Jar of Love.

This can be a simple gift but also full of love, you can give this to a family member and/or friends but it's one that I'm sure the receiver will really love and admire the time and thought put into this. All you need is a jar, paper, a pen and your heart.
Simply write on strips of paper adjectives, short poems, reasons why you love or admire this recipient. Tear these off or you can make different shapes for the papers beforehand such as hearts, stars, jagged edges anything you want. Pop these papers into the jar, if your lucky or if they're lucky, it'll fill to the top!

It'll give them something to read through, any time they are feeling a bit glum & in need of a pick me up, they can always reach for this jar and be reminded all the positive things that they bring to someone who loves them.
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  1. This is so sweet, something I'd totally do myself:) x

    Tereza // Cityscape Bliss: Top 5 spring pink blushers

  2. Ah. Perfect! This is something that I wish my imaginary boyfriend would give to me on my birthday <333333 #dreamsmustcometrue

  3. Such a cute idea LaaLaa x

  4. this is such a sweet idea. just want to say love your blog lately, the photography and content is amazing

    Lauren - Makeup By Lauren Marie

  5. awww this is SO lovely!! I definitely will be doing this with my family! love it! thank you LaaLaa! <3