into the mix - at this point I give it a mix to evenly disperse the seeds into the mixture. 
3. Pour the contents of the Chill Me Oil
4. Mix it together
5. I decided to add some natural food colouring to give some colour - PINK FTW!
6. Take the mixture, test to see if it's damp like sand but not like wet sand. Put it into the mold and flatten the top.

You let it set for 15 minutes and no longer otherwise you'll not get it out. They say if it crumbles it needs more moisture and repeat certain given steps on the instruction sheet. They looked like little cupcakes and if someone didn't know any better - they'd walk into the kitchen and eat them lol. As tasty as they look, they're not edible, there's my warning!

These would make great gifts either for yourself to make and give away or to give to someone this Christmas to make their own.

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