BLEACH London Review

Of course Boots have another 3 for 2 promotion running throughout their stores & online, I love, I can forever count on Boots. I decided "I'm bored & my hair needs a change!" so what else does this one do, colour, colour, colour. Not sure what I wanted but I've been eyeing going pale pink or lilac for a while now. To do that, I'm going to have to lighten up my hair. Decided to get the Bleach London range so here is what I picked up: Bleach DIY Dip Dye Kit (£7.00), Bleach Silver Conditioner (£5.00) & Bleach Reincarnation Mask (£6.00)

My main concern was the last time I went blonde, the excessive treatment that my hair had to endure over the period of 6 months was horrendous to the point I had to get a cut. With that in mind, I knew that I had to be prepared. I've kept my hair in some what of good condition but regardless, bleach is going to mess with that. I had read about the Reincarnation mask that is provided in the DIY Dip Dye Kit and everyone has raved and held in a HG way, I decided to risk and get the full tube before I'd even used it (oh, the dangers of reading).

I started to apply as instructed and what I found pretty cool is the blending lotion within the kit. You apply this before the bleach so it helps the dye blend into your natural hair colour, no harsh lines. It's instructed to apply the front two sections before the back first, I think doing this was a wrong move for me, it would of been easier to do, back to front in terms of development time, the front lightened up a lot more quicker, ah so it goes.

I rinsed it out and it was quite brassy but I put the Reincarnation mask on (heaven in a tube) my hair felt just like it did before this procedure started, loved it. I still had the brassiness to combat so I consulted my unicorn Halima on what to do but I decided I needed to just calm it down instantly as I had a funeral the next day and I had a medium ash blonde laying around so I slapped that on as it had natural highlights and tones running through it and help combat any brass in hair. Which yes it did - to a degree, the brass part isn't bad in the light but in the dark it seems a little red to me? I used the silver conditioner, maybe in hope that I can tone down that brown/red tint I'm seeing. Next month I may go over it again but I'm pleased, I got compliments about the 'colours running through' well you can't not spot me, the loud mouth with curly hair smacking her in her face. (of course the image below is not a reference to that!)

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