Festival season has started and with the unpredictable weather you never know if your going to get lucky with dry ground or your a pig in muck (hey that's quite fun!) so I'm going to my first festival in July (wahh-hey) and of course now it's time to festival close plan. Funny thing is 80% of the time dress myself from foot to top. I can do the shoes oh and accessories and base my clothes around that, so as I'm starting upside down, it's my festival shoe wishlist. So considering I really do live in trainers, that's mostly my wish, wish, wish!

I own converses out the A! but only Hi-Tops, for some reason those are the only ones I prefer. Maybe cos they don't make my feet look mahoosive. Yet great grunge accessory in my eyes. True timeless classics, these comes in a range of colours, patterns and designs, if you've currently got Superman fever, these will be ideal.

Let's be frank, if your anything like me and you think of festivals it's either wellies or Woodstock, orgy love fest. Wellies are a good investment living in the UK you never know when your going to be caught out in torrential rain, knee deep in snow or knee deep in mud. These Diesel wellies are short, neon and in the style of biker boots. Ideal for wellie virgins.

These come in 13 different shades, from neon - dark. Whatever suits you, I'm sure you'll find. These short glossy wellies are spot on for you ladies who don't want calf - knee high boots and want to catch a little bit of sun - safely mind (SPF those bodies) Gloss short are lighter than the original boots they are modelled from, I have to say I'm loving the glossy boots.

These I must get, from the colour, style and design. OH EM GEE! It's just me. They come in a few other colours such as neon green and neon yellow but me being a pink girl. Hello! The spikes give it an extra edge with the bright neon pink trimming. Ah I'm in love. Little on the pricey side but possibly worth the orgasmic feeling.

More trainers 'yay' pink galore. Patent leather and breathable mesh, it makes it ideal for those muddy summer days, easy to wipe clean and your feet get some air - phew. These also come in black and pink if you prefer something not so in your face! I have a few hi-tops with straps from adidas and converse, I like the extra addition. You can get these online or in-store from Footlocker!

Other shoes I would suggest would be, flat boots, Dr.Martens, Worker Boots or Zipped boots.

What are your festival or Summer go to shoes?

Festival Footwear

I mentioned on my Dolce Vanity Facebook page if anyone had watched the documentary 'Dark Girls'? I found it thought provoking. The documentary has women who have grown up with self esteem problems within themselves because of their skin tone. We've got the beauty industry who are embarking and endorsing skin lightening by selling pills and skin bleaching creams. The media feeds it to us that the lighter, the better(?) by photoshopping celebrities to be lighter and more 'universally appealing'. Then there's also the words that can cut deeper than a knife and be the heavy baggage carried throughout life.

Does the topic run towards the old age issue of white & light vs dark skinned?
I'm the creation of a dark skinned black mother and a white father, growing up and even when guys would constantly 'need to know' if I was mixed, they'd ask, 'White mum, black dad?' I would say nope other way around I'd get a similar response, 'That's unusual, it's supposed to be the other way' Well no it's not supposed to be and are you shocked that my father is white cos my mother is a black woman? Until I was on the suffering end of bullying because of being lighter, did I start to question myself and it was by a girl of darker complexion to the point I started to even hate myself for being mixed and different. It drove me to leave the school, it made me angry towards myself. I wanted to die & tried to do it, I allowed her words of hate, maybe jealousy and frustration of her own to make me feel as if I was so wrong. One woman in the documentary confessed to being part of a group of girls who would beat up lighter skinned girls in the bathroom and even put hair removal cream in their hair. Most feel it's not other ethnicities they feel the stigma / taunting from but from black people themselves. The separation can happen, sometimes we might feed into it unconsciously. I know I have a few times, #teamlightskinned #teamlonghair ..team who gives a f! Are we constantly segregating ourself because there's a need to let people know don't put me in this box, I am not X ...I'm Z ....don't confuse the two. I feel our issues are more difference than anything else. Difference scares the human race, nobody wants to understand or respect the difference between them and someone else. It's easier to judge!

Some say the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice
I say the darker the flesh then the deeper the roots
-"Keep Ya Head Up"

Is the self hatred within their own community rather than racism?
The lack of support from other women, how we begin to segregate, how men view and talk about it, can it play it's part? I think so! Me and my friend was talking about the affects of self esteem and yes I feel men can play a part within this too. As soon as we are not 'picture perfect' we are automatically inferior of another and most time it's against a woman they don't or won't ever have or probably may not even want them. I've spoken to males over the topic, how do they feel about women with darker complexion? The responses I have got are varied as to why they wouldn't date one ('A black woman doesn't look good next to me' .... 'I can't date a girl who is getting her hair done at the barbers too'....'They wear weaves'....'Too much attitude'. People close to you may tell you I can have just as much sass and attitude, don't be fooled, let's not pin point them stigmas.) but it goes back to the basis of they prefer a light skinned or mixed woman. We cannot be faulted for who we are attracted to but don't pick & find faults.

I am not your expectations
I am not my hair
I am not this skin
I am a soul that lives within
-"I Am Not My Hair"
India Arie

I had a conversation regarding self esteem and I view it as 80-90% of low self esteem can be from self image. Our surroundings make us feel a certain way about ourselves, as women today we have different pressures than our mothers and grandmothers but we are feeling the pressure to be whatever is viewed as right but one that is alive is skin tone. One mother said her daughter doesn't like to be called black, she is lighter than her siblings & will just say her family are a lighter brown. Her mother witnesses how she is looked upon and treated different from others outside the home, she has taught her sons to treat their sister as a princess and treat her with the utmost respect so that when her daughter grows up, she isn't feeling as if she isn't good enough and looking for love in all the wrong places once out the house. These things begin at home, feeding the children and letting them know, what you see in the mirror is beautiful no matter what, reinforcing that confidence. Within the documentary it would be nice to of heard from women who have grown up with the confidence despite their skin colour and how they feel and look upon it to give it a two sided feel as not everyone feels the same way.

I wonder why we take from our women
Why we rape our women, do we hate our women?
I think it's time to kill for our women
Time to heal our women, be real to our women
And if we don't we'll have a race of babies
That will hate the ladies, that make the babies
-"Keep Ya Head Up"

On Sunday's there's a chat on Twitter at 8PM GMT #BrownBeauty for the past few weeks it's given us a platform to discuss topics, women of brown skin tones coming together to discuss the industry, it's been long overdue in my opinion but it's a way to include us all and embrace the various skin tones and the struggles we all face when it comes to the industry. It will be interesting to see the topics that will occur, if it will get deeper than just industrial/media beauty.

- I linked the documentary to women on Facebook who asked via their inbox as I didn't want the link to be taken down for copyright but I will leave a link here

We have to stop ignoring the elephant in the room and begin addressing it.

Dark Girls - My Response.

According to the worlds biggest dictionary Wikipedia it describes Hyperpigmentation as this :

In dermatology, hyperpigmentation is the darkening of an area of skin or nails caused by increased melanin.
Hyperpigmentation may be caused by sun damage, inflammation, or other skin injuries, including those related to acne vulgaris. People with darker Asian, Mediterranean, or African skin tones are also more prone to hyperpigmentation, especially if they have excess sun exposure.
Source : Wikipedia, Hyperpigmentation

Suffering from dark spots can be just as much a killer blow to the self esteem as the spot itself. I've told several times before that most times it never really matters how I treat a spot, when it starts to go down the spot turns into a darker more permanent fixture on the skin.

Soon you will read a post on skincare I was testing out to prevent breakouts and acne that left me with my most recent scarring. I didn't want to go back down the lemon dousing route just because I wanted something that could work throughout the day. Let me introduce some that I've tested since about February. I nearly always accept products that are to do with dark spot correction cos I truly suffer.

Hyperpigmentation Bye Bye!



Since childhood reading has been a passion of mine, not only reading but writing. My childhood was filled with poetry, history and literature, books to encourage and help the structure of poetry. I use to create books in junior school and sell them for 20 pence and they even had illustrations. The woes and tales of an only child! Even though it has been a long time since I've purchased a poetry book, the love for reading hasn't been abandoned. There's another part to the books I buy more times than none they are second hand books. The books I get are either out of publication or very hard to find and thanks to generous people, there given up and into my hands.

A story within a story I look at it as, the people who had this before me, what was there take on the book, what page did they need to bend at to make sure they attended back to. The genres of these don't stray too far from my childhood like, they involve history in a sense, more criminal and biographical books, I know a lot of people love to read on kindles as they are more convenient when travelling but there's nothing better to me than feeling paper and print.

Scouring car boots, charity shops and even online it's a haven for us bookworms.

Book of Two Stories

neom enchantment candle
The last week has been an off one, I didn't want to communicate, shut it all away and relax. Taking advantage on Saturday I decided to live by candle light in my room and bathroom. Gave me an opportunity to light the NEOM Enchantment candle*, the three wick luxurious candle has interesting packaging, the lid is a removable wooden one with NEOM carved onto the top. It adds to the beauty.

Key notes for Enchantment are Bluebell, Guaiacwood & Rose. The latter are said to be very similar scents as I've never smelt Guaiacwood alone, I can't vouch but Guaiacwood scent a amazing de-stresser, great for calming and relaxing emotions. Rose can help those who are going through grief, anger, aggression, irritation and depression

neom kit
neom bath
I always try and surround myself around scents that help to relax me, as my moods can vary and swing quite quickly, whenever I am in my isolation chamber i.e. my bedroom it's important I can feel at ease. That also includes the bathroom, I spend most of my hours in there too, sad but true.

Scent wth Love* could be a lovely gift for a loved one or a nice treat for yourself, look upon it as a 'getting to know NEOM body products' kit. The Tranquillity Organic Bath & Shower Oil has been featured before and this cupful of relaxing oil is ideal whenever I feel grey so I decided to team it up with the Sensuous body wash it smelt spicy when I took a sharp whiff, my scents are opening and appreciating more notes to aid relaxation such as the ones in this wash, ylang ylang, frankincense & patchouli, other ingredients are Japanese seaweed & pomegranate, pomegranate has amazing properties for your skin, if you suffer from either dry, oily & combination you can benefit, not to forget it softens up the skin and promotes cell regeneration.

NEOM certainly are a luxury organic brand, some may halt and cry at the price tags but a little goes a long way and for luxury gifts, it's a choice of mine. Currently shopping for my grandmama's 70th next month and I think a few pieces from NEOM's will be an additional treat, what do you think?

love xo

*pr samples

Tranquil Night with NEOM

I've wanted Models Own Pink Fizz for a while now and while in Boots I had to pick it up. Essie Neo Whimsical is a rose plum according to Essie. Pink Fizz (£5.00) is a little hard at first to apply, can be a bit gooey but once the first layer dried it was easier to apply again. Neo Whimsical (15ml £9.70) is such a soft beautiful colour that's become a favourite of mine now.

What's on your nails this week?

Manicure Monday : Essie Neo Whimsical & Models Own Pink Fizz

Want to find out what I got in this BeautecoBox*? With three menus to choose from I decided on this menu, the menus are all fairly similar with a few items that are different, it's about picking the box to suit your need. I think that's why I enjoy the idea of BeautecoBox and it's way of operating it's the way forward to cater to consumers and sets the box apart from others. What's in my box.....

Headline Colors Glamour Nail Polish (£9)
A frosty toned gold shade, when I swatched it on my one thumb while changing my nail colours over the strokes were quite noticeable once dried. Definitely can't just brush any how if you are a particular person with your manicure.

Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream (15ml £20)
Suitable for all skin types this aims to help dark shadows and reduce the appearance of fine lines. The cream isn't heavy or thick in texture. What will make this last is that you don't need to use a lot.

Amie New Leaf Skin Exfoliating Polish (75ml £4.95)
A brand I've never heard of before (YAY) and it's skin polish (whoop, whoop!) I'm an exfoliator nut and I'm going to be brave and use this during my facial routine this weekend. It contains mango seed butter, orange blosson and bamboo beads, interesting combination, bamboo beads? pH balance and soap free. It's safe for vegetarians & vegans and not tested on animals.

Organic Surge Gentle Cleansing Lotion (200ml £5.99)
I've become a convert of Organic Surge affordable, gentle and always smelling appeasing. I've yet to use this cleanser to be honest, it contains organic rosemary and lemon essential oils & of course smells lush. It's been tested on sensitive skin. You just apply onto the face using fingers or a cotton pad and remove with another fresh cotton pad.

Eves of St Agnes Rose & Mango Body Balm (£12)
This butter once rubbed into the palms, melts right into the skin with warmth. It smells more of rose than the mango and it's a small tub that I'm not sure is worth the price to be fair as this is for dry skin, I would suggest that it's only used on the driest parts of the skin, than all over.

*This product was sent to me for consideration for a review. This does not sway my opinion. This is 100% my view and research is that of my own!


My ragtop hasn't been blown out hardly ever in the last six months, I'm finding that my hair needs a great deal of preparation for this procedure ( yup, it's medical ) besides prepping the hair with a protein mask ( one egg, 1-2 scoops of coconut oil ) on wash day. I also need to use products that are targeted towards, dry & damaged hair as I'm still trying to repair the hair from my bleaching a year ago.

I've used these YUKO products on the occasions I've blown out my hair. the YUKO brand was founded in 1996 by Yuko Yamashita, with the idea for easy haircare for women who suffer with their hair where by it frizz, damaged or straight up out of control & rude. She worked closely with Phiten ( a Japanese sports, health & beauty company) to design YUKO hair straightening which I have the conditioner from that section, below.

I used my BaByliss Big Hair dryer until it conked out on me during the operation (R.I.P) so out came the hairdryer and a time to test out the Macadamia 100% boar hot curling brush (I never knew this was really BOAR HAIR!!!, forgive me Jesus) and I sometimes find when you have products that are aimed at certain types they are so hit & miss.

Phitenbella Conditioner, intensive conditioner - just the word, intensive, sells me. Being told those are the type of products I need to use, I try to stick to that especially when going straight. This conditioner is recommended to use AFTER the YUKO Permanent hair straightening treatment. Ingredients that are included are keratin, sericin, algae, collagen, vitamin E and amino acids. Keratin is known for it's smoothing like properties. It's a light-weight, moisturising and easy to work through the hair conditioner.

When my hair has air dried about 85-90% I begin & as I go by sections I spray the Repair Through onto the individual section I am working on. The Repair Through is a leave in conditioning spray with amino acids that can be used on wet or dry hair. It can help against heat and brush damage, something I think a lot of us at times can forget about. I found that two spritz near the roots and end works best because too much of the spray can make my hair feel like straw.

Once my hair is blowed out and styled I take the Anti-frizz serum and begin to run it through my mid sections downwards. The serum is so light and watery, perfect cos when I wear my hair blowed out I prefer for it to not be weighed down but still moisturised.
More than anything I recommend just no heat - period - if possible or if like me and you want to have a change up, only do it when it's necessary, important dates & engagements. My only 'important date' was I wanted to see a length check from when I had it snip, snipped in November. In six months I've seen my hair go from damaged, hair that wouldn't curl to hair that is curly and a lot better in texture but when it's blown out the hair is a lot more manageable, thicker and healthier.

Granted this review has taken me a little while to do but I really wanted to see on the few events that I do blow out my hair how these products held up.

Have you heard or tried YUKO products? 
Did I sway you just a little?

*This product was sent to me for consideration for a review. This does not sway my opinion. This is 100% my view and research is that of my own!

YUKO | Treatment for Dry & Damaged Hair

Whether I'm being lazy or in a rush, creaming the skin can be that extra long step, all that skin. Yet I can't go around with dry skin, prevention is better than cure. I remember seeing the NIVEA commercial for the new In-Shower Body Moisturiser and thinking, oh now that I'd like to try!

I'll be lounging on the couch,
Just chillin' in my snuggie
Click to MTV, so they can teach me how to dougie - Bruno Mars "The Lazy Song"

Designed to keep the skin moisturised even after towel drying, something I'm too lazy to do too surprise, surprise. I prefer to let the skin dry itself while I'm getting ready so I do normally spray myself with oil, let it sink in. Knowing I have some drier areas than other on my skin such as kneecaps & elbows it was interesting to see how that will work with my skin.

Using a shower gel and rinsing off, I then apply the in-shower moisturiser all over and rinse off. It can be rinsed off straight away, it doesn't need to be left on for a certain amount of time. What I like about this is that it's not sticky and glides on easy, it just reminds me of applying cream to wet skin normally.

Good product idea, kind of like a wash & go with your hair but for your skin (just must remember to put your clothes on of course) I didn't need the extra cream on the drier parts like I might of expected & my skin didn't feel dry or lacking of anything. I really had a thought it wasn't going to work but making sure to give it a consecutive run, I was happy to share my review.

Would I purchase it, it's something I would purchase, not anytime soon just because I need to get through a lot of stuff *ugh* but it's definitely not on the never again list.

Available for two skin types normal & dry skin.

*This product was sent to me for consideration for a review. This does not sway my opinion. This is 100% my view and research is that of my own!

NIVEA In-Shower Body Moisturiser

Love matte or love gloss, Sleek MakeUP have a choice of both. Matte Me Liquid Lipstick will comprise of 6 shades which should suit a majority of us. Gloss Me Lip Gloss will also have 6 shades. I was kindly sent two of each to review and swatch for you lovelies.

About The New Collection
Two new collections Matte Me & Gloss Me. Matte Me have bold shades that are for those who are daring and expressive with their lips. Matte Me have a cream consistency (reminds me a lot of the Collection Cream Puff Lip Creams) it dries quickly into the matte texture. Gloss Me is a shimmer loaded pout attack in a tube. Lip gloss can be horrific with the thoughts of it not lasting and being just too sticky. All in all, there's twelve shades to collect, these have a sponge tip applicator and with a range of different colours, there's sure to be one to suit your personality.
On the left side, those two shades are from the Matte Me range and the right hand side is the Gloss Me range.
Above it Rioja Red once it's dried a bit more than in the swatches.

Overall Thoughts
Matte Me is said to not feel drying, cake or flake with application. I found Rioja Red a little flaky when eating & drinking. While wearing Fandango Purple I found that application was a lot easier and vibrant - now you know I love reds but the purple was wow once it had dried. In general I just want to lick my lips with something matte on my lips and underneath it felt a bit drying for me and then it reminded me of the collection that came out last year that featured two matte like liquid lipsticks. I didn't get on with those very much. I might see what the other shades look like and take a gamble but I'm on the fence if it's something on my wishlist. With Gloss Me I love Rosé lip gloss, was my perfect shade for a day when I don't want to wear a lot of make-up but still show some colour, I wasn't a fan of kiss & tell on it's own but it's recommended that these lip glosses will look fabulous on the top of their True Colour lipsticks.

I am wearing Kiss & Tell above, it's definitely perfect for me. Other colours to get will be:
Matte Me: Fandango Purple, Brink Pink, Rioja Red, Party Pink, Petal & Birthday Suit
Gloss Me: Fools Gold, Rosé, Bella of the ball, Kiss&Tell, So Berry and Cranberry Crush

Are you looking forward to this collection?

*This product was sent to me for consideration for a review. This does not sway my opinion. This is 100% my view and research is that of my own!

Sleek MakeUP Matte Me Liquid Lipstick & Gloss Me Lip Gloss

I enjoy mixing bright & dark shades, having a nice smoked out outer eye and a nice pop of colour in the inner corner. It's what I like best instead of sticking to similar shades, I just enjoy colour. I think I've done something similar like this already, wouldn't surprise me but I was bored and wanted to just play with colour and anything that came to my eye was applied. Even some colours that don't appear to be there are there - where I'm not sure but I applied it.
Here's my 'trick' i.e. laziness not really a trick but when I'm bored but want to do make-up but really don't have the feeling to do a full face as much as it's probably appreciated. I do the one eye, considering I take a picture of one eye anyway, makes no difference you just don't get my cherub face AND it also gives me less make-up removal time. That's what puts me off, of putting my face on. I have taking it off. A whole day applying, a whole night removing.
I went digging into my palette drawer, I constantly purchase more ( ok, not constantly ... but more than is needed ) when I rarely use up what I have already. I went and dug out the old school palette, yeah you know that one "88 Original Palette". There's a few Urban Decay palettes that needed love too, out came 'Smoked' & "The Black Palette" .

(1) I started by applying Urban Decay Jet onto the outer corners in a patting motion
(2) Taking Urban Decay Rockstar and a blending brush, blending into Jet and the crease until it's blended & faded.
(3) 88 palette a fuchsia shade patted onto Jet gently.
(4) Taking a coral shade from the 88, that's applied and blended into the fuchsia
(5) Urban Decay Kinky is used to give a inner corner pop of the eye.
(6) Onto the lower lash line using the 88 palette and a sea foam green and working that mid way onto the lower lash
(7) Using a violet shade and continue the lower lash line to the outer corner.
- To make the sea foam green shade more intensified I used Sleek Eau La La Liner in Tonic
Use your preferred liner for a winged eye & eye rim, pop on some mascara and favourite false eyelashes and you are done.
It's nice to just use what's laying around, even if you have to blow dust off them.

EOTD : It Could Be A Bird!

I don't want to make this my swan song but this year my blog has been lacking with passion & substance. I've got to a point that I'm feeling stifled, stagnated, under pressure and unhappy. In the years I've run my blog it has transitioned from a blog I started to share my wishlists, music, other blogs I loved, fashion, mental health and of course my beauty journey except it has now gone in a direction that makes me not even want to blog I can't even bother blogging.

It's just another beauty blog.

As beauty blogging started to become the thing from about 2010 onwards the community changed. As things do, they evolve, like I wanted the blog to do, businesses also take notice, people find careers, friends and a hobby. I use to live on Twitter, I enjoyed talking to people with common interests and now I'd be lucky if I even glance towards it. I'm not putting myself on any pedestal but just the attitude and underlining's of some other bloggers puts me off being associated. Maybe I'm just not much of a social networking person (since MySpace), nor much of a in the flesh person socialiser neither.

Ever so grateful for the opportunities & recognition I have been given with running the blog & the people I have connected with, some I'm lucky enough to call a friend. It makes me smile when people tweet me and say "I started my blog because of you!" (It could also mean, girl whatever you are doing it's wrong, lemme show you how!!) or "I enjoy reading your blog, it makes me work harder on mine." That there makes it worthwhile knowing that people feel that way about what I do.

Except, I feel it's been a lie the last 6-8 months. I got greedy and ahead of myself.

I turned my back on what made my blog that to me, something I enjoyed reading too. I deleted old posts that didn't look 'professional' to companies who would want to look at my blog. I blogged nearly everyday from when I started and in my archives there's hardly anything that represented that or me!!

A couple of weeks ago I did an online interview for Cosmopolitan UK, they were talking to last years Cosmo Blog Awards winners and one of the questions put to me in the original question format sent to me was "You’ve shifted focus from just beauty on your blog. Why is that?" I sat and revisited that question for a few days, asking myself What did she mean? maybe it has become more review based & less about my beauty but to me this blog has never been soley beauty, I never intended it to be.

It was just my space to occupy my time, find myself, document a journey. A journey of a 20 year old woman, who is now facing a different life than the one she previously lived. Shameless in what I have to share, for those who are suffering in silence but at the same time want to live a normal life & have a career minus the issues going on in their heads. Share a life & love without all the bullshit!

I lost that journey.

There will always be some shit going on, there will always be people you will not like the intentions of, people will use and abuse you for their own sake & sometimes you will lose your way and be swept in with the crowd.

There's a few ways to recover the lost journey, continue until I find my way  or turn back to before I got lost or just sit and bitch.

Let's turn back and start again,

Hi, I'm LaaLaa! Currently 25 years old, bi-racial, only child vegetarian bordering on overweight with an animal obsession & Costa hot chocolate addiction. Self-taught in make-up until I attended AOFM in January 2012. I suffer from manic depression and anxiety which is probably the biggest challenge in my life to live with. It's hard for my family to deal with, this illness that's just been smacked into our faces & it's frustrating for me to live with. It's a lonely place for people to not know the extent of how bad it is even my close friends don't know the true extent & feeling cos I lie, I lie to be normal.

Make-up become a big part of my life in late 2008. That's one of a few reasons why the blog was born, it was my own space. Interests include reading, looking after my own miniature farm, cleaning (yes, cleaning), listening to music, does cheese include as an interests? History, Egyptology, Greekology and Criminology with a sick obsession with South Park & The Office US-(might border on unhealthy). There's a lot to me that's been under a rock that needs lifting and showing I'm more than this! An old friend of mines mum once described me as 'A real eccentric with eclectic taste!' I think that's a cool way to live.

I'm socially awkward. Never use to be, now I truly am.

This blog is about me and I will limit over time the reviews, while I find a fair balance between make-up looks,natural beauty, nail, videos & general posts. I want to be able to fall in love again and some may not like where it's going back to but we all have to do things to make ourselves happier.

Maybe this is a swan song to the unhappy setting, I'm going to be having a clear out and doing what I want & need to do to be content!

Hope you continue on the journey with me xo

An Honest Goodbye To The Current Blog

Beauty and the Beach 2 is back, I received the email telling me about it a while ago and being in my bummed out state, it was an opportunity to continue to get out of my make-up rut, after some things have YET to arrive I changed my designs around last minute today after Mr postman delivered me nothing :(

I began working on it today and during me working on it was tagged by my lovely friend Annie from EpiphannieA.

SK:N Sunscreen SPF 30, Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream Light, Illasmasqua Satin Primer, Rimmel Wake Me Up SPF 15 Foundation and Illmasqua Blusher in Lover.

Mixing together some sunscreen with my cream, I use this as my base making sure that my skin is protected underneath all layers whether it's day or night, next applying a thin layer of primer onto my face. Using my buffer brush, I buff the foundation into my skin, giving it a nice even base and due to the foundations properties to give a nice glow it's perfect to bring out any bronze tones happening. Apply a little blush on the apples upwards.

Sleek MakeUP Sunset Palette, MAC Big T eyeshadow, MAC Electric EEL eyeshadow, Illamasqua Eyeliner, Stargazer Eye Dust #2 and False Eyelashes.

Taking the orange from the Sunset Palette, apply into the centre of the lid, taking the yellow/gold shade apply to the inner corner and blend into the orange. The reddish tone is lightly applied to the outer corner and blended out. MAC EEL is used on the lower lash outer corner brought inwards to about the iris, MAC Big T is then applied to the rest of the lower lash. Stargazer eye dust is mixed to make an eyeliner, winged out and a black pencil onto my water line, lashes applied, some mascara on the bottom - viola.

Illasmasqua Lipstick in Obey & AVON Plump Pout in Nude.

Illamasqua Obey is applied but due to it being a matte and quite dryer a lip gloss is needed to give it , that finish sleek look.

I took my eye inspiration from some tropical birds (again!) Got to love the birds we don't get to see in the UK that are so mesmerizing. Using the oranges, blues and the burnt orange / red from the beaks.

Sinful Colors "Mint Apple", Sally Hansen Insta-Dri "Mint Sprint", H&M "No Mambo Jambo", Sinful Colors "Nail Junkie" and Born Pretty Hexagon Nail Art.

A few weeks ago I did order the Mash Nails Stamping Plate but it was yet to arrive so I changed my design.  I decided to continue to do my light gradient effect with glitter at the bottom but one nail to have the appearance of the scales of the mermaid tail.

Inspired by a Mermaids tail, the love of mythical creatures and I especially when I was younger I wanted to be a mermaid (you, read right!)

 A braided do, forever my holiday go to, I just want my hair out the way and plus it's easier to go from day to night as there's not much fuss left, it can always be decorated with clips from a day to night look.  The front of the hair has a little quiff that is then back combed, smoothed down slightly, using a few grips pinned. Gathering the rest of the hair up, a braid is started and it doesn't matter if it's tidy, were going for different plait effects. Selena Gomez was my hairspiration for this look. Such a rock but beach look!

So being last minute - eek. If you ladies have a spare moment tomorrow, check out this page & do all three looks or one of the three!

Tag: Stephanie - Nerd About Town // Halimah - Fashionicide // Helena - Beaut Chic // Tereza - Cityscape Bliss // Kayleigh - Couture Girl 

Have fun & good luck :) xo

Beauty & The Beach 2