Clear Skin Inside & Out

The worst month so far this year was definitely this month for me. I was on a low, depressed, stressed and just at that point of do I even care anymore?! Girl, is my skin not telling the story of that? Now I'm paying the price and having to try and reverse the dry, dull and tired skin that is also breaking out like a Baboons backside. I've mentioned multiple times I suffer from pigmentation therefore spots are a dreaded thing for me cos I know the outcome and I'm dealing now with a few more dark spots around my mouth *scowls*

I have to get hold of my Dr. Lewinn's Even Tone cream, I'm running low, it works a treat but stinks and that's down to the turmeric, so what did I do? Headed to the kitchen and mixed up a mask of my own :

Rid Acne & Dark Spots
1tbs Turmeric
1tbs Natural Yoghurt

Mixed it together and apply using a brush, I have a foundation brush I never used from a kit that I use to apply all my mud masks, I left it on for roughly 15 minutes and washed it off using tepid water and a flannel, use a flannel you don't mind getting stained as Turmeric is known for its staining properties (I washed mine as soon as I was done to minimise this). Careful your skin might have a tint to it, I did wipe over my face with a cotton pad & sweet almond oil afterwards and continued to notice the yellow rubbing off. Thankfully I was mulling around the home not feeling well so looking as if I had jaundice didn't bother me, it's probably best to do it near bedtime or when you've nowhere to go. I'm aiming to do this twice a week.

Another way to encourage brighter skin is by making a natural juice drink for yourself, admittedly I was apprehensive with this green drink, green juices for me hold no appeal, surprisingly it tasted ah-ma-zin-gly great.

All Clear
Few slices or chunks of pineapple
1/2 cucumber
1/2 apple

Throw it in a juicer or blender and pour onto ice if you wish and enjoy! It's great for daily consumption. Apple and cucumber help the skin by boosting hydration and alkalinity while the pineapple's enzyme 'Bromelain' helps your digestion system & good skin, all 3 of these together calm inflammation.

Is there anything that works for you to tackle spots?
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