Top 4 Myths For Not Going Cruelty-Free

My favourite products aren't cruelty-free
I've been in this position, when the Chinese law came into effect, I was left in a position of, great! I've accumulated all this make-up and now it's going to waste & I can't repurchase my favourites. I've stated previously that I'm using what I have left as money cannot just be thrown away but what I do is Google dupes. You'll be surprised how many dupes are out there for nail polish, make-up and skincare products.

I can't find brands that are cruelty-free
This is hard, terminology can be a little tricky as they begin to look like a legal form and who understands those? I wrote a guideline previously about understand the Bunny Logos. Research, research, research! That's what it boils down to, compile a list of companies that you find to help you out, TheVeganKind is a box that introduces you monthly to products, from household, skincare and food. The Leaping Bunny has a list you can search through for approved brands. Plus there are plenty of cruelty-free blogs around the internet that can help you.

One more person won't make a difference
Ah, the common myth that needs busting. 100% rubbish, one more person makes all the difference, it leads to your education of knowledge in the subject, discussing it with acquaintances, friends & family. It might not change someones views overnight but over given time, they may be more receptive and begin to change their views. Since I've become vegetarian and now started to practice being a vegan, my grandmother is always looking for household products that are cruelty free. My mum also asks me if certain brands test and I remember she was surprised when I told her Dove test on animals. A close friend of mine has started to be more aware of products and told me I've got her looking out for products that aren't tested on animals.
The more companies are being supported with their unethical views, they will not think twice about changing their ways because they are still getting a substantial income from consumers.

Fashion isn't cruelty-free
Fashion can be a tricky one but such keywords as, faux, pleather and vegan when searching for clothes/shoes online is a help. I live in faux leather trousers - absolutely live in them. You can find alternatives, it's about reading labels and knowing about where you are supporting in re to child labour laws (check your smart phone!).

We all have excuses for things or live to wait on laws to change to make it easier but if you truly want to make a difference, self education & research costs you nothing. The excuses and waiting will be no more. I truly believe it's a learning curve and not something that is done overnight but making that step, is a step towards a change.
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  1. So many good points made and raised x

  2. Your bunny is so cute! Loved this post, I totally agree whenever I query it a lot of people have lots of conflicting views which make it all that more difficult. I had a girl say that animal testing is actually band in the UK so technically no products are tested here...but I don't think that's the case it's about supporting companies that do animal test....I just wish it was easier than it at the moment I'm trying to switch certain products and researching each product really does take the fun out of shopping :( worth it though x

    1. It is indeed banned here and has been for many years but that's besides the point, your absolutely correct your still going to be supporting companies that allow it to happen elsewhere. It just shows the brands ethics! Yeah it's time consuming and it makes shopping more of a chore, totally agree but once you get to know the fun is revived :) xo