Specsavers x Converse

1908 the Converse brand was established, for over a century they've been delivering classic Chucks to us and being cemented within cultures and history, the brand has grown into apparel for men, women & children and of course their sunglasses & glasses collection! The Converse 21 glasses I was drawn to straight away, they reminded me of my last pair of glasses. I always went for a standard black frame but since my last pair I've been very partial to tortoise shell. It must of been fate...
These glasses standardly come with PENTAX standard single vision lenses, a scratch-resistant treatment, case and cloth. The design as you can see have the single star logo on the circle at the end of the temple with the logo font etched on the upper temple. They come in a brown tortoise shell only.
These were actually displayed within the male section but the best thing about these glasses are that they do work more in being unisex. I got an UltraClear, anti-reflective lens treatment put on these, it makes it good for flash photography and normally the glare from the flash on the lens spoils the photo when the light bounces off and gives another burst of light but there's not a single glare.
These also make you see clearly when you're watching t.v, computer monitors or the light glare through car windscreens and windows. Easily pair these with your chuck taylors. There comfortable to wear, the actual frame I believe are smaller than my last pair and feel as though they sit higher up on my nose, it could just be me none the less still comfortable and light. The anti-reflective glare is very useful and one I'd recommend as you're not blinded by burst of strong or strobing light. My eyesight is actually improving, there's a slight adjustment in my lens strength from my previous pair so all good news on the eye health & new eyewear!

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