NEOM Perfect Night's Sleep Pillow Mist

With a blend of English Lavender, Sweet Basil, Jasmine, Chamomile Oil, Patchouli Oil and 5 other essential oils, this night spray has got some of the most relaxing oils known to man to aide a troubled mind and body. I go through periods of early nights and great sleeps and late nights and short sleeps, which mean deprived, low and miserable me.

To get the best out this spray it's advised to spray on your pillow, lay back and breathe in through your nose for 7 seconds and out through your mouth slowly for 11 seconds. I know there's a few breathing techniques to help you relax and sleep, I've yet to try those but I find I really have to be prepared to switch off my mind and allow my body to get to a state of rest. I have quite a lot of pillows on my bed, so I spray this on all of them as I sleep all over. It gives me something else to relax me after I've put my candles out, I put my humidifier on a timer and I will listen to something that helps my mind to forget anything and start to drift off.

The tranquility scent emits on the material for up to 12 hours, move around throughout the night and it'll continue to give off the scent to keep your senses in a relaxed state. You don't need a lot of it, if I'm honest a spray on a pillow is enough, you get this sudden burst of aroma and it settles but you can still smell it as you lay.

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