Silidyn Rejuvenate

If you read my tips for nail growth post, you might of noticed I mentioned Silidyn.

It contains stabilised Ortho silicic Acid but what is Orthosilicic Acid? It's naturally found in seaweed and drinking water and is a dietary form of silicon, which is a mineral involved in the formation of collagen and bone. As it's also available in supplement form, it gives us a number of health benefits. Such as hair, bone & joint health.

Silidyn Rejuvenate helps you with nutritional support for:
Skin, hair and nails
Connective tissue
Immune System
Antioxidant effect
Cell regeneration
Maintenance of strong bones

Whenever I think of supplements that go into my drinks, I immediately think "Ew, it's going to taste weird!" Except there is no scent or taste when I put the 8-10 drops into my warm lemon water (as this is the first drink I have for the day), I noticed the supplement is a faint purple that disappears once it goes into the water. The most noticeable improvement I have seen so far is my nail growth, I find my nails are not just longer but stronger *bonus*. My skin also has been quite tame and looks alive but my skin can have bouts depending on my overall mental health. My hair (once wet) has definitely looked to of grown but until I straighten it I won't have a greater knowledge, ah curly sue strikes. I have found my nails have always benefited when supplements are involved, it happened the first time I started to grow them a few years back, it's always worth a try!

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