Easter at LUSH

Chick Knot-Wrap, Fluffy Egg, The Carrot

All lush but no chocolate!!

LUSH is a favourite store of mine, Babyface {discontinued}, Ultra Bland & Ocean Salt - all time favs of mine. The company are very active with being against animal testing and promote that their products are cruelty & vegan free!!


Easter is upon us and as always LUSH have an Easter range and one product I'm very eager to use is the new reusable carrot bubble bar. I was sent a few products to try :)

The chick knot wrap
Is so freaking adorable. It's made out of recycled plastic bottles it's just a sweet addition to purchase to wrap up your Easter bath bombs but it's also recycled :)


The fluffy egg bath bomb.

The smell for this bath bomb is quite sweet. Lush say that the scent that comes from the bath bomb is that of Candy Fluff dusting powder which is a discontinued product. It's such a shame cos the candy fluff scent is that of a spring fresh scent.

I always have this " oh no it's so greedy to put the whole of it in the bath" and it takes me a while as I'm acting as a child [what's new?!] not wanting to do something but I relented and drop it in and automatically it starts to bubble and fizz like they all do .....

I had a PINK BATH :) so pretty - candy fluffy pink waters! It was divine. Think I'm going to stock up on these before Easter is over with!

I think anyone would enjoy these for an Easter weekend treat.

£2.95 each

The Carrot reusable bubble bar
Not edible and it certainly doesn't smell like your veg.

This bubble bars scent consist of essentials oils of buchu together with lemon and bergamont.
It doesn't smell like your traditional carrot.

If you've never used these before they last a fair amount of washes - look upon them like soap.
The colour changed slightly orange but I also found it it quite exfoliating and left my skin soft.


Look upon them as something you have to slice- you have to slice them and put them in your bath. - my bad.
£4.95 each


My baby Sparrow hasn't been well this week, took him to the vets on Tuesday and he unfortunately went in for an operation yesterday as his back teeth aren't aligned and are cutting into his tongue so he needs dental care. Sparrow's been giving me a scare [think I've aged about 50...years] as he hasn't been eating or drinking but Mummy Laa forced fed him water which I was told was the best thing to do - 24hrs with no food/water & their digestive system shuts down and they will die so thankfully got him treatment before that *phew* So my posts and life have been slightly hectic lol.

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