Lipstick Collection Part One Swatches

I prefer prostitute red but I can flow with any colour.

Up until 2008 I never really wore lipstick it was lipgloss that was my thing. Pushing another lipstick into the lipstick drawer I realised I had more than I use but can a girl ever have too much?


My MAC lipstick collection is small, I do have this love / hate relationship with MAC lipsticks, some I fall in love with some I pass on.

LADY DANGER : Matte finish, bright red with coral/orange undertones.
I'm guilty when it comes to my reds, Lady Danger is a stand out shade, very bright for a first time wearer of reds - even for me it was whoa! It's on the warmer end of the shades scale and it's nice for a pin-up look I believe or every day if your like me.

MORANGE : Amplified finish, opaque neon orange.
I've lusted over Morange for awhile - orange. It seems 'different' yes I may wear reds that contain orange undertones but something that's purely orange is something daring. On my skin tone it didn't appear too overbearing and workable 'shock horror' orange workable.

FLESHLIGHT : Lustre finish, perfect nude.
This brown shade is perfect for my lips to give a nude look without looking as if I've wiped my lips off with concealer. Referring to Barry M 101.

LAVENDER WHIP : Cremesheen finish, opaque purple.
After wanting to really venture into purples and after my berry craze, Lavender Whip had to be a must in my lipstick drawer. It is lovely for the brown skin honey's (even if I do look pale sometimes) it's a colour that can be built up it swipes on nicely and if you find a perfect lipgloss the combination is *thumbs up*

STRAYIN* : Frost finish, mid tone pink not as hot as it looks.
Popping the top, you may think "This is a bright one" but once on the lips it's not. It's easy to tone up and down with lip gloss but even on it's on it can work for me. With anything that can be built up, you don't want it to be too much - use less.


Don't sleep on Sleek lipsticks. The pigmentation is ridiculous for the purse friendly price, I don't find them drying and some of the colours can be shocking.

Peaches and Cream : Sheen finish, for when your feeling peachy.
This shade has a light peach undertone that is suitable for anyone who wants to first start off with peach shades. It's not overbearing and can be worn as an optional nude for some skintones.

Barely There : Sheen finish, pink undertone nude.
Barely there, barely where. On me this is a perfect shade for a rockstar nude lip look. It can be built up but I prefer 1-2 layers no more.

Heartbreaker : Matte finish, bright pink.
Hot pink loving with Heartbreaker, if your not into reds I would suggest Heartbreaker for that pin-up twist. It's bright and paired with a lipgloss can give a playful look.

Candy Cane : Sheen finish.
In the tube Candy Cane looks to be the sister of Heartbreaker but more deeper in colour. On my lips they do look similar with different finishes it's just a tad darker.

Cranberry* : Mattee finish, deep wine.
During the Berry craze came Cranberry, it had this nice deep wine shade to it that it wasn't bordering onto deep purple/black. Yet notice in the photograph that when I had this shade on my lips the colour of my skin lightened.

Coral Reef : Sheen finish, pink coral undertone.
I first saw this colour on Sharon's blog, automatically fell in love and purchased within the week of seeing it. The colour was like no other. Upon putting it on I was shocked the colour is shockingly bright and rich and at first I was taken back by how bright it was but it's one of those ' getting use to ' shades and if you don't apply it like a crayola it was fine to wear - it's a winner.

Being honest - I hate Barry M lipsticks the texture is too drying. The pigmentation is good but the drying feeling isn't pleasing and satisfying for me. Maybe it's the shades I have I'm not sure but it wouldn't be a first to go to purchase.

101 Marshmellow
Horrible! Horrible! Horrible! Why I still have it in my lipstick box I don't know but for some it may suit but for me it's a no no, it has this pale lilac undertone but it's not for me [shudders looking at it]

121 Pillar Box Red
Love reds and this colour is gorgeous but the texture is very drying. After a while my lips are crying out for moisture.

62 Vibrant Pink
I don't wear this much either it's purple undertone and vibrancy doesn't suit me once again. I think I should melt these down and make my own shades.

That concludes part one *phew* my poor lips.
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