First Experience Of Laser Hair Removal

Is my armpit on fire?

I told you last Sunday about my consultation at sk:n and Wednesday I went back and experienced my first experience on Laser Hair Removal.....!

Arriving feeling flustered from rushing from the shopping centre I checked in and made my way up to the first floor to be met by Martha who was going to be doing my procedure [ that word sounds as if I was undergoing surgery ] for the first time.

Being led back into the same room as Saturday she went over a few check list questions and asked if everything went well after my test patch, I mentioned to her that I didn't feel anything and that I was more nervous Saturday as I didn't know what to expect but Martha explained that I possibly may feel it slightly today as it's actually going to be targeting my hair roots - if I wasn't bursting into sweat before from rushing I was now - but with all things - how bad could it be? Everyone's pain threshold is different.

Apologising for my perspiration and after cleaning the underarm Martha got to work, she said to me that if I want more cold air do say and if I want a break we can pause, catch a breather.

I felt it. ONLY ... in the middle of my underarm that's where I experienced this 'elastic band flicking' now to me it was bare able especially once I knew what I was expecting ... for some reason I didn't think of the smell that would come along with it.

Burning hair, burning hair...I thought this smell is not luxurious.

Of course there's going to be burning of the hair - laser + hair ... duh Laa!

Martha was wonderful, kept asking me if I was feeling alright and if I need a break .. very attentive - I'd be worried if she wasn't lol.

The smell doesn't last but it began to linger when I got into the open air I wondered it my armpit was on fire ( of course it wasn't ) I just had the smell in my nose.

The procedure was very quick didn't even last 10 minutes. I did ask do I shave as normal? Yes, shave as often as I need too, just nothing that pulls from the roots. I didn't need to shave until today ( Saturday ) I'm a next day or two need to shave girl. It's like my hair's grow back within 6 hours of my initial shaving.

Within 6 hours after shaving I feel like Julia did here. 

This week I could push it to 3 days and that was just with the hairs starting to peek through.

I was told that I could experience shedding or I might not and reminded if in the sun SPF 30 those pits.

My two biggest wants from this treatment  :

  • Rid dark underarms
  • Less hair 

I may in the meantime try home remedies for brightening the underarms - no bleach -

My next update won't be until further down into the treatments and I'm seeing a difference.

What's your favourite hair removal method ? 
Have you tried Laser Hair Removal? 

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  1. I've tried laser removal, but only did 1 treatment which doesnt count, considering u need about 8. oh wow does laser rid you of dark underams? what other methods have you heard that work?

    1. Yeah you do need 6-8 treatments. Anything that pulls your hair directly from the roots - waxing, epilating and laser hair removal. It's when shaving it can give that appearance of dark shadow plus sometimes I feel with shaving it can irritate the skin as the underarm is sensitive. I'm going to try some at home remedies to help reduce the appearance just in case.

  2. i also had laser hair removal. after 2 sessions my hair has VANISHED almost completely. i do have a few hairs but they are so fine you can barely see them unless you look really close. i'm so happy. i know it's just temporal and the hair will grow back eventually (i was told i would need at least 5 treatments) but so far so good!

    1. Wow, really!? That's really good. I think it does vary on people just like anything but that's so good that it's worked so well for you. Quite excited for my next two treatments to see how the half way mark leaves me.

  3. Will you post your at home remedies to brighten the under arm? I need that!! and I say youre a trooper!!!

    1. You know I will baby boo :) !!

  4. Anonymous19/4/12

    I am about to try this so it was great to read your experiences! xx

  5. Laser hair removal is a now common procedure which removes hair from a persons body using a laser, laser technology is able to break the hair growth cycle by targeting and killing the hair follicle. Visit website for the details.

  6. Ha ha.. I still don’t have the guts to go for it!

  7. Anonymous18/2/13

    This is great!All the great exfoliating benefits...and it would taste good

  8. Anonymous18/2/13

    This is great!All the great exfoliating benefits...and it would taste good

  9. I couldn't recommend laser hair removal as a permanent hair removal solution enough!

  10. Anonymous17/3/16

    This is great!All the great exfoliating benefits...and it would taste good