First Experience Of Laser Hair Removal

Is my armpit on fire?

I told you last Sunday about my consultation at sk:n and Wednesday I went back and experienced my first experience on Laser Hair Removal.....!

Arriving feeling flustered from rushing from the shopping centre I checked in and made my way up to the first floor to be met by Martha who was going to be doing my procedure [ that word sounds as if I was undergoing surgery ] for the first time.

Being led back into the same room as Saturday she went over a few check list questions and asked if everything went well after my test patch, I mentioned to her that I didn't feel anything and that I was more nervous Saturday as I didn't know what to expect but Martha explained that I possibly may feel it slightly today as it's actually going to be targeting my hair roots - if I wasn't bursting into sweat before from rushing I was now - but with all things - how bad could it be? Everyone's pain threshold is different.

Apologising for my perspiration and after cleaning the underarm Martha got to work, she said to me that if I want more cold air do say and if I want a break we can pause, catch a breather.

I felt it. ONLY ... in the middle of my underarm that's where I experienced this 'elastic band flicking' now to me it was bare able especially once I knew what I was expecting ... for some reason I didn't think of the smell that would come along with it.

Burning hair, burning hair...I thought this smell is not luxurious.

Of course there's going to be burning of the hair - laser + hair ... duh Laa!

Martha was wonderful, kept asking me if I was feeling alright and if I need a break .. very attentive - I'd be worried if she wasn't lol.

The smell doesn't last but it began to linger when I got into the open air I wondered it my armpit was on fire ( of course it wasn't ) I just had the smell in my nose.

The procedure was very quick didn't even last 10 minutes. I did ask do I shave as normal? Yes, shave as often as I need too, just nothing that pulls from the roots. I didn't need to shave until today ( Saturday ) I'm a next day or two need to shave girl. It's like my hair's grow back within 6 hours of my initial shaving.

Within 6 hours after shaving I feel like Julia did here. 

This week I could push it to 3 days and that was just with the hairs starting to peek through.

I was told that I could experience shedding or I might not and reminded if in the sun SPF 30 those pits.

My two biggest wants from this treatment  :

  • Rid dark underarms
  • Less hair 

I may in the meantime try home remedies for brightening the underarms - no bleach -

My next update won't be until further down into the treatments and I'm seeing a difference.

What's your favourite hair removal method ? 
Have you tried Laser Hair Removal? 

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