Been a long time since I had an advent calendar, so when this turned up, shaped like a briefcase, handle n all. I was excited and grateful. As I'm not that keen on chocolate, it's going to be nice to have a calendar of things from a store I like and products that will surely come in handy over the next few cold months. I'm just excited to open door number one :) - big kid huh!? This currently retails at £55, I couldn't find a link on their website, so maybe if your interested in the next few days you can grab one in-store. The contents are worth over £80, 24 products over 24 days, is it really that close to Christmas eeek!

Have you got an advent calender this year? If so what is it?

Love, LaaLaa xo
This item was provided to me for consideration of a review / feature. I have not been compensated or sponsored to write this post, and, as always, all thoughts and opinions expressed are our own.

The Body Shop Advent Calendar

Beauty lovers are waiting to get their hands on the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. If you are one, I can let you know how you can get hold of one before the official launch date of 16th December.

If you visit House of Fraser Oxford Street on the 12th December, you will be able to preview and purchase the palette for yourself.

House of Fraser Oxford Street will be having a pop up shop from the 12-19th December on the first floor, you'll be able to dicuss the palette with the Urban Decay national make-up artist and have the opportunity to be made over be the team.

Love, LaaLaa xo

So You Want Your Naked 3 Palette Early? Here's How!

Magnitone Pulsar is a face & body brush. Fully waterproof so excellent to use while in the bath or shower, I like this is a dual brush and will look forward to using the body brush in time. I'm only going to be reviewing the facial brush experience. Within the box there is 1 x Active Clean & 1 x Body Cleanse brush in the box. I received the Magnitone Pulsar on Wednesday 20th November. Excited to use this after already having a rotating headed cleansing brush. How would I get on with a pulsating brush? This has four different settings: PulseLift massage for skin stimulation, Exfoliate for dry skin removal, Sensitive for delicate and irritated skin, and Deep Clean for makeup removal and pre cleansing.

While it said it required 24 hours to charge for first time use by Thursday it hadn't fully charged or by the Friday. Strange, I decided to start my trial on Friday. This is to be used morning & night for one minute. - apprehensive for a twice a day 'deep cleanse' I decided to give it a go. Here's my 7 day diary.

Day One : Friday 22/11/13
Setting : Sensitive (evening)
Starting on the forehead and in-between the brows, moving to the cheeks, onto the nose and around the mouth & chin. In the morning when I used this of course it was different to the current cleansing brush as this one is mostly by pulsating vibrations. Beginning on the sensitive setting, once finished my skin felt quite dried out, which was a little frustrating that it now felt dry. I decided to use more of a rich moisturiser after that for the day, reap more moisture into the skin. By the time the evening rolled around and I did my usual night routine, I exfoliated before using my of course LUSH Ocean Salt and then started to cleanse using the brush, this time around my skin felt EXTRA smooth and hydrated afterwards and brighter. I have to stop myself touching my face up!!

Day Two : Saturday 23/11/13
Setting : Deep Clean (evening)
Unfortunately my skin felt a little dry in this morning, maybe too much with my routine last night. I decided against using it and used more of a hydrating cleanser to keep the dry skin away. Today was the first time wearing make-up since introducing this, after taking off my make-up I was intrigued to see how much might of been left behind. Not too much residue but the skin started to feel sore and irritated.

Day Three : Sunday 24/11/13
I discontinued use today only because the skin felt dry, sore and irritated. I decided on doing a facial and a face mask aimed at putting the moisture back into my face.

Day Four : Monday 25/11/13
Setting : Exfoliate
The skin is feeling less dry this morning and as I want to wear make-up tomorrow I'm not going to dry out the skin, I'm leaving this for night time use.
Used this tonight and my skin didn't feel how it did yesterday, felt a lot more hydrated and smooth!

Day Five : Tuesday 26/11/13
Setting : Sensitive (morning)
Setting : Deep Cleanse (evening)
Thankfully my skin's over the top dryness has disappeared and I've not had any break-outs, one that I thought might happen if you believe in skin purging take it as you'd like. I again was wearing make-up today so once cleansing my skin and removing most of the make-up I began to use this to remove any left over dirt. I was happy that my skin wasn't as dirty as I thought and it removed any last traces of make-up.

Day Six : Wednesday 27/11/13
Setting : Pulselift
Setting : Deep Clean
If there was any time I'd probably get a breakout, I thought it would be today. As I cleansed and cleaned the bristles were clean, my face didn't feel dried out this morning.
Throughout the day I was fresh faced just a serum & moisturiser and even though it's in the colder months, I normally have oil and my face just seems "normal".
After being out most the day without make-up there's sure to be some just daily grime. Using my cleanser, gentle started to cleanse the skin...there was a small amount of dirt discolouration but nothing off putting.

Day Seven : Thursday 28/11/13
Setting : Sensitive (morning)
Setting : Exfoliate (night)
One spot. Just one small spot on the cheek. The face felt a little dry this morning on the forehead and top of my cheeks. Debated if I should use the Magnitone this morning but thought I'd cut the time in half. 30 seconds instead of 1 minute.
Using it tonight as it needed a bit of exfoliation, face felt good afterwards, not raw.

Overall thoughts
Observing my face this morning, it is definitely normal in skin type. My oily parts of my skin seemed to be kept at bay, the skin feels clean, no irritation. That small spot from yesterday has gone down & dried out slightly.
I don't think I could use it daily, my skin seemed to go up & down in pattern over the week and it might just be settling or got use to the new routine. I always say it's important to pay attention & listening to the skins needs, that's what I'm going to do, I would DEFINITELY use this after make-up removal and when the skin needs a deep clean and an exfoliation. The bristles could be the issue, I probably need to get the sensitive brush heads and see how I get on with those in comparison. This is a welcomed addition to my skincare routine, grateful for it, it's nice to have the various settings as I can target my skins particular needs that morning / evening and the fact it's a body brush too, is a bonus.

Love, LaaLaa xo
This product was sent to me in consideration for a review after a 7 day trial. I was not paid for this post.

Magnitone Pulsar 7 Day Diary

Before I can even think about party dresses, the underwear has to be just as important. My breasts have often been the topic of a banter conversations between women. One in particular was last year while on Twitter and some ladies said to me your definitely not a B cup, a D or E! While just a few weeks ago my friend Simone said to me your definitely not a B cup. Is it because I'm looking down that I can't see? - Well no there's more to it.

I decided to go and get myself measured again, I had before been fitted awhile ago in La Senza as a 38B it's the size I have been wearing for a while and though tight at times around the sides I just took it as my fitting. Heading over to Debenhams, I decided to take advantage of their free bra fit service. I didn't have to wait long as the fitter was nearly finished.

So I popped into the cubicle and she asked me to strip down just to my bra (of course only my top half) which I did..She looked at me and said "What size are you?!" 38B(?) I replied "No love.." she said as she felt underneath the bra band, "That is all wrong. Pop it off and I will have a measure"

So as I stood there, top half bare, staring at myself in the mirror, I was a little tense and cold. She told me to relax my shoulders as she measured me just above my bust, across my bust, underneath and then across again, as she started counting over the inches, I heard her say under her breath..."C...D...E..F"


As she went to get me a couple of bras, I thought, did she say what she said? She came back with two bras, one in an 32 E and one in an 32 F. I thought to myself, this is a joke, staring at my shriveled prunes. As she placed the 32 E bra on and fitted it on me and asked me which side was my most fuller (I have one breast, A LOT bigger than the other, which really made me hate wearing bras, one would overspill in the cup, the other would be gappy) so she had me turn to the side and look and I was amazed at how it fit and filled the cup. She said I could fit into a E or an F without an issue and I was really shocked.

But here is the common misconception. People think the higher the letter the bigger the actual breast!
It's not true. I just have a bigger band size around my ribs.

The letter of a bra size marks the measurement difference between the ribcage and the bust. So if someone whose ribcage equals 30 inches and their bust equals 38 inches for a difference of 8 inches, instead of the bra size being 308 (30 inch band and 8 inch difference), it would be 30FF, since FF means there is an 8 inch difference.


0 inch difference: AA
1 inch difference: A
2 inch difference: B
3 inch difference: C
4 inch difference: D
5 inch difference: DD
6 inch difference: E
7 inch difference: F
8 inch difference: FF
9 inch difference: G

10 inch difference: GG
11 inch difference: H
12 inch difference: HH
13 inch difference: J
14 inch difference: JJ
15 inch difference: K
16 inch difference: KK
17 inch difference: L
18 inch difference: LL


0 inch difference: AA
1 inch difference: A
2 inch difference: B
3 inch difference: C
4 inch difference: D
5 inch difference: DD
6 inch difference: DDD/F
7 inch difference: DDDD/G
8 inch difference: H
9 inch difference: I

10 inch difference: J
11 inch difference: K
12 inch difference: L
13 inch difference: M
14 inch difference: N
15 inch difference: O
16 inch difference: P
17 inch difference: Q
18 inch difference: R

Believe me when I say, a good fitted bra is better than...well whatever you love and gives you satisfaction. All of a sudden the bra feels more enjoyable to wear. I'm no longer wanting to whip it off or go 70's free love. Over time I'm sure busts change with weight changes, therefore it's important to go as often as needed with change. Be honest if the bra doesn't feel comfortable, let them know and don't leave until you are satisfied and comfortable.

In celebration of getting my bra fitted properly & in the words of Jess from "New Girl" - "Give my nipples a purpose!", I decided to purchase a few bras, as I was fitted with the Freya Deco Hatty I got that alongside the Deco Spotlight. Very comfortable so I'd advise all women - get fitted properly. I have always gone on the more vain side of that a bra needs to give me a push and spillage to look sexy and fuller but I don't think it's good for the bust all the time it needs to fit better and unfortunately as granny as this sounds, your health comes before sexiness, that's what these Zalando New Girl inspired party dresses are for *winks*

Love, LaaLaa xo

If you remember my post on a party beauty preparation pack for under £60. Please vote for Dolce Vanity here

Bra Fitting Experience

I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch of the Urban Decay Naked 3 launch. It was held in The Lucky Pig, loved the decor and vibe, makes me want a basement. On displays around the venue there was Urban Decay 3 palettes, alongside the Original Urban Decay, Naked 2 and Naked basics. Introducing another double ended eye pencil that had the colour Blackheart & Darkside while two new nail polishes accompany the launch: Zodiac & Blackheart. The Perfect 3Some box above isn't available for purchasing it's only for PR related events, giveaways/contests. Yet it would be so amazing if it was available, the box is large - believe me. Gorgeous if this was available to unwrap at Christmas.

I totally skipped out on the Naked 2 palette which is more of a grey/taupe edition, of course I couldn't wait for the Naked palette to launch, I got one shipped over for me lol. I do have the Naked basic palette but rarely use it to be honest. I think I might have to just get the Naked 2 just to complete the set(?)

Within my generous goody bag, is the Naked 3 palette, Zodiac nail polish & Naked 24/7 Glide-On Double Ended Eye Pencil - Naked (Whiksy & Zero) I've already got this eye pencil which you can see the swatch here. Nail colour "Zodiac" which is a green shimmery shade. Great for this upcoming season, it's a little opaque so there is at least 3 swatches needed to get the full colour. Urban Decay have now decided to include an eyeshadow primer potion sampler of all four formulas original, sin, eden and the new anti-aging. Each sample gives you 1-2 weeks worth of primer all of which are reseable. Within the UD N3 you get the new double ended Good Karma shadow & blending brush.

Strange - pale neutral pink matte-satin
Dust- pale metallic pink shimmer with iridescent micro-glitter
Burnout - light pinky - peach satin
Limit - light dusty rose matte
Buzz -metallic rose shimmer with silver micro-glitter
Trick - light metallic pinky-copper shimmer with tonal micro-sparkle
Nooner - medium pinky-brown matte
Liar - medium metallic mauve shimmer
Factory - pinky metallic satin
Mugshot- metallic taupe shimmer with slight pink shift
Darkside - deep taupe-mauve satin
Blackheart - smoky black matte with rosy red mirco-sparkle
There we go, 12 brand new shades. Rosy toned palette, that I think will suit a lot more skin tones maybe not deep skin tones but I know a lot of ladies are adventurous with colour so let's not stick to the first half of the palette :) experiment with this beauty.
& on that note I'm going to leave you with the photo above. It's an Urban Decay Naked 3 palette cake - How cool is that. Too divine to eat (o.k. that's a lie)

Love, LaaLaa xo
This item was provided to me for consideration of a review / feature. I have not been compensated or sponsored to write this post, and, as always, all thoughts and opinions expressed are our own.

If you remember my post on a party beauty preparation pack for under £60. Please vote for Dolce Vanity here

Urban Decay Naked 3 Launch

Always lovely to receive gift sets, makes it worthwhile buying and if your a fragrance fiend it's nice to have them as either body lotion or a fragrance spray. Yardley London have released a Polaire gift set in time for Christmas.
I've never used anything from Yardley before so it was nice to sample this and get a smell for the company. Now my nose is unblocking I can smell this a lot better. It's a fresh floral scent and fades into a warm suitable for all ages scent. The notes included in this are:
Top notes
Pear and Freesia
Middle notes
Rose, Pink Ginger and Pepper
Base notes
Patchouli, Amber and Balsam

It's amazing the combinations that can make a sweet scent, within this gift set you get a 50ml EDT and 100ml Body Lotion. A nice stocking filler.

Have you tried any Yardley London products before?

Love, LaaLaa xo

This item was provided to me for consideration of a review / feature. I have not been compensated or sponsored to write this post, and, as always, all thoughts and opinions expressed are our own.

Yardley London Polaire Gift Set

I was lucky enough to win this earlier this year from Sandra The Black Pearl Blog and it's something I use daily, it's the Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker. It attaches to my trousers or bra and tracks my every step, calorie and distance but let me give it a run down - above it shows the standby screen - a smiley face. You change the screen by tapping it with your finger.
 Calorie Tracker 
I was really looking forward to this having a calorie tracker on, within the box and online you don't get that much information regarding this so I took it upon myself to email them as I noticed, why am I waking up and already my calories have been counted - huh!? Defeated the point for me tbh, their response was:
The calorie burn you are seeing is not just activity specific - it is a combination of calories burned related to the tracker's recorded data, as well as your estimated Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR).

Your BMR is the rate at which you burn calories at rest just to maintain vital body functions like breathing, heartbeat and brain activity, among others. Your BMR usually accounts for at least half of the calories you burn in a day, and is estimated based on the data you entered when you setup your account: gender, age, height and weight. Your profile and tracker use that data to configure your daily BMR.

The daily calorie stats will reset each night at midnight, and begin counting up immediately thereafter. This is the reason that your tracker starts the day with calories already burned - even if you do nothing all day long, you will still burn calories just by being alive. The purpose of this function is to provide a more comprehensive look at your daily activity and caloric intake.

Oh well that's cool and explains a lot but in my mind - the mind of the supermodel who doesn't have the body of Gisele Bündchen doesn't really want to live by estimates with my calorie burning. Guess a HRM watch is in order for that with workouts.

Distance Travelled 
How far have I walked today, this will let me know, how many miles I've walked during the day, which also helps with the next step.
This one is quite a competition with myself, they say you should walk at least 10,000 steps a day and it's something I try my hardest to do daily, it's a hard thing to get but I kind of see when I do a certain amount of miles, how many steps I do etc.

Now the one thing about this is, you cannot switch it off. It's a bit like a digital watch, so the battery can run down quick, I had to replace it in July so it lasted roughly 4 months and the replacement battery cost me nearly £4. I ended up losing my tracker - that's how ity bity it is, so once I got my battery replacement and started to re-focus it's on!

It's a handy light-weight gadget, would I purchase it myself? I'm not sure, I probably could get this from a watch but the handy thing is, it can be worn discretely daily even when wearing a date night outfit rather than a bulky HMR watch.

The fact that it can sync up with my online profile wirelessly when I put the USB stick in, is the best part. It's a last thing to do before bed, just sync up my daily points and hopefully get myself some badges lol, so far I've got my 10,000 steps (best in a day, badge) 50 miles (lifetime distance) Everytime there's a milestone it pushes you to do more and more for your next badge.

Love, LaaLaa xo

Fitbit Wireless Activity Tracker

I've had some sweet compliments on my skin as of late and even though this month I had a bad break out and I blame my bad food binge and my body starting to feel run-down it came out on my face and I've been left a little scarred & now I'm full blown flu ridden, you can only imagine how I'm looking and feeling. So I'm kind of at the starting stage of my skincare again, dealing with pigmentation but I've more so just kept to the same routine but I have trialled some new products NBD! So far, so good but before I review that I need to review what's been used from July -  November.

My routine consists of rotating cleansers, I always keep the LUSH Ultrabland to hand because it gets off my eye make-up like a dream I constantly will say it's one of my favourites because it is, good for when my skin is dry / oily and it doesn't irritate when I have a break out. On my free face days  I was using the balance Me. Pure Skin Face Wash - ahhhhhhhhh this face wash has been a God send for my skin. As my skin is combination normal-oily and prone to breakouts this has been one of the hero products that has helped to cease the breakouts. This cleanser doesn't make my skin dry once I have washed it off. No petroleum or sulphates within these ingredients but what makes the skin a lot brighter in appearance is the addition of anti-oxidant rich moringa and rice bran oils.

I then did move on from that to use ARK Age Aware Skincare, skincare that's tailored to your age and skin type and it's what I've used for the past two months. The two products I was kindly sent to review was the Remove Pre Skin Cleanse & Age Prepare Skin Clear Cleanser. Remove Pre Skin Cleanse is designed to rid your face & neck of all traces of dirt, make-up and excess sebum, I apply this water based cleanser onto dry skin and work upwards from the neck and really work it onto the skin and over my eyes as this even removes waterproof mascara, I've yet to open my eyes using this lol besides my other make-up removing cleanser so I try to have my flannel in the sink already been soaked and turn the tap on to wet my hands to turn this cleanser into a liquid emulsion, rinse my face and take the flannel to remove the rest of the residue.
Straight after while the skin is still wet, I use the Skin Clear Cleanser this has a gel consistency which helps to balance out dry and oily areas of the skin, now that is perfect for me as my combination skin flops from one to the next. I have quite liked this combination I was a bit apprehensive, oh gosh a two step cleansing programme.

Neal's Yard Wild Rose Beauty Balm this can be used as a rich cleanser, gentle exfoliant or deeply nourishing balm, I've used this mostly with all three of those steps when my skin has felt lacking in moisture and dull. There are a few downsides for me first is I really don't like the smell, it's the off putting part for me unfortunately and the fact that you have to remove make-up before using this. It gets high points for being very moisturising. The texture is smooth with small gritty gentle exfoliating particles. It could be good for those who really suffer from dry and oily skin. With the weather getting colder and more bitter, it would be a good moisturiser. I do just prefer my cleansers to do everything instead of having to use two.

I haven't used toner as much as I use to. It began to serve it's purpose more as a catalyst than as something that was to balance the skin out after cleansing, it was more of a way to see if my skin was clean after cleansing, what traces were left over my skin but there is one that I did repurchase after being sent - which is the Aromatherapy Associates Soothing Skin Tonic it's expensive but besides the LUSH Tea Tree Water Toner. I'm not left dried out, that's what I HATE about toners, my skin feels stripped but I've found after cleansing this doesn't leave me dried out - of course sitting and not moisturising your skin after doing anything with water / toner your face will feel dry as that's the point of the next step but I've had toners that have even after moisturising feel like they've stripped me of my natural skin oil. This AA tonic is great as it's aimed towards being an anti-inflammatory and helps to soothe & calm the skin - of course A+ for those with skin that's prone to flare ups. It's key ingredients are Roman camomile, Arnica & Liquorice.

Read my reviews on the other parts of my skincare :
Skyn Iceland Artic Hydrating Balm
balance Me. Congested Skin Serum
Dr Lewinn's Even Tone Lightening Cream

Love, LaaLaa xo
This post contains pr samples

Recent Skincare

Before I get into the contents, how cute is the tin? Shaped like a gingerbread man which then gives more of a Christmas appeal than a Gingerbread house box that the contents could of been placed into. What's inside this reusable tin?
Four products that are ginger infused, a smell I have around me a lot due to my Grandma's love of it for just medical purposes but besides ginger beer, I'm not too keen on the smell at times it's too overbearing for me.

Although in this tin, you get a spicy ginger scent from these four products, ideal for the upcoming Christmas season, it smells just that. That's one thing I adore about this time of year, comforting scents. So of course why not start and end the day with that. You get a Ginger Sparkle Body Polish 75ml, Ginger Sparkle Body Butter 50ml, Ginger Sparkle Mini Heart Soap 25g & a Ginger Sparkle Shower Gel 250ml - I love how small & cute the heart shaped soap is. As always The Body Shop's body butter is my favourite, always moisturising, the shea butter used within this tin is Community Fair Trade from Ghana.

Love, LaaLaa xo
This was sent to me for consideration to review / feature.

Ginger Sparkle Shower, Scrub & Moisture Collection | The Body Shop

Stocking fillers are a good thing to have to give little novelty gifts alongside the bigger gifts. You don't have to spend a lot of money to give nice gifts. Take this EDT spray from NSPA fragrance, there are two other fragrances Bloom & Pure but I'm going to do a brief review of Orient. This oriental scent has notes that include amorous ambers, ornate orchids and sensual silks, lily, vanilla and musk. At first smell, the vanilla is very noticeable, of course I love that there is also the essential oil of Mandarin for a deeply seductive aroma. It's not so musky that it's one for the evening, it's wearable for a daily, daytime wear an ideal stocking filler for teens - adults.

Love, LaaLaa xo
*pr samples

NSPA Fragrance Orient EDT

You may notice there is 6 products instead of 5 this month and that is because last month's Love ME Beauty box saw a lot of us have an issue with the Lord & Berry eye pencil, initially I thought it was just me but it didn't turn out that way. Lord & Berry issued a statement via Love ME beauty which I did include on my Facebook page

I don't think I've ever picked box 1 to try & review. It was the Nails Inc. polish shade in Hot Pink (full size) 14ml £5 that drew me in. It's a very vibrant shade that is different to that of of course shades that will dominate A/W.

Artdeco Hydra Lip Booster £11.50 is a sheer lip gloss, it's not a sticky gloss but to me it doesn't last any longer than most glosses. I think I'm going to put this aside and use it as a top coat more than just alone even though it's nice to just wear on a no make-up, make-up day.

Jelly Pong Pong 2 in 1 Bronze shadow & liner (full size) £10.50 I have one of these already and I haven't used it just cos of the shade atm but this shade seems more like one I can get more wear out of. It's a beautiful bronze shade, perfect for all year and being that it's 2 in 1 makes it more handy. It's soft to apply and no sign of dragging on the lid.

Lord & Berry Intensity Satin Lipstick in Brick Lip, doesn't drag on the lips and it's not a dry feeling or leaves the lips feeling like there's friction either. Hydrating enough. I'm just not sure if I'm keen on the colour.

Le Soin Purifant Absolution (sample size 40ml) 50ml £24.00 this is a skin renewing mask that helps rid the skin of impurties while restoring balancing and vitality. I'm going to keep this one handy for when I do my facials as my skin is currently undergoing a hellish period.

Mitchell and Peach Shower Size (sample size 50ml) 250ml £20.00 this isn't just for the shower can be used in a steaming bath too, I find the smell isn't too overbearing, it smells quite delicate and light. This has Vitamin E, wheat proteins and natural English honey. Quite expensive for a shower gel, so I'm not sure if I'd purchase this as I'm quite happy with the ones I'm currently using.

So that's Love ME Beauty for the month, you grabbing a box?

Love, LaaLaa xo

This box was sent to me for review purposes. This doesn't reflect my opinion of the contents

Love ME Beauty November Box

I'll try anything once so I've often wondered if other women have thought about dying their pubic hair? I have, never thought of it to be possible but it does also turn out others have too! A few months ago I saw a US review on Betty Beauty and decided I must try this out but the price I felt for the dye is quite steep, £15 for dye?! I wanted to go Kelly Osbourne lilac this year (on my head) but decided against it, surprisingly I didn't chose that colour - instead I chose my favourite - Pink! Yes I said pink! My friend said I should do streaks, á la Bagpuss.

When I mentioned to Mr. X I was going to dye my hair down there, bright pink, I was met with a "Why?" Well why not, it's something different. He told me I should leave it as a surprise if I go ahead with it so of course I decided to go ahead with it.

It's a specialised dye which it can ALSO be used to match the hair up top, paraben & ammonia free & wait for it, not tested on animals.

There is a safe area for the application which is illustrated on the step-by-step instructions - I didn't remove hair the same day I applied this as I didn't want the pores opened up but I did put vaseline around the area outside of the safe zone.

Me and my friend took friendship to another level, having to parade around for a long time as there's a long application. Once you mix half the developing creme & half the lightening creme and mix it together it needs to be combed through using the wand, just left with this white creamy application which makes it difficult to do anything, so make sure you've gone to the bathroom before all this. There wasn't an eye watering, nose tingling smell to this, there's a faint smell but I either got use to it or it just dissappeared.

Instruction paper says you can put a clingfilm piece over the hair and blowdry on a low heat to speed it up, I decided not too but was quite amazed at how quickly it began to lighten up. The way I had to sit on the chair, it was amusing to my friend, checking this hair every other few minutes, giggling and oh my gawwwd. Around 35 minutes later I decided it's time.

Once I had washed that off, which btw against my skin looked like I had no hair whatsoever it was onto applying the colour, which would end up being the messiest part so this was the time I decided to use the clingfilm as a protector. My ass can't sit still so yeah I ended up with some of the dye on my thighs but it's cool, doesn't stain for long, carefully wash that off with a soapy flannel and by the next wash it'll fade or completely of gone. Another 30 minutes later, I washed it off and was shocked to see this hair that I've had since I hit puberty now a bright fuchsia, then afterwards looking at it, looked more copper / reddish than a bright pink, I guess having no previous references I can't say how it is supposed to look.

So how did he react to it? With another resounding "Why? I told you leave it!" If that was said, I wasn't included in that conversation. I do remember the 'It's your body' part but whatever, I do not business.

All I know is, I may be left with ombre hair at the end of this, day three I'm already in need of a root touch up, yeah I know but I've never made it a shy fact that my hair free days are for a day n half IF THAT before it starts to show itself. You get max two applications out of this, I guess you could use more of the dye or lightening it depends how much hair you have to cover. These come in a range of colours so anytime you just want to have fun for yourself, surprise your OH, bit vain if you have gone grey down there (does that happen?) You can dye the hair, black, brown, auburn, pink, blue, red, or lilac.

These would make great gifts if you was having a hen party, little goody bags or gifts for a friend, to be honest I probably would purchase again, it's just something fun & different. The waiting process is a pain mainly cos of where it is. There was no extra spring in my step, just a lot of giggles and I had actually forgotten about it by the next day until I was in the bathroom & half hungover and very tired, there was a lot of WTF moments.

I think for March 2014 for Ovarian cancer awareness we should all dye our Betty's BLUE!!

Love, LaaLaa xo

Betty Beauty | Colour for the Hair Down There!

When you get that whiff of Christmas, it makes you want to put on your lounge clothes, cosy socks, mug of hot coco in front of a fire, that ye' old classic picture perfect look. O.k. it doesn't happen, not that I've experienced it but smelling these it makes me want that. Anyone who has come by my room the last week have smelled these and inhaled and 'Mmm, ahh, they smell sooo good' - & they do! Within this box you get 3 x travel candles.

Cedarwood, Vetiver & Star Anise
This has a liquorice note that bursts through (which I am personally not keen on) but I noticed after some burning the other notes come through and just as describes does have a slight leathery masculine aroma but to remind us of log fires burning - Warm and everything that makes it want to snow for just one day.

Pine, Cedarwood & Eucalyptus
The pine scent comes through with this candle, giving a fresh, woody scent, suitable for both sexes within the home. It's one for us all to appreciate.

Christmas Wish
Mandarin, Cinnamon & Tonka Bean
Spicy & fruit notes this one to me has the classic potpourri scent. Fills the home nicely for this season or any season to be honest when you just want to feel happy and relaxed.

These candles have added a nice touch, after burning them initially I'm waiting to continuing burning next month - holding on. Wanting to get the settings correct, tree, decorations, lots of food and heavenly scents to continue the relaxation.

Love, LaaLaa xo

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NEOM Luxury Organics - Scents of Christmas

Party season is here, we spend constantly throughout the year on our love for beauty and it makes no difference when special occasions arise, we seem to spend more. Party season is no different. I was set a challenge by Most Wanted - VoucherCodes, a website I'm a regular user of and I'm sure many of you are too, the challenge is to with £60 get the most out of the set amount. Eeek, savvy shopping is a must. Let's see what I picked out in my pack!

I decided to go for a Soap & Glory Bright and Bubbly Original Pink Gift Set, something for the ladies to relax and prep their skin for the night ahead. We all need to feel relaxed and pampered before we go out and with our skin on show, it needs to look at our best. Pick up a gift set which you can find plenty of during this time of year and use it only for your nights out.

Who wants a shiny face all night? Nobody! Using a foundation that's oil free and gives you a matte finish, for that flawless beat face is the first step such as the Barry M Flawless Matte Finish Oil Free Foundation

I decided on two palettes, it will give you ladies a chance to either use the Barry M Natural Glow Eye Shadow and Face Blusher Palette with red lips using the Sleek Lip 4 Lipstick Palette - Tease for a classic / modern pin up look or go sultry and eye appeasing with the Barry M Smokin Hot Eye Shadow and Face Blusher Palette with smoky eye and nude lips from the Sleek Lip 4 Lipstick Palette - Ballet. Both of these palettes have blushers in there as an option to complete the look.

I included the MUA Luxe Glitter Palette - Burlesque as when I think of this party season I think of glitter / sequins, something shiny and reflective, so you can play up the eyes even more with this by dabbing some glitter onto the lids once you've finished applying your shadows.

The reason I picked up the MUA Gel Eyeliner - Underground was because it can be used to line your waterline as well as your upper lash line. Sometimes I find gel lasts a lot longer than pencils on the waterline and they don't look as drying as liquid eyeliner.

Prep the eyelashes with the Sleek MakeUP Lethal Length Mascara before putting on one of my favourite lashes, the Ardell Fashion Lash Demi Wispies False Eyelashes, take off and clean your eyelashes right, they'll give you at least 4-5 uses, maybe more.

Finally find a party colour, I chose Barry M Nail Paint - Berry Cosmo it's such a gorgeous colour, I'm seriously in love, it's a nice deep purple that will go with just about any outfit you need this season.

Of course all colours & brands are optional, I decided to go British besides the lashes. I wanted to get my favourite Eylure Girls Aloud - Nicola lashes which of course would round it all off as an all Brits Beauty Preparation Pack!

Total £59.43

Savvy Shopping Tip 1 : Shop where you can get 3 for 2 deals, Superdrug & Boots run these promotions very often across the beauty sections and it's a good way to get the shopping bill down and get more for the money. I'm always shopping for either or both 3 for 2 and discounts online & any that can be redeemed in stores.

Savvy Shopping Tip 2 : Loyalty point cards. If your a regular shopper & I mean very regular in those two above places throughout the year, look at the card as a piggy bank & save the points. Come to the party season late Nov - January, you can make your own Beauty Preparation Pack.

Savvy Shopping Tip 3 : Look for products where you can get more than one product from, as I have done above, the eyeshadow & blush palette, the lip 4 palettes you can mix your own shades, have more shades throughout the party season.

Savvy Shopping Tip 4 : Search online for voucher codes, is one of my personal favourites that I use a lot. Look for discounts that can be used online or in-store. Any % off is better than full price!

Soon you'll be able to vote for your favourite #BeautyPrepPack via the Most Wanted online magazine, I will let you know more about this when it goes live, I hope you'll vote - I'd appreciate it.
What do you think? Do I have all your party beauty needs?

Love, LaaLaa xo
I was compensated for the products provided in this post for this Beauty Prep Pack

Party Beauty Preparation Pack for Under £60

As a child flannels were all I knew, once in my teens dabbling with make-up and doing as instructed with make-up removers I used cotton pads but then again I was only removing eye make-up so it did the trick. A year into blogging I read a post regarding microfiber cloths, she said it helped her acne and cleared up her skin, these are mostly found in the household/car sections of stores. The blogger said that it helped to remove all their make-up with just warm water, I tried this but found I needed more than warm water and didn't warm much to the texture on my skin but I did earlier this year decide to try again with the AmazeMitt (review). Microfiber is gentle, reduces the appearance of wrinkles & fine lines, minimise scars, reduce acne, whiteheads and blackheads & clear clogged pores from bacteria & dirt. Suffice to say I don't get on well with microfiber cloths.

Muslin cloths I was introduced first in 2010 as it was included in the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish and I was typically converted to using the cloths over the next 3 years. Noticing that there's quite a few different weaving/patterns to the cloths, some a lot softer than others. I like to use muslin cloths around the eyes, it helps to remove the make-up well and it's thinner to work on the lashes and by the tear duct. From last Christmas I have an Dr.Hauschka large muslin cloth that I'm still cutting to this day to use, I find the texture is different to that of the Neal's Yard cloth that is included in the Beauty Balm which is thinner and smoother to touch.

I find it can count for flannels too, the difference in textures. Like the muslin some have been softer than others but the work of cleaning the face seems to depend on the texture, I can work on exfoliating on the face more with a 'rougher' flannel as opposed to a softer one but I picked up a pack of 4 x2 from TK Maxx and while some what soft still does well on exfoliating but not to the point I'm scrubbing like an old lady on an old washer. Everything is hard to wash back to it's pre-used state even after bleaching some of them just to get most the stains out. Probably should of got black instead(?)

(Remember when flannels were NOT the thing to use, oh how we flock!)

Question is what do I get the benefit more out of? Truth be told, both! I use them for different things instead of solely depending on just one. I like to use the flannels on my eyes & face when removing make-up, it's gentler then again I like the muslin cloths (depending on texture) on exfoliating and riding any dryness that maybe occurring as I'm not a daily make-up wearer I do swap and change them around BUT I never use the same one twice. I will put it in the laundry basket ready for it to be washed - hence why I have so many. Just finding what suits you better.

Let me know what you use, is it just your hands, microfiber, muslin, flannels - maybe something we are yet to discover..Share! 

Love, LaaLaa xo

Cloths vs Flannels

After a successful nail growth earlier this year, during the summer and up until now my nails broke and just needed to be rebuilt again so I invested like a lot of beauty bloggers in a nail wheel, evidently it's helpful as it let's you swatch as many colours to quite a perfect standard without stripping your own nails. If you prefer real nail swatches then I apologise but this is quite easier for the meantime. Anywhoooo!

Currently there is 6 weeks until Christmas, what?! Meaning party season, yeah that time too. Most of us love a good party and with work do's, friends & families festivities happening, we need to be ready. Nails can do just as much for our hands as jewellery. First up is Devils Delight it's a seductive red, almost that traditional red. It'll look beautiful against gold and also the LBD! Moonlit Shadow is a champange, gold metallic tone colour but it's quite opaque and needs about 2 - 3 coats, which you can see the difference in the two nails. While In the Stars can be used as either a glittery top coat - as above, or by itself for a clear but shimmery look on your bare nails. Don't skip on No7 for these quick drying nail polishes and at £6 a bottle - can you really go wrong?

Which one is your favourite?

Love, LaaLaa xo

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No7 Stay Perfect Nail Colours

Being introduced to Organic Surge this year, it's been a brand that I personally find affordable for what the products represent. They've now released for the first time a full sized bundle that features beauty bloggers favourite Organic Surge items. The four item gem, includes:

Blissful Daily Moisturiser, Citrus Mint Shower Gel, Lavender Meadow Hand & Nail Cream, and 2-Minute Moisture Hair Mask.

Having already tried 2 out of 4, this will be great to see that two of the products I've enjoyed and two others that I am yet to discover that other beauty bloggers have enjoyed. You can read where I use the Lavender Meadow Hand & Nail Cream and what I think of the Citrus Mint Shower Gel.
2-Minute Moisture Hair Mask, I've only tried this once to be honest, but upo application I noticed how soft to touch the texture of my hair was. Since reverting back to curly finding a nice balance of moisture and less frizz & dryness has been a learning curve, so it would be nice nice to see how this one over time helps my hair when in times of need compared to ones I have that do the same thing but at a higher cost.

Blissful Daily Moisturiser is for normal / combination skin. It's mix of natural hydrators, anti-oxidants and essential oils work to balance oily & dry skin. Sweet almond oil, aloe vera, glycerine, rosemary, lemon & sweet orange essential oils are the natural actives you will find it this moisturiser. The texture is very light and blends in well, doesn't leave the face feeling greasy to let you know it's moisturised.

The bundle valued originally at £24.08 which is the same price as if you was to buy the products individually. They've currently got it on sale for £20.95. Save a few pounds and grab this as a treat for yourself or for an organic, cruelty free beauty enthusiast!

What do you think of this bundle? Would you change any of the items for a favourite of yours?

Update:- No longer available.

*pr samples

Organic Surge Beauty Bloggers Favourites Bundle

I spoke about oral hygiene a few months ago and it was received well, so given the opportunity to review manual toothbrush from a brand, I've not heard of yet. I thought what harm can it do. Since September and receiving my year supply, I've hardly switched back besides for when I was away (couldn't find the brush holder) yet I've not reverted back, honestly it surprised me. I've got lazy, once you have a brush that ends up doing all that work for you, why go back?
What is Nano-B?
Nano-B is a brand of antibacterial toothbrushes, you have two different bristle coatings to choose from, silver or charcoal & gold. The design of these brushes are slim, transparent with a range of crystal colours.

Nano-B Silver (nicknamed "silver bullet") bristles are design for those who want to thorough cleaning experience. With natural bacteria fighting bristles and the head is small on both brushes which means they can reach the toughest areas of the mouth like the back of the mouth. Eliminating 99.9% of bacteria. While the Nano-B Charcoal & Gold is useful for those of us who are wanting to whiten our teeth. Merging the antibacterial properties of the gold bristles with the natural whitening properties of bamboo charcoal. If the teeth are stained or discoloured this will be ideal. The latter is the one I have been using & I keep on saying, it's amazing how the brush is quite firm with it's shape but still the bristles are quite soft. It reaches all the way back to my wisdom teeth that are still painfully coming through and makes sure that it gets the food removed. Can I comment on teeth whitening - I'm not sure if honest. It's heading into the second month of usage so it might take a bit longer than that to see a change.

Nano-B Official Website £7.99 each

Here's a list of websites & locations that sell Nano-B

Central London Pharmacies:
Gould Pharmacy - 37 N Audley St, London W1K 6ZL
Dajani Pharmacies - 92 Old Brompton Rd, London SW7 3LQ
Zest Pharmacy & Gift Shop - 18 Broadwick St, London W1F 8HS
Victoria Pharmacy - 58 Horseferry Rd, London SW1P 2AF
Pharmacy Republic - 100 Fleet Rd, London NW3 2QX
Audley Pharmacy - 36 S Audley St, London W1K 2PL
Courtenay Chemist - 3 St John's Wood High St, London NW8 7N
The Garden Pharmacy - 119 Long Acre, Covent Garden, London WC2E 9PB
Welbeck Pharmacy - 35 Devonshire St, London W1G 6PZ

Health food Stores:
Bumblebee Natural Foods - 33 Brecknock Rd, London N7 0BT;
Mother Earth Health - 282 St Paul's Rd, London N1 2LH;

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Nano-B Toothbrushes

Belif is a brand that I have been introduced to, having not an inkling as to the brand, I could have no pre-judgement, just all my thought but I did before I agree decide to hop on their website & read a little bit more about the company. The brand is mixed together with that of Napiers who was founded by Duncan Napiers and it combines his modern skincare expertise. The brand uses herbal processing methods that were passed down from a British herbalist since 1860!

When I think about remedies/process from back when, I think how much more efficient and simple were they? Sometimes at home I use remedies my nan passed down to me that she got while growing up in Jamaica and the simplicity works better than over the counter or store purchased products. Now keep in mind, this gorgeous box that has an embossed design, cute yellow, gold rope handle contents sample sized products which can be a great introduction into a brand. Nothing is worse than spending a great deal of money on something that doesn't work right?
Within this box there was a smorgasbord full of variety, creams that you can find to target your skin type and those two little lip balms in the top right corner? Reminds me of when I was younger and you could have them as charms on your phone or key. Below you can see a close up of each set of products within this box.

The True Cream Aqua Bomb
This contains the herbal ingredient called "Lady's Mantle" this helps soften the skin with its natural properties to remove dry, scaly, and flaky skin, while controlling excess sebum, resulting in tighter pores and less oily shine. Also acts as an excellent moisturiser. This has a gel like consistency, each time I smell this I think of washing up liquid(?) If I'm being honest. I don't feel this leaves my skin feeling moisturised / supple. When I apply it onto my t-zone, it almost mattifies the area but leaving it feeling a tad dry. Be a good one to control oil spots before applying make-up.
Skin type: All Skin Types
Key Herbal Ingredients: Lady's mantle

The True Cream Moisturizing Bomb
Marketed as a 26 hour cream, great if you work excessive hours or travelling to Australia where you need something that is going to keep your skin hydrated while your running on empty. The key herb within this is Comfrey Leaf which helps turn rough, hard skin into soft and supple skin. Well I don't have rough, hard skin so I can't comment too much on this, has a fresh scent to it and is of course more moisturising than the Aqua Bomb.
Skin type: All Skin Types
Key Herbal Ingredients: Comfrey Leaf

Hungarian Water Essence
Rosemary this herb boosts microvascular circulation, keeping skin tone clear and healthy. By removing active oxygen, it prevents oxidation of skin tissue. Gotu kola helps alleviate skin ageing while protecting the skin. This is used after your toner and before the Aqua bomb. This pump bottle essence has a gel like consistency and wouldn't be very enhancing in moisture for my skin, tried the steps of the Aqua and the skin felt too dry.
Skin type: All Skin Types
Key Herbal Ingredients: Rosemary & Gotu kola

The True Anti-Aging Essence
Calendula with its abundant bioflavonoids, it has been used as natural moisturiser through the ages to prevent skin ageing and dryness. Acai widely known as a super food with excellent antioxidant benefits, it strengthens the moisturised layer of the skin with abundant polyphenols and vitamin A. Wasn't a fan of this one neither, it is very runny as of course it is a liquid but it needs to be shaked up before use as it naturally separates but it didn't add anything to my skin, I applied it the way it's described to do, apply with warm hands and gently pat until absorbed - so far all these products have done have mattifies my face but leaves it feeling like it continues to need more.
Skin type: All Skin Types
Key Herbal Ingredients: Calendula & Acai

You'll also see 3x 3ml sachets of the first three products described above in the image.
Belif First Aid Anti-hangover Soothing Mask
Chamomile is a mild, low-irritating herbal ingredient that calms delicate and sensitive skin. I've read for years Chamomile is good for the skin, another herb that is great for sensitive skin meaning that if you have irritated skin from whatever you can use chamomile to make sure it's not provoked.

This mask is to be used at night and wash it off in the morning so only a thin layer is applied. If your skin is tired, dull and overall just exhausted - this is perfect. Helps to revive the skin and feel more alive. I use this cool, gel textured mask underneath my cream before I go to sleep. I wake up and once I rinse it off my skin is so smooth and feels more plump.
Skin type: Thin & Delicate
Key Herbal Ingredients: Chamomile

Belif Classic Essence Increment
If you find that your skin is thin and delicate this is a good product for you, just like the previous Essence products this is use after the toner. It's to help those with with thin skin get the most moisture and resilience possible.
Skin type: Thin & Delicate
Key Herbal Ingredients: Oat Seed, Heartsease, Catnip Flowering Tops & Chickweed Herb

This selection here is part of the Napiers Herbal own brand which is also available to buy on the website. I guess it was to give an overall feel of the brand itself.
Napiers Tea Tree & Goldenseal Balancing Cream
This cream is for face & body & for those who suffer from problematic, combination skin containing herbs with natural antiseptic properties such as Tea Tree, Bilberry and Goldenseal that can be ideal for skin problems such as reduce redness, blotches and redness.

Napiers Calendula Flower Cream
For those with dry skin that is causing irritation and soreness. The unfragranced, soothing, moisturising cream is protecting and calming, contains no fragrance and no essential oils, safe for children & babies too. Natural Calendula extract speeds up cell & tissue repair.

Napiers Herbal Age Defiance Corrective Skin Cream
This one sounds quite good and appealing to me, helps to shrink & remove skin tags, fade age spots, unusual skin marks, freckles, sun spots, reduces signs of sun damage and evens out skin pigmentation. Great for all skin types.

Belief Balm Almighty
Product Description
This multi-functional balm delivers instant moisture and relief to various skin areas, such as cuticles, tips of brittle hair, elbows, heels, and other dry cracked areas. Borage oil rich in a variety of minerals and Lavender oil in this balm soothe the skin and protect the skin from external skin stressors while keeping dried and damaged skin soft and hydrated.
Key Herbal Ingredients: Borage Oil & Lavender Flower

Belif Sugar Coat Lip Balm
Lip balm treatment that leaves the lips healthy and hydrated so that they look silky and glossy as if they were sugar-glazed. Rich with hydrating and smoothing elements, it seals in moisture and protects the lips from the environment. It is formulated with the herbal ingredient Stellaria (Chickweed), effective for hydrating and preventing skin troubles, particularly the delicate skin of the lips which are often prone to dryness.
Skin type: All Skin Types
Key Herbal Ingredients: Chickweed

(CF?)While searching Belif Cosmetics I wanted to see if it was CF (cruelty free), it says it is dermatologically tested but all that means is a dermatologist has deemed it safe for our skin. Yet there is no state of CF I have contacted the company and I am awaiting feedback to edit this post.

This box above is not available to purchase I'm afraid. It was sent as just a bundle to sample but individually these products are available full size. I think it would be a great thing if these could be available as above so others could have the chance to sample them as a smorgasbord too, what do you think?

this post contains samples

Belif Cosmetics