RapidBrow - Challenge Ended!

I can no longer walk around looking like Oscar the Grouch's missing eyebrows have been located above my brown eyes. 8 days early I've ended my challenge!Why did I decide to end my challenge early I hear you cry! I just couldn't handle it much longer mainly because when I found childhood photos of myself I noticed my eyebrows have gotten a lot thicker and are going to constantly grow until God knows when. Me growing them that extra week for me would of been pointless as I've got quite a lot of hair happening.


I can honestly say my eyebrows have thickened and filled out. I won't lie - I was sceptical, wouldn't you be? How many products claim to do something and we are left *sighing* and feeling as if we've been haggled into a con? These eyebrows have left a lot of people in shock and in a state of wondering as to where my mind state has been.

Can I agree on the claim that within 8 weeks your sure to have fuller brows...I can say for me it did work - remember I did 8 weeks with natural oils to help regrowth last year....

...... I didn't get the same full on effect.


I wasn't sure what I was going to do in the end with my brows, I didn't feel to get HD Brows done again so I decided to wax the majority of the scraggly hairs and thread the rest and pluck out a few stubborn hairs with tweezers.

I wouldn't say this is my new shape 100% I honestly just needed to get that excess hair away but I also didn't want to take too much off. In total it's been 9 weeks regrowing them [ feels longer than at it being just over 2months ] so if I made a mistake and took too much off I'd feel gutted. I may end up finding a salon to shape them for me as they could do with a few more lines probably being cleared but I'm quite happy with how well this product worked.


Every morning and evening after I had done my face routine I would brush through my eyebrows with a brow brush and brush them into the correct direction and then go over with the RapidBrow wand.

The clear serum reminds me of clear mascara! I apply little pressure while brushing it through to get a nice even coverage.

Someone asked me on my first post if I think I would need more than one tube over the 8 week course. There does seem to be some product left but the one thing that does annoy me slightly is that you can't see into the tube so your not sure how much product your left to work with. I wouldn't recommend getting more than one tube because it's like any product it might work for some and not others - one does seem to do well for 8 weeks.

I'm going to continue to brush it through my brows to keep the fullness until it's empty!

Boy, do I feel NORMAL!

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Price : £37.00

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