Stud It Up

It's not just my eyebrows that are under going renovation my nails are too. Not as successfully mind.

I'm nearing then end of my eyebrow challenge and also my no makeup for lent. Only today I'm now starting my 4 weeks nail growth challenge [challenges out the A ]
Once my migraine started to wear off - thank god!  I decided to cheer myself a little by doing nail art.

I have a wheel of steel balls* from BornPretty so I decided to do stud nails.

China Glaze - "First Mate"
Using Dr. Lewinns Renunail Nail Strengthener as a base, China Glaze First Mate as my colour of choice and Dr. Lewinns Renunail Top Coat

  • Apply your routine as normal but don't put the top coat on each nail - do it one at a time as the balls need a sticky base to attach to.
  • Using a toothpick or orange stick dip a small amount of top coat onto the stick end so you can pick up the balls and attach onto your nails.
  • If you have a pattern in mind begin to construct your pattern slowly. My middle finger started off with some construction but the rest just ended up all over the show!

  • The Packaging 
  • It was hard to move the wheel covering around to select other balls because the balls are so fine and loose that they will come out of their own container and jam into the wheel so it makes it near enough impossible at times to even move the wheel. I was stuck using the purple which was the first colour balls on my wheel. [ I felt colour stifled ]
  • Colour Coating
  • Okay in the image they don't look purple and that's because .... any polish of sorts will STRIP the colour coating.

  • Steel Balls
  • I say this is a pro because it's nice to have something that is small enough even for a smaller nail bed. Versatility in colours ( of course if you can move the wheel).
  • Ease
  • The balls aren't fiddly to use it's pretty easy.

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  1. gorgeous nails i love it hun

  2. you must've took ages to put all the pearls on separately lol

    1. lol honestly it didn't take as long as I expected! Then again I only did the one hand haha.


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