SK:N Laser Hair Removal Consultation

I'm going hair free crazy!

Yesterday I went to Milton Keynes to visit SK:N! Maybe you have heard of the clinic they specialize in skincare, laser hair removal, tattoo removal & much more. They have over 20 years experience and 36 clinics in the UK.

I went for a laser hair removal consultation, I decided to go with my armpits( lurvely ) only because I hate when I do shave under there and I'm left with the dark marks afterwards it's not all one colour. Are you with me?!

First time I saw someone getting Laser Hair Removal was Kimora Lee Simmons on her Life in the Fab Lane show :

Yeah even the screen capture shows her expression to the laser.

That's Kimora's exprience...Let me tell you mine.


Previously talking to my friend Sorrel about the upcoming procedure she said it feels like an elastic band pinging over the skin. Having had tattoo's it couldn't compare to much even though I've never felt much when getting inked.

Off me and my camera man Darrel went to Milton Keynes, the clinic was easy to locate not far from the shopping centre.

I was greeted by Faye, lovely bubbly blonde who asked me to fill out some forms which are procedure when going for a consultation.

We was then led upstairs via their lift which you had to continue to hold the button to use it otherwise it'll stop. The clinic has a serene vibe!  While going up to the first floor I mentioned to her about the 'pinging' sensation that occurs and Faye agreed but said it's hard to really describe. Different people have different pain thresholds.

Entering a bright white room with a bed, two machines and two chairs [no padded walls], Faye went over the procedure with me while filling out some more forms.


Laser hair works by targeting the hair follicles with a beam to disable and stop it from growing. When you go for each treatment you and your therapist will notice the regrowth rate. Not all hair grows at the same rate so this is why you need more than one treatment.

It's advised to leave about 6 weeks between each treatment. If your on holiday during that time you should apply an SPF 30 to the area.

I was told that the next time I come to have shaved under arms and for it to work ideally it needs to be at a certain stage of its growth cycle. "Active Growing Phase" or Anagen - this is where the hair is connected to the base of the hair follicle.


This gives you an insight into what is to come. I'm laid down onto a bed, arm up, goggles on...highly anticipating the reaction of the treatment.

There's two machine that are used during the procedure :

Cold Air Machine
Laser Hair Machine
The area is cleaned of any deodorant &/or creams, I begin to feel cold air over my skin and this is to relieve your skin of any discomfort you may feel. Three settings were used with a break in between each one:

  • First Setting - Felt Nothing
  • Second Setting - Still nothing
  • Third Setting - ....Really still nothing!
After the patch test was finished the area was sprayed with cooling Avene Thermal Water and Aloe Vera Gel was applied. I was informed that if I was to get any reactions to let them know immediately but during and after the procedure I've felt just as I did when I entered. 

As I was leaving I was given a bag with 3 products that can be used throughout my time of getting this treatment.

It's not a cheap option but hopefully it's a permanent one!

I'll be back on Wednesday to get my first treatment.

-- Imagine hair free underarms.

To read more about sk:n and what treatments they provide visit
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