I have three Illamasqua liquid metals, Solstice, Resolute & Superior. They are very creamy and pigmented. I think for some they get a bad rep as some really can't take the smoothness as they can crease on the lid when heated when really packed on I find. Superior is thick in consistency and extremely pigmented. The sapphire blue doesn't hold back. I used this as a base for a blue, I patted it on and smudged it out using my fingers before then patting on my lid colours and continuing with blending the crease. Wanting something different for the Summer days a smoked out blue look is what I went for, I love how blue can bring out brown eyes.

Get The Look

Nivea Post Shave Balm (Primer)
LA Girl Pro.Conceal Yellow (corrector)
EX1 Delete Concealer (under foundation)
EX1 Cosmetics "F300" (Foundation)
The Body Shop Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder "04" (bronzer)
Barry M Radiant Rod "Nude" (Highlighter)
RCMA No-Color Powder (Setting Powder)

ColourPop Brow Pencil "Jet Set Black"
GOSH Defining Brow Gel "004"

Illamasqua Liquid Metal "Superior" (base)
Urban Decay "Bandersnatch" (lid)
ColourPop "Deux" (crease)
Urban Decay "Cheeseboard" (crease)
Anastasia Beverly Hills Self Made Palette "Spirit Rock" (outer v)
NV Colour Duo Chunky Crayon "Peacock" (lash line)
Anastasia Beverly Hills Self Made Palette "Deep Purple" (lash line)
Benefit They're Real "Black" (mascara)

ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip "Chi"

Illamasqua Liquid Metal - Superior

It's no secret, I love scrubs. I enjoy the exfoliation but moisturising results they can give. This Sister & Co. Skin food product is included in "ASOS Beauty Power Players", what made me want to try this item more was the activated charcoal, it's a messy ingredient there's no two ways around that. I use activated charcoal to brush my teeth and in D.I.Y face masks from time to time.

Sister & Co. Skin Food
A UK brand by founder Sophie Thompson, once a lawyer who decided to retrain in natural skincare formulation after a life changing experience whilst on Holiday in India & suffering from skin breakouts. A local lady told Sophie to wash her face daily in virgin (raw & unrefined) coconut oil. After being blown away by the raw coconut oil after seeing her skin's result, Sophie was convinced by the power of raw coconut oil as a skin treatment. Unfortunately unable to find a coconut oil with the same purity, lightness and consistency in London that was the same as found in India, she decided to source it herself. Months of sampling and testing and the oil was found. Sister & Co. Coconut Oil is pressed at a small organic farm in Sri Lanka.

Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Carbo Activatus (Charcoal), Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond Oil), Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Sugar, Sodium Chloride (Pink Himalayan Salt), Glycyrrhiza Glabra (Organic Liquorice Root) extract, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), Backhousia Citriodora (Organic Lemon Myrtle) Oil, Ocimum Basilicum (Organic Basil) Oil, Menthe piperita (Organic peppermint) Oil, Citrus Sinensis (Organic Sweet Orange) Oil, Prunus Americana (Organic Avocado) Oil

- Pure enough to eat.

The Sister & Co. Benefits
Most these ingredients I already have separately and use, I think the only ones I've not got are the coconut sugar, pink himalayan salt, lemon myrtle & basil oil. Having ingredients that I use and know the benefits for is an added comfort.

- Purify your skin with this potent detoxifying scrub.
- Porous activated coconut charcoal safely draws out skin impurities, helps heal breakouts and reduces inflammation, while liquorice root is a powerful anti-inflammatory and skin toner.
- Raw coconut sugar and pink Himalayan salt deliver essential minerals, gently but thoroughly sloughing away dead skin cells.
- Cold-pressed avocado oil, sweet almond oil and Sister & Co. Coconut Oil moisturise, soften and provide long-lasting nourishment.
- Peppermint and Australian lemon myrtle plant oils energise and uplift and leave you smelling great.
- 100% natural and organic.
- You can also use this scrub as a great detox face mask. Simply smooth over your face, leave to dry for 10-15 minutes, and rinse with warm water.

Texture & Consistency
With no preservatives or water involved and just oils you can imagine how moisturising it is when it's being used. It's quite gritty making it effective with exfoliation, I love the mixture of the salt & sugar within this. The charcoal, first hand experience of charcoal is, it's messy, I always find that it's never easy to just rinse off with water, you'll need a gentle but effective soap / body wash to help remove it just like they recommend.

As soon as I smelt it, I could smell the coconut sugar. It reminded me of Caribbean Coconut Sugar cake and I love the smell of that - so smelling the coconut sugar in this, is amazing, making it more enjoyable to use.

Simply work this onto the skin in circular motions, paying attention to problem areas. Leaving to dry for 10 - 15 minutes to let the charcoal activate and work on the skin before rinsing off. Using this consistently for 2 - 4 weeks as recommended to see any results.

I've been using this for nearly 2 weeks now and I'm satisfied. Maybe because I'm a lover of activated charcoal & coconut oil and the combination in this is bomb.

Other products of Sister & Co. that look interesting: Raw Coconut Drink for Hair & Raw Coconut & Activated Charcoal Tooth Whitening Polish.

Purchase: Sister & Co. Raw Coconut & Activated Charcoal Sugar Scrub

All Sister & Co. formulas are original, created and tested by us, on real people — never on animals.


Sister & Co. Skin Food - Raw Coconut & Activated Charcoal Sugar Scrub

I've been making my own body whips for the best part of this year, which I've enjoyed having the pleasure of making something satisfying for the skin but also that I know exactly what's in it and how natural it is, gives me comfort. I'm familiar with this type of product & Nature Whip kindly sent me a hair and body whip. It has shea butter in which for me is one of the core ingredients for my at home whips and I've used another hair butter with shea butter as an ingredient but when making my own - never use it for my hair. Not entirely sure why not. This product is so natural it's multi-functional and can be applied anywhere. On straight hair it'll help control frizz, afro hair types it'll help to maintain shine & softness while enhancing manageability. Plus it smells insatiable.

INGREDIENTS: Shea butter (Butyrospermum Parkii), Coconut oil (Cocos Nucifera), Rosehip oil (Rosa Moschata), Vitamin E (Tocopherol), Mandarin (Citrus reticulata), Matcha Green Tea (Camellia sinensis), Lemon (Citrus Medica Limonum), Grapefruit (Citrus Paradisi).
What immediately took my eye was the Matcha, which in the last year or so has become a cult like tea. I've put green tea in hair products before so seeing a different wing of green tea for the hair & body included is a nice alternative. Being rich in antioxidants it helps to remove harmful toxins & remove free radicals. This free radicals cause cells to degenerate, causing aging. Matcha can improve acne by slowing down the production of sebum and also stimulates and rejuvenates skin cell growth. It contains Vitamin B helping your hair to become stronger and encourage hair growth.

I was using the L.O.C (leave-in, oil, cream) method for my hair but I started to notice my hair would dry out daily no matter what I did with it. I've since gone back to what I was doing before L.C.O method instead which I find works a lot better. My hair needs to be sealed with an oil - simple as.

This melts & absorbs easily into my hair strands, wet or dry. I scoop it out using my nail bed and that's all I will begin to add to my sections so I can control how much product it's in my hair. I can use this daily, if needed but it's on a rare occasion seeing as I don't have to moisturise my entire head daily but more so every other day. My ends always need more and that's where the coconut oil comes into it. Butter and oil for my hair is a good combination. What I might do is if I find my ends need a bit more I'll apply the better and then the coconut oil - revival.

It has been used on my body, giving a healthy sheen, hydration and suppleness which I love. Whipped butters and oils I adore but a couple of samples I was also sent was the Lavender Luxe. Very high in lavender scent - instantly relaxing & calming. I've been using this for my face lately. I used this on my face and it took down some redness I had, the texture is a cross of butter and serum, skin soaks it up, it's lovely to put on before bed and I'm probably sure before applying makeup to soothe any irritation.

INGREDIENTS: Shea butter (Butyrospermum Parkii), Coconut oil (Cocos Nucifera), Rosehip oil (Rosa Moschata), Vitamin E (Tocopherol), Lavender (Lavandula Angustifolia), Matcha Green Tea (Camellia sinensis).

Do you like the sound of multi-functional products?

Purchase: Nature Whip


Nature Whip Matcha Mandarin

Since liquid matte lips became an easy daily wear, lip gloss, who? Until now. These three beautiful Elizabeth Arden glosses are beautiful to look, goes without saying. They come in 3 shades 01 Moonlight Kiss, 02 Midnight Kiss, 03 Sunset Kiss with multidimensional pearls that give a prismatic effect & light reflection colour change.

01 Moonlight Kiss is an opalescent gloss, cool pink-violet & blue and white reflects.
02 Midnight Kiss is a fuchsia gloss; with a little more pigment than the others, with slightly larger glitter particles, pink and bronze reflects.
03 Sunset Kiss for me the most subtle of all three, with gold reflects with pink and white microshimmer in a sheer, bronze gloss.

I tried one when I first received them & was surprised that my lips were not tacky or sticky - a non sticky gloss, got to be a fluke. Each wear, still no tack. I was falling in love with a gloss again. These glide on, almost as easy as a lip balm. Because these are translucent and should leave behind a subtle glitter, especially when the light hits. The lipglosses have a conditioning formula with aloe vera to moisturise and soothe. Vitamins A, C and E for environmental protection.

Purchase:Elizabeth Arden Sunset Bronze Prismatic Lip Gloss £18 each (Limited Edition)


Elizabeth Arden Prismatic Lipgloss

A latest lip care product from Palmers are these FlipBalms, quite simply the lids flip and slide back for usage and you slide it back and it clicks back in place. I don't think I've ever seen a flip top dispenser like it before, the first few times opening it my nail did cut through the balm.

The colour coded FlipBalms are: Pink "Juicy Watermelon", Green "Creamy Coconut" & Orange "Ripe Mango". Palmers describe it as an ultra moisturising formula, I'd have to agree, it's very moisturising and it gives a nice clear sheen to the lips with a subtle hint of flavour to them that I can lightly smell as I inhale after application. All of them are made from pure Cocoa Butter & Vitamin E, soften & soothe dry lips. Free of nasties : No Parabens –No Phthalates –No Petrolatum –No Gluten. I love how they smell, I did find the scent to be more potent when it was first opened and even in the packaging I could smell the scent slightly but it either starts to lose the scent after being repeatedly opened & used or I've become accustomed as I do still smell it. Plus if I lick my lips at any point it's not an unpleasant taste - but keep in mind, even if they smell appetizing - it's not food! I've liked wearing these over the past week, easy to find in my bag and it works.

Have you seen these? Interested in trying?

Purchase: Palmers FlipBalm £4.99 each


Palmers FlipBalm - How Do You Flip?

When I was asked to try Fry's Food (that originates from South Africa!) for 7 meat free dinners, I jumped at the chance. I'm more of a 2% pescetarian (no meat but fish) but that's becoming a thing of the past as I rarely eat fish. What I do find is a lot of replacement meals contain eggs for protein, making them vegetarian friendly but not vegan. Brands have moved towards having vegetarian & vegan options but ever so slowly. Fry's have a good range selected foods can be gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian & vegan. I was sent Braai Sausages, Rice Protein & Chia Nuggets, Quinoa & Cilantro Falafel Burgers, Protein & Chia Stir Fry Strips, Soy & Flaxseed Schnitzels, Traditional Burgers & Curry Pie.

Curry Pie
The puff pastry on this was flaky but crisp it tasted bakery fresh. The filling in this particular pie was overflowing and for me that's what it lacked, to be able to cut into it and an overflow of gravy and filling. It has a peppery aftertaste amongst the spice the curry aroma reminded me of a traditional chip shop, pie & chips. It wasn't my favourite!

Ingredients : Pastry(57%): wheat flour, vegetable oil(palm), salt).
Filling(43.7%): Vegetable protein (soya), onions, potatoes, peas, modified starch, sunflower oil, spices, flavourings, salt, tomatoes, ginger, garlic.

Braai Sausages
*pause* As I remember how ab-so-lu-te-ly frigging gorgeous this sausage was. I've tried other brands and this one hands down - wins. There's 8 in a packet and dinner become lunch and dinner again because I couldn't get enough of these sausages. One sausage is 66 calories, if you're counting.

Ingredients : Vegetable protein (14%) (soya), Wheat vegetable oil (Sunflower seed), wheat flour (Gluten) Wheat fibre, Potato starch, Modified starch, Flavourings, Spices (3%) (contains Sulphites), Sea salt, Gelling agent (carrageenan, Colour : Caramel IV

Protein & Chia Stir Fry Strips
At first I was unsure how I was going to cook these, what was I going to do...Fry's say this can be used in wraps, in salads or in any dish to replace chicken. Wrap it was. Another thing surprisingly good, I seasoned these and fried them until they was crispy on the outside, the inside was soft. I could imagine this in a stir-fry or chow-mein of sorts as welcomed & necessary addition. It was marinated in a salsa sauce...I'd love to find a good sticky sauce to pour over these.

Ingredients : Water,soyprotein, sunflower oil, wheat protein (gluten), potato starch, rice protein (2%), wheat flour, maize starch, chia seeds (0.5%), yeast extract, emulsifier (methyl cellulose), sea salt, garlic, marjoram (>1%), sage (>1%), mustard seeds, turmeric, black pepper, ginger.

Traditional Burgers
*and another pause* Just taking a moment to remember until my next order arrives...with a very similar taste to the sausages, I tried these before the sausages and of course wasn't sure what to expect - I gave a few bites to meat eaters who were in absolute shock at how good these tasted and that it wasn't meat - ah see meat free can be delicious & moreish.

Ingredients : Vegetable protein (16%)(soya), wheat glutenVegetable oil (sunflower seed) Potato starch, Maize starch. Wheat fibre(Gluten)Flavouring, Wheatflour (gluten,/b>, Spices (Sulphites), Sea salt, Thickener (cellulose extract), Onion. Mustardpowder - Colour (CaramelIV)

Quinoa & Cilantro Falafel Burgers
I like falafels, especially spicy ones. Although this isn't a good one the mixture of the Quinoa with the falafel burger is almost undetectable for me. This was one of the first things I tried and didn't mind.

Ingredients : Water, chick peas (33%), onions, sunflower oil, sweetcorn, garlic, Quinoa (1%), cumin (1%), ground coriander, fresh cilantro (0.6%), sea salt, bicarbonate of soda, mint, black pepper (0.5%), parsley.

Rice Protein & Chia Nuggets
I haven't had nugget in years so the memory is fairly non existent but I'd say the filling and outer crumbs say enough and taste moreish, this would be amazing for children who have a different diet and don't want to feel left out, there a good side addition to a meal and bite sized.

Ingredients : Water Soy protein, Sunflower oil, Gluten free coating (25%), (Rice flour, Gram flour, Maize starch, Salt, Paprika, Pepper) Potato starch, Rice Protein (2%), Emulsifier (Methyl Cellulose), Sea Salt, Rosemary, Marjoram, Sage, Chia Seeds (0.5%) Yeast Extract, Garlic Mustard Seeds, Turmeric, Black Pepper, Ginger

Soy & Flaxseed Schnitzels
My first experience with a Schnitzel and another positive, it was delicious inside and filling with seeds on top the taste combination was nice and it was different to have but I enjoyed the crumbs with the inside which reminded me of the nuggets slightly above.

Ingredients : Water, soy protein (27%), sunflower oil, wheat protein gluten, wheat flour, potato starch, maize starch, flavours, flaxseed oil (1%), emulsifier (methl cellulose), fresh cilantro (1.3%), flaxseeds (1.3%), onion, sea salt, sunflower seeds (0.5%), yeast extract, coriander, mustard, sulphites.

Overall views, I couldn't be more pleased with the Fry's range. It's introduced me to other food choices, different versions of sausages and burgers and converted me to the brand. It's pretty easy to remove fish from the diet with alternatives to eat, I felt satisfied and full, it doesn't make me feel bloated or energy draining which is a positive and it gave me other things to try in the kitchen.

I wished they had more in-store stockists or stockiest that have a full range. I don't live in a cosmopolitan area so things appear more scarce to get which leads to online shopping - not a bad thing but it would be nice to be able to go out and pick up whenever I felt but for now it's not to be and I've made an online order at Goodness Direct who have a huge range of Fry's and my new order just come along yesterday!

Purchase: Fry's


Meat Free For 7 Days With Fry's.

...Hair not face.

Besides my trusty denman d3 brush, I've never ventured into other brushes. Maybe I feel like I'm cheating and being unloyal, it's the curly & straight hair brush. Wet or dry. Blow drying or dry brushing. Well I temporarily fell out of a monogamous relationship with D3, here's 3 I'm giving the run down on.

Tangle Teezer Thick & Curly Hair
When something has such a hype around it, I rarely bother because I side-eye but Tangle Teezer has been on the market for a while and beloved by many. There's obviously more to it, for so many to speak on the brushes. I think mostly I didn't bother because there's no handle, it's palm held until using one you realise it's not so bad. First time using it on my dry wavy/curls they were brushed out, my curl pattern is naturally very loose has always been, loose, fine but medium density, they can vary from 3A/3B mixture after a couple days it becomes more defined. When washing my hair it's basically straight with a slight body wave so I don't get much knots or tangles but I do detangle my hair before washing. I've used this in the shower - which I love, really gets to the scalp and glides through but it's still gentle. I feel no tugging while my hair is wet or dry which is a good thing the bristles are longer and more stronger than the original to make sure that it caters for curly strands...

Purchase: Tangle Teezer Thick & Curly

Wet Brush (original)

I've tried with this brush on several occasions and I just couldn't love it. I use it on wet hair after I've washed and conditioned, with conditioner in & mostly rinsed out, I will go from tip to root or should I say, try and go from tip to root. The bristles are very soft and flexible which is great, it's delicate but when I'm trying to brush it through it's like trying to brush hair with a palm, it just glides on the surface and nothing. Until I tried it again, my hair had just come out of french braids from the day before & I use the wet brush to detangle my hair and saw a difference - strange huh? Ever so gently, glided through the hair and took out any suspected tangles, I used it in the shower before product, during product and afterwards and it helped to distribute product without tangling. I had my doubts but I'm pretty much satisfied. Any wet brush lovers?...

Purchase:Wet Brush

OOOH That's Nice - Kent Brushes

The name is from the reaction from testers, says it all right? This distinctive brush moves backwards and forwards and from side to side and moulds to the shape of your head shape for a more therapeutic experience. The other unique point about this brush is the soft moulded nylon quills they massage & stimulate the scalp for healthy hair growth. Soft natural bristles style, clean and nurture your hair. Giving it natural shine & body. I find because the brush is flexible there's not much tugging but any little tangles it untangles them gently and effortlessly I was quite surprised. I found a few of the natural bristles would shed but not all the time and not by a lot. The massage element is gentle, it's not one of those vigorous scalp massages so don't expect that but it's one to try...

Purchase:OOOH That's Nice

Have you tried any of these brushes? Interested?


The Brush Edit.

I've got a few green lipsticks, cream, matte, make my own but during a ColorPop shop binge, it seemed only right to get Dr.M. Not your average everyday lipstick, probably not for the faint hearted but I love, the tone is described as a deep blackened green. It's an emerald green leaning more on the teal side giving a green fit for royalty. Now I do find this shade to be extremely dry and it can set into the lines of the lips but I don't fear that. I used a lip brush to apply it carefully around the mouth, while accentuating the cupid's bow before filling it in. I think for anyone wanting to venture into a green shade, this could be a friendly shade. Another shade discovered, unusual & loved.

Another thing I have tried again with this look was the ESQIDO Companion Long Lasting Bond - latex free - lash glue, which so far I'm extremely pleased with and now couldn't imagine another glue to use but that'll have it's own feature.

Have you been loving any lip colours lately?

Get The Look

Nivea Post Shave Balm (Primer)
NIOD Photography Fluid Opacity 12%
LA Girl Pro.Conceal Yellow, Orange & Green (corrector)
EX1 Delete Concealer (under foundation)
Mehron Celebré HD Cream Foundation "Eurasia Fair"
Bobbi Brown BBU Palette "Warm Natural" (concealer)
NARS "Laguna" (bronzer)
Laura Geller Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator "Gilded Honey" (Highlighter)
MAC Mineralize SkinFinish "Soft & Gentle" (Highlighter)
RCMA No-Color Powder (Setting Powder)

ColourPop Brow Pencil "Jet Set Black"
GOSH Defining Brow Gel "004"

MAC Paint "Bare Canvas" (base)
Peaches & Cream "Kim" (lid)
ColourPop "Flutes" (crease)
Makeup Geek "Cocoa Bear" (outer v)
Pat McGrath Labs "Gold 001 Pigment" (lid)
Illamasqua Precision Gel Liner "Infinity" (liner)
Rimmel ScandalEyes "Nude" (waterline)
Benefit They're Real "Black (mascara)
Esqido Mink Lashes "Unforgettable"* (falsies)
Esqido Companion Long Lasting Bond - latex free* (lash glue)

ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip "Dr M"

Some of these products may have been sent to me for review.

ColourPop Dr.M

This gorgeous kit from ASOS comes in it's own little bag, with a full sized Laguna bronzer and liquid Super Orgasm illuminator. I do have Orgasm in a cream stick and we know Orgasm was that blush! Laguna is a medium-dark tan brown with warm, orange-yellow undertones with a golden shimmer-sheen finish. While Super orgams is a peachy pink with a gold glitter.
I don't notice much shimmer if I'm honest but I know it's not 100% matte, being that this is a good bronzer for more fairer tones, I find for me who is a more olive, this works amazingly in it's subtly & being able to be built up as it enhances tones and gives a light contour. If you want an impact, it needs to be built upon. For something daily and more natural - this is one to reach for. It's finely milled so it fills lines & pores to give a smoother appearance, leading to a flawless appearance. Alongside with the Super Orgasm Illuminator, which I found I didn't need to use a lot and I dotted along the higher points for a light highlight it gives a metallic finish.

Purchase: NARS ASOS Exclusive Laguna Bronzer & Highlighting Kit FREE Mini Illuminator


NARS Laguna Bronzer & Highlighting Kit.

Good Full Stop Chocolate & Orange Bar
I like chocolate orange but unfortunately for me with dates and raisins it's a strikeout for me but my nan likes those fruits and with a mixture of dark Belgian chocolate it's a rich and tasty treat to have. She put this in her bag to eat during Church incase hunger striked lol.

Foods of Athenry Chocolate & Raspberry Cookie
In #TVK29 this company was first introduced and I have never before or since tasted a better cookie. This isn't an exception, it's a large vegan & gluten free cookie treat that I could eat again & again...A highlight in this month's box.

GranoVita Vegetable Pâté
First time I had Pâté was about 9 years ago - wasn't vegetable mind. I quite enjoyed the texture even though I didn't know what to expect so revisiting the Pâté memories but vegetable in this box was interesting. Opening the can, the smell reminded me of vegetable soup. It's made with vegetables, spices and herbs and has palm oil in. Pâté can be used for sandwiches, add to pasta sauce, mushrooms & peppers, spread on toast or eat alone.

Smooze Fruit Ice
Now these take me back, I remember having similar fruit ice as a child and the cardboard use to get wet from the ice and saliva lol - memories. But I guarantee these are no doubt a lot better. I got a coconut + mango fruit ice pack, made from fresh coconut milk and mixed with tropical fruit juices and purees. Nothing says Summer like a delicious and thirst quenching fruit ice like these
- Definitely another highlight this month

Green People Sun Lotion SPF15
This has 3 layers of natural sun protection: UV filters, antioxidants & sun tan accelerator -( last one I need ). It's important no matter your skin tone to wear sunscreen, the sun doesn't discriminate. I try with any product I'm wearing to at least have SPF in even though it can cause notorious flashback but if I want to hold onto 'beige don't age'...This sun lotion increases collagen and also contains antioxidants to help prevent UV damage while helping you tan 25% times faster. Squeezing this to smell, gave a scent of relaxing Lavender but if it's not your favourite scent, it doesn't linger. Key ingredients include Aloe Vera, Avocado, Green Tea & Sunflower, such an interesting mixture.

Hoots Cheese and Onion Multigrain Snack
Hoots I've tried before but it was the Pickled Onion in #TVK11 & Salt & Pepper in #TVK22, so it's nice to see a familiar brand but with a different flavour. Nice and crunchy, although this one didn't seem as crunchy as previous ones, those had my sensitive teeth feeling delicate lol, not that it stopped me eating the packet. The cheese & onions wasn't overbearing with either flavour or smell.

Purchase: TheVeganKind £10 +p&p


TheVeganKind #32

After reviewing a previous blackhead face mask, I needed one that was tube ready instead of sachet. Off to eBay I went & came across Shills. A company that's been on the scene for a while and it was very budget friendly at just over £2, this could be good or bad thing. It contains carbon - you may of seen people on YouTube lately doing a D.I.Y blackhead mask using glue + activated charcoal, don't let them put you off - and it's good to remove blackheads, fine hairs, dirt & dead skin.

Activated charcoal (bamboo charcoal), oat extract, grapefruit, vitamin B5, rosemary extract, calendula extract, vitamin A, vitamin E, citrus skin Extract.

As mentioned several times before,I have combination skin - oily & normal (sometimes Winter, dry) but it's controllable but one thing I have noticed is in the last few years, I've started to get little blackheads on my nose. I find masks like this helps to eliminate them temporarily. I will use a brush and apply it all over my face, being careful of my nose ring (facial piercings people - beware) I leave it to dry for about 30 minutes, you can see when it's dry as it becomes more matte in texture and the face gets more tighter. I find a corner to start peeling, normally from under my chin - it's recommended to peel from the chin up but I have also done it from the forehead down.

The results are, a face free of oil, pretty smooth and clean feeling & no blackheads. Simply moisturise afterwards and I rejoice in clean skin. I think if you have sensitive or dry skin, this mask might not be the best as it's going to irritate. All other skin types may benefit especially those who have large, congested pores, blackheads or want to eliminate oil.

Purchase: UK Seller : Shills Purifying Blackhead Mask £2.24
Chinese Seller : Shills Purifying Blackhead Mask £1.95

The £2 Face Mask.

I, for years have been devoted to oils. Every year there's a new miracle oil & superfood but to be honest, oils have always been amazing, it's what you're looking for in an oil & how to get the best out of it for you. Throw out the myth or any thoughts if you have oily skin & think it's going to be the worst choice of your life because it's not. Oil loves Oil. I have combination skin, oily & normal, sometimes dry (definitely not dehydrated, I'm a Camel). I've been lucky to have the chance to be sent a few oils this year all of them I've never used before.

You see during my oil venture I've used Jojoba, Almond, Papaya, Coconut, Carrot, Apricot, Black Cumin (hair), Castor - for the hair too, Argan, Grapefruit, Grapeseed, Hemp, Olive Oil, Peach Kernel, Vitamin E...& I'm probably missing a lot more off that list, I love to experiment with oils for my skin & hair but an oil that has escaped me was Rosehip Oil. Rosehip oil is good for all skin types and as mentioned before even oily, it helps regulate natural sebum production. If you've got skin concerns such as wrinkles, scars, burns, stretch marks, pigmentation, dry & sensitive skin, sun damage, acne & acne scarring. This oil can be brilliant for you.

- A natural source of Vitamin E, which is an anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant.
- Calms & hydrate dry and sensitive skin.
- Protects skin cells from sun damage.
- Essential fatty acids omega 3, 6 and 9 - helps repair and regenerate damaged skin tissues.
- Natural source of Vitamin C, skin brightening, anti-ageing, anti-oxidant ; helps to improve pigmentation and restore the skin tone. Also helps protect skin from the sun.
- Fights against premature anti-ageing & improve skin texture thanks to the natural source of antioxidant lycopene. Also Beta-carotene helps prevent free radical damage, responsible for skin ageing.

Amelia Moss, they were so kind to send me a Rosehip oil but also Rose water, I had tried rose water before but I'm sure it was for cooking and wasn't pure.

From my own experience, I was amazed at how it reminded me of more a dry oil the way it's absorbed into the skin very quickly, doesn't sit or make me look like it's a new place they can strike oil. I like to apply it after a cream moisturiser if necessary or use alone, which is mostly how I use it. Since stripping back my skin care & using purely oils my skin has been thriving, I do feel diet can come into it as well as just good skincare. Since using this in rotation with another oil previously reviewed it's helped diminish any pigmentation, I know how any pigmentation mark on my skin can become quite dark but I'm extremely surprised how light in appearance it's become even from when the spot was going down and started to scar. That started to sell me even more. Amelia Moss Rosehip Oil comes with a dropper which makes it easier to control. I used my dermaroller for my cheek & applied Rosehip Oil afterwards and if you've ever used a dermaroller you'll know the skin is healing & repairing itself and can get a little dry - Nope, not with this! Adding the rose water as a toner has been a welcomed addition, it's a relaxing but quite enhancing smell on the senses. Doesn't dry out the skin and any irritation it calms while helping remove bacteria & decreases inflammation. With a lot of the same properties as Rosehip oil I find it more gentler but effective than other toners. Other great uses, eye brightener, makeup remover, drops in the bath, use after shaving (male or female), add rose water in a travel spray bottle and refresh your makeup or skin throughout the day.

Have you tried Rosehip oil or Rose water before?

Purchase:Rosehip Oil £20, Rose water £12


Amelia Moss Rosehip Oil

While waiting for a few Morphe sold out palettes, I decided to get these travel ones instead: 12NB Natural Beauty & 12S Soul of Summer. To see if I liked the texture & longevity.

Both of these are a 12 eyeshadow pan with a mixture of shimmer and matte shades. The packaging is matte black plastic, thin & lightweight making it easier to travel with. These palettes have talc, mineral oil and parabens within the ingredients, which are not the best ingredients. Puts me on the fence as I try to avoid paraben products when possible. If you don't mind for that kind of thing and want to try Morphe eyeshadows, see my opinion below.
The Soul of Summer palette, is a mixture of metallic & shimmer. They're buttery in texture. If you love shades like this & shimmer, you'll be satisfied, without a doubt it's one swipe finger pigmented. As pictured while doing the swatches it didn't need a primer for it to adhere too, of course a white base will no doubt make it even more pigmented. The shades are mostly earthy/warm toned shades with golds & bronzes, with a thrown in a pewter shade for variation. I find that there is some fallout, so ensure you tap the brush when patting these on and blend the edges. I probably didn't need this palette, most shades reminds me of another palette I've already got, cough* UD Naked?

A neutral & night palette, Morphe 12NB Natural Beauty Palette reminds me of a Veluxe finish with neutral shades to deep reds. The first 5 shades of the palette are light & I find a little chalky, they could be good transition / blendable colours but without a doubt these needed a white base for the colour to be noticeable. The other 7 are not as bad, they're darker in pigmentation. I find this palette is fluid as it's got the ability to transition from shade to shade, very complimentary for an everyday look. I use the warm brown - orange undertone 7th shade, 9th shade a matte milk chocolate brown & 10th is more a warm medium matte brown frequently.

They're beautiful to look at which goes without saying & I pull out these palettes frequently but I seem to only use a couple shades to pull the look together. The longevity is pretty good, they hold up throughout the day. As I mostly use these as a transition, crease or lower lash line, I can't say how they really work on the eyelid. The purchases wasn't a need and I'm sure I'll have the palette for quite awhile so I don't see a repurchase anytime soon.

Have you tried anything from Morphe before?

Purchase: Natural Beauty Palette & Soul Of Summer Palette £11.95 each.

Morphe 12NB Natural Beauty Palette & 12S Soul Of Summer Palette.

My routine this year has become a lot more simplified and I prefer that, skincare & haircare. When it comes to hair it's the simple L.O.C method for my curls - leave in, oil & cream. My leave in, is normally the Giovanni Direct Leave-In Conditioner, while my oil is Coconut Oil and I've been using this 'Confident Curling Créme' from MAYA - Black Gold Of The Sun.

It has a unique blend of natural oils & extracts, they're all ethically sourced and produced. For all hair types it especially helps to keep hair light but moisturised. Ingredients that include Olive Oil, Argan Oil, Marula Seed Oil, and Baobab Oil for condition & softness. Shea Butter, Flame Tree Extract, Tomato Oil, and Carrot Oil to keep it strong & shiny. Cedarwood Bark Oil to fight against thinning and slow the aging process of hair. Soybean Oil, Radish Root Extract and Rice Extract will make hair manageable & easy to comb.

Well blended and nicely mixed. It's a smooth créme that doesn't sit on the hair, it absorbs into the strands and holds curls nicely. I find that I don't need to use much which is good, sectioning the hair limits the amount used. I mostly like to put it on the ends when I'm doing sealing the hair, I find my ends love it. Run it through my hair while straight and didn't find it to be too 'watery' that it'll revert the hair back. It's not cheap with the 55ml at £12.50, 250ml - £22.95 & 520ml £48.00 but it's natural with vitamin and antioxidants for the hair, so it's beneficial all year round.

What do you use to keep hair light & moisturised?

Purchase: Confident Curling Créme


MAYA - Black Gold Of The Sun - Confident Curling Créme

Charli XCX - Impulse Why Not?
I love that body sprays seem to be on a revival in the past few years, that 90s nostalgia won't die but I don't mind. Affordable, doesn't hurt they have a pleasing scent now & again. This other offering from the Impulse & Charli XCX is "Why Not?" a blend of citrus scents of frozen Lemon, Bergamot & bitter Orange with an infusion of Earl Grey tea blended with spices of nutmeg & cardamom. The can is a vibrant yellow with stenciled fruit, palm trees, tigers and sunglasses and love hearts printed over it make it more a staple for Summer.

When it's first sprayed out I find it very bold before it dies down and I can smell some of the spice, amongst the citrus. It's an interesting blend, different. A little goes a long way, spray too much and I find it can be too much. The smell is more mature & not that girly than others you'd associate with body sprays associated with teens. Ah it's nice to have in your handbag, glove compartment, gym bag for a quick refresher, RRP is £1.99 but currently 98p at time of writing on the Superdrug Website.

Sure Women Maximum Protection Confidence Deodorant
I was amazed by this deodorant, firstly I've never had a cream deodorant before so I wasn't sure what to expect, I've tried sprays, natural and roll ons but a cream! It's a screw bottom and it comes through the designed holes with the centre having the larger holes targeting the middle of your armpit more. Not only does this smell fresh but with an almost powdery scent. It glides on the skin (hairs or not) and leaves behind no residue or whiteness only leaving behind an amazingly smooth feel to the skin It's fairly expensive compared to some others on the market at £4.99 but I might even say it's worth the price tag.

Big question - sweat, how does it hold up? Not bad, doesn't stop the sweat obviously but it helps to mask the smell during a workout and limits the amount of sweat for myself. To get the maximum protection Sure suggest applying this before bed, the TRIsolid formula provides maximum wetness protection. It last throughout the following mornings shower and the next day. You can reapply in the morning. I apply deodorant before bed but sometimes I will randomly wake up sweating and research shows that our temperature goes down at night unlike during the day when it varies. By applying this at night while sweat glands aren't as active but the skin is more receptive will help this product building up the protection throughout the day....Not a bad concept at all. I tried this as my temp at night does go up and I know this by the amount of times I might wake up hot and clammy but this kept my dry and during the day and after reapplying I found I wasn't as sweaty as usual but let me find a hot day to really test it out.

Are you an Impulse fan? Tried any of these?

Purchase: Limited Edition - Impulse Why Not?
Sure Women Maximum Protection Confidence Deodorant


A Couple Of Bodycare Essentials

A few or 9 things that I've acquired in the last few months...

Peaches & Cream is a brand I've never used before but I come across them on BeautyBay and decided to give them a chance after seeing a tutorial online and I liked the look of their Loose Eyeshadow Pigment, I chose Kim - burnt orange & Soul - matte chocolate. I do love a loose pigment, these are pigmented and not a lot needs to be used. These shades are dope for a grunge look.

Illamasqua The Corruptor, might not be a product for everyone but I had to get this gel product. It allows you to 'corrupt' any make-up look. It can be used on foundation to create a sheen, on eyeshadow to make it glossy, smudge your liner, transform the texture to any make-up product - even your lips. I think this product is amazing! I decided to buy it with a birthday discount and don't regret it. It's one to have fun with.

Has the yellow powder craze calmed down yet? I religiously used Ben Nye Banana Powder but decided to add to the collection & this hard to get Sacha Buttercup Powder. Someone on Instagram last year wanted to sell me one for nearly £30! - Never that desperate for powder that doesn't cost that much. The online store sell it for half that price. It's finely milled making it a lot more smoother & gives more coverage also. Another powder is the RCMA No-Color Powder, another very popular powder meant to be good for all skin tones as it has no white casting/ashy appearance. It's a nice finishing powder I feel, I like to buff it on for an airbrushed appearance but doing a sweep works also, this is a truly hidden gem.

Mehron is a favourite company of mine. Their products rarely if ever have failed me, one of my favourite bronzers is by them...I got this Mehron Aura Bronzing Gel last year with about 3 or 4 Celebre Pro HD foundation, it's paraben & oil free it has some good ingredients such as Lemongrass, Ginseng, Chamomile, Comfrey, Cucumber, Aloe Vera gel, and Japanese Green Tea. It can be applied mixed within foundation, moisturiser or on top of foundation as a bronzer and also the body. It gives a glow, rather than this walking shimmer ball. Currently the seller I got it from doesn't have it in stock but they do have various other Mehron items. I like this gel as it's lightweight, non sticky and the gels easy to use and gives a nice glow to my skin.

A product that's going to give you skin better than Adobe? NIOD Photography Fluid Colourless Opacity 12%, is technology in a bottle with it's prismatic technology. These are molecular particles of various sizes within the fluid that refract light in different directions. This allows the camera & lens to be confused in reducing the appearance of imperfections & lines so you're left with nothing but radiant, flawless skin. Mesh adherence technology keeps the primer and anything else stay put throughout your day to day goings on. Hue correctors help tone down redness & sallow tones in your skin. It can be used with foundation, moisturiser or just by itself. I mix this with my foundation & have to say it's worth the £20. The fluid mixture itself is semi-thick & pearlesque in tone but adds no colour, so you don't look like you're a walking pearl.

After ordering a sample pot of the EX1 Cosmetics Inviswear Foundation, I found myself matched to the colour F300, it dries to a matte finish. I've only used it with a damp beauty blender and build it up but I find I don't need to use too much. It doesn't oxidise and I get a fair wear out of it of about 6-7 hours. Also the Delete Anti-Blemish/Dark Circle Concealer in F200, I like to use this under the foundation on dark circles, slight imperfections but I don't find it works as well. It's a little waxy / greasy and it needs to be warmed up & broken in, with a brush in the pot to break through once done it's easier to apply. Reminds me a bit of the MAC concealers. It has titanium oxide in which can cause flashback but I find powder can halt that as I've not experienced any.

What are your favourite beauty purchases lately?

Beauty Collective.

I remember when I first started blogging back in 2008, most the blogs I could read were on livejournal or blogger and were U.S. based so it was all about MAC, Sephora & Urban Decay. Everything was high end or unavailable, even though I still purchased from a couple of those brands it wasn't until Sleek MakeUP started to make a wave that I gave drugstore make-up a second glance. Of course before that little pick ups from collection 2000, Bourjois was ideal but Sleek MakeUP just was that brand I'd seen it previously in the hair shop, the liquid eyeliner, créme to powder compact but never gave it a second glance but as it started to be stocked in Superdrug and the range started to develop I decided for my birthday the following year to get the Sleek Storm palette.
My drawer is full of palettes from Sleek MakeUP but I've not bothered as much as once before, think my last palette purchase was....umm Garden of Eden no....it was either Del Mar or Arabian Nights .. it's been a little while since I got a palette but there are products that are always a yes.

i-Divine palettes
I prefer the older formula/texture when it was a wafer texture, the newer ones seemed to be chalky when it was first changed but I've not had many since the 2012 change to compare if it's improved but there's no denying that for 18 shadows you get affordable pigmented shades. When I first bought these they were under £5 in 2009 but prices change and for under £10, can we really complain?
The colours are versatile & there seems to be a palette for everyone no matter your make-up taste. Some of my favourites are Storm, Oh So Special, Au Naturel, Sunset, Paraguaya, Bohemian, Graphite & Monaco.
Purchase: i-Divine palettes £8.99

Brow Kit
The swap was made after my UD Brow Box finished. This brow kit comes with a mini tweezer, slanted brush & flat brush, powder & wax. I was using this in dark and even showed my brow routine in a video using it. I use the powder and wax to give me a defined and thicker brow appearance even though I've got brows already, they're not dense so sometimes I prefer to fill in when I want a 'refined & fuller' look. his kit is generous with the tools it provides & even a mirror inside. Perfect for the travel make-up bag as it's compact. Now in 5 shades from light to black, it could be a good starter brow kit for those needing one on budget.
Purchase: Brow Kit £8.50

Remember the dupe for NARS Orgasm - Sleek MakeUP Rose Gold Blush. If that alone didn't make you want to go out and purchase from the brand. Their blushers have to be a steal with the pigmentation, they can't be faulted. Some have shimmer through - others matte. I've got a range of colours with some favourites being Life's a Peach, Pan-Tao, Sunrise, Rose Gold & Suede. For £5 they have lasted me a long time and I never used to be a blush person but this brand broke me into that. Their Blush by 3 some colour have a cream & two powder blushes or it's all powder which you can layer for your desired look or wear solo. Lace, Pink Lemonade, Pumpkin & Pink Spirit are my picks out my collection.
Purchase: Blusher £4.99 x Blush by 3 £10

Contour x Highlight
Face Form is their contouring & blush palette. I've got the shades medium & dark & they deliver as always good pigmentation in the medium shade the middle shade has a slight glitter in the powder and it could be used as a highlight or blush but it doesn't do much even on my skin too unless it was built up but then I find it can look too glittery sometimes but I do like how travel savvy these are and the mirror is a good size. Something for everyday this isn't bad & for the price you get 3 products in 1. Easy to go in heavy as I notice it picks up easily. The highlight palette is the Precious Metals with 4 shades, Platinum, Royal Gold, Renaissance Gold & Antique Bronze, I like these soft shades and think they look good with a dewy base to highlight in places, you can use different shades for different high point areas, it's a pigmented creamy & powder palette, where these shades can be built up. I do find one shade to be more glittery than others it might be the platinum I believe.
Purchase: Face Form £10 x Highlighting Palette £10

Matte Lipstick
Birthday Suit is my everyday lip, team it with a milani lip pencil in nude or all natural (i think - one of the two) and pop this on and I'm happy as larry. For £4.99 it's inexpensive and effective as I don't find it to be drying and it's a perfect nude for me when I don't know what I want to do lip wise. Seems to be a popular shade too as whenever I'm repurchasing, it's sold out. It can crack during drinking but once it dries I don't experience any transfer but if it needs touching up, beware of too much product as the build up leads to an even more cracked appearance but I still repurchase!
Purchase: Matte Me £4.99

Do you have a favourite Sleek Makeup product?

Top Five - Sleek MakeUP

June's here (howdidthathappennn!), the month of Summer, just don't look out the window, I'm hoping it changes as I want to wear my Puma x Fenty leadcats. Another season change, another change here. I'm looking at a monthly feature "Behind the Blog". A mini recap & moodboard feature.

Such a beautiful image by Jay Maisel, called "Harlem Dance; Couple kissing" - mid 1950s. I'm a pink lover & getting more addicted to pink drinks. I'm in the mood to decorate, not my room - the guest room needs to be done, once and for all. Bandana's; Love them, there my alice bands - my boo is the style icon for those. Gay Talese has the journal of Gerald Foos, he spied on people for 2 decades in his motel and wrote about it. The book is released next month...I've not been swimming in ages, I'm really in the mood to swim.

Blog Makeover
The blog has had a makeover, wasn't that long ago that it had a makeover but I was itching for a change as always. Fearne Creative Design came through, once more, I can't say how much I appreciate that I've found someone who can take my mock-ups and make them a vision. I wanted to get rid of the sidebar & most my ads, stick what I needed at the bottom, what do you think? Hopefully the YouTube videos I can update during the Summer. A responsive layout & she's so quick with responses and the work itself, I'm always amazed & grateful. If you're interested until 31st August, the shop is doing an amazing discount on custom templates, FCD also do premade templates at an amazing price. Gotta love Etsy. Some say to have a start here page is a good for a blog, more than an about me page. I've got both, on my Begin Here page I've included a few topics and popular posts in those categories. While the About page is about me and the blog. I have to say since I had my last start here page, it was a good move.

Second Instagram
My main IG has been deactivated since about mid February. I started a second one just for the blog last week, I managed to get the DolceVanity handle back - someone else had it but it was freed up so I snatched it back up. I'll be putting up blog related things up on there & hope the account grows J.

Other Tidbits
I was featured on Get The Gloss for their Beauty Bloggers Favourite Makeup Brushes feature. My blog for a couple of years on various providers was flagged as adult/pornography content and if you didn't have the 18+ content lock lifted, you couldn't access it. The Lazy Curls (check her blog out) tweet to me was the last straw lol, I had to do something about it. I contacted all the providers thanks to Blocked, to see if they had me blocked or not & as I contacted on a Saturday, I gave them 48hours, by Wednesday I had responses from all providers who either informed me the categories were changed or that it wasn't blocked. So it should be accessible in colleges, mobile and wifi now. I've got a book wishlist and reading backlog longer than it should be, I've currently got 5 books to be read, ones nearly finished. I should aim for a book to be completed a month. Another month & another legend gone, R.I.P Muhammad Ali - in his memoir he wrote how he wanted to be remembered:

What are you looking to do during June?

xo LaaLaa

Behind The Blog #1

It's the oil that takes pride in the palace of Kate Middleton's beauty regime, celebs such as Rita Ora, Iggy Azalea and actress Emma Watson are reported fans, so what makes this oil so special? This beauty sleep elixir contains 14 plant oils - That's right, 14 potent, pure oils:
Camellia oil, Chia seed oil, Bitter cherry seed oil, Strawberry seed oil, Pomegranate seed oil, Blueberry seed oil, Cranberry seed oil, Sandalwood nut seed oil, Raspberry seed oil, Seabuckthorn fruit berry oil, Lavender herb oil, Geranium flower oil, Sandalwood oil, Neroli flower oil, Capric trglyceride from coconut & Sea whip extract ( Coral ).

With all these ingredients you can imagine the loaded amounts of vitamins, minerals and omega's of 3,5,6,7 and 9. Helping inflammation, antioxidants & irritations. An ingredient that took my eye was the Sea Whip extract - Coral also called Gorgonian Coral (Pseudopterogorgia elisabethae), it's a marine plant found in very salty water. It's a extremely powerful anti-inflammatory ingredient, more than others that are commonly found in anti-inflammatory products. It's anti-inflammatory compounds help stop the inflammation from early on and will reduce the size. Which I saw for myself, when I got this, the same day I had a menstural breakout just a couple of spots and one just came out of nowhere but when I used this by the morning it was reduced in size, I was amazed - the redness had calmed also. It's a good anti-irritation product so think, sunburns, irritation, acne and aging.

The oil is lightweight but it's rich, you don't want to overload the skin, try a few pumps, once it soaks in the skin looks like velvet but has a nice glow to it. It doesn't feel oily on the skin but a little goes a long way I find. With a beautiful blend you can only imagine the scent, mood boosting. The relaxing Lavender but the warmth of Sandalwood. Although it's called a sleek elixir, I feel you can use this morning or night but it probably has the best benefits at night while the body is rejuvenating, this'll help the skin renew.

I've moved back to using more oils for my face lately and with this being one of them it's helped along with a more clean diet, to keep my skin clear and looking brighter. The finish it beautiful and I wake up with a face still feeling moisturised, especially while using the dermaroller it's a good oil to put on afterwards to encourage the skin's renewal.

Do you use oils in your skincare?
Would you try this one?

Purchase: Beauty Sleep Elixir


Beuti Skincare
Beauty Sleep Elixir

You know I love a Scholl foot pedi, hell I was one of 5 in a YouTube ad supporting the last one and each Velvet Smooth foot file seems to get even better! The new one on the market as of late; Scholl Velvet Smooth Wet and Dry Foot File.

The special features for this one is in the title, that you can use it wet or dry, making it useable for however you feel comfortable. It's rechargeable, YES rechargeable! I love anything rechargeable it saves on batteries killing out on me and it keeps this as powerful as needed with each use. A charging dock with a USB attachment & detachable plug is included in the box, so if you want to travel with this it can be used on a laptop or a plug. The charging plate has two metal contact points that you need to align the handle onto so do make sure it's somewhere that it cannot be knocked over.
Since the last foot file, the handle is a non slip and easier to hold in the hand to maneuver around the foot. Their foot files are flawless with their removal of dried skin, I don't have extremely hard or dry patches but I might get a little around the heels that need extra attention they do have replacement heads 'regular coarse' at £20 for 2 heads in a pack, they currently don't have any other roller head type options so keep that in mind. The on/off button & speed setting is now located just above the handle, the settings are low or high; press once for low, twice for high and if you need it back to low, press it again. An amazing feature on here is that it'll stop buffing when you apply too much pressure, this'll eliminate injuring your skin. My ONLY boo about this, is unlike it's predecessor it doesn't have a cover? Which I would've liked to stop any possible damage to the file but I guess it's not too much of a con. What was a nightmare was getting it out of the packaging, oh my goodness lol I don't know why it was so hard to get out but it was near damn, impossible but be careful the instructions are on the packaging paper but it's pretty straight forward if being honest. After every use I will wash the file and wipe down the product itself of any foot dust *blows*
My only question is, if there's a successor - how can it get any better?

I try to do my feet at least once a week a full routine on them to keep them smooth & unexpectedly presentable. Like my beauty routine, I've tried to cut this one down with products also but I pretty much keep them in the Scholl family. I really do recommend Scholl for foot care or LUSH those are my two choices and most of what I use is by either brand.

1. Wash Feet
I will soak them and treat them with a Scholl Foot Soak I have (I'm not sure if it's been discontinued as I can't find it on stockists websites) but any wash will do like this Foot Soak and Fancy Free for about 10 minutes or less and clean my nails while I'm at it.

TIP : If your feet are quite dry or cracked, try using the Velvet Smooth Wet & Dry at this point...While the dry/cracked skin is now soft, it'll be easier to remove the majority of the skin.

2. Get Muddy.
Put a foot mask on. Yup, this LUSH Volcano foot mask...is everything. With such key ingredients such as Papaya, Pumice, Tomatoes & Lemon Oil, smothering the feet with this mask being generous, covering the feet all over & leaving it to dry with a plastic bag (I use the fruit & veg clear bags) over the feet. As it begins to set it tingles, giving this warm, cooling feeling, you know it's doing its job. I leave it on for as long as possible, sometimes up to an hour, it'll be nice and hard and ready to be rinsed off.

3. Scrub-a-Dub-Dub!
As you begin to rinse this off, use your hands to rub the mask into the skin as you're removing it. Take advantage of that pumice in the mask and rub and rub generously on those problem areas which for a lot can be the heels and balls. Once it's all off I dry my feet, making sure the inside of my toes are dried.

4. Sand Off The Scales & Moisturise To Be Godly.
Once dried, I use the Velvet Smooth Wet & Dry Pedi. Go over the feet to get rid of any dried skin! My feet at this point feel soft and look refreshed! I'll finish by putting the Scholl Velvet Smooth Intense Serum & I will push back, cut, file and put a clear polish or white polish finish with cuticle oil. Before bed I'll put on an intense foot mask or a emollient and put on moisture socks - very important, I fall more in love in the morning.

How Do You Keep Your Feet Fit For A Queen?

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Purchase: Scholl Velvet Smooth Wet & Dry Foot File

Some of these products may have been sent to me for review.

Sand Off The Scales,
Scholl Velvet Smooth Wet & Dry Foot File