Sports bras are important for women who exercise, no matter what bust size you are. Panache Sport bras are underwired and nicely padded bra, it will give you a reduced 83% breast bounce. CoppaFeel breast cancer charity and Panache have teamed up to create this pink sports bra. The straps are thick and supportive and don't dig into my shoulders or my side making it comfortable and bearable during a work-out. If there's anything I hate when I do bother to work out, it's the bra. With any bra you need support and comfort and with exercising you need it even more.

The straps are adjustable for a secure and perfect fit, the hook and eye are padded for comfort. The inner cups are moulded smoothly to reduce friction and improve comfort - which I do agree there, it does give you comfort, it's quite soft and light on the breasts. The underwires are wrapped in silicone and sewn between the fabric layers for comfortable support.

Of course when you work out - sweat, you don't want your under clothes to feel heavy and bothering your skin but I found the fabric helps soak up the sweat but the mesh panels help me to keep cool during a workout.

Just because this month is Breast Cancer Awareness doesn't mean that should be the only time we are reminded about our breasts, at any age we should be checking them on a regular basis. This above card is attached to this bra and it gives a very good insight into what we need to look / feel for. How handy?

Panache Sport Sports Bra's come in a range of other colours - blue, purple, grey, white & black for cup sizes B-H.

I guess I don't have an excuse to not Zumba as much now (:

PR sample in association with Best British Bloggers

*This product was sent to me for consideration for a review. This does not sway my opinion. This is 100% my view and research is that of my own!

Panache Sport Bra

Another day, another beauty box subscription. This one landed on my doorstep on Saturday and I was confused when I opened it cos I thought huh, where did this come from? Reading the letter included it gave me an insight, a new beauty box that monthly gives you 4 full sized products for £17.95 inc p&p.

All About Beauty Box

Here is another box from BeTrousse UK the company that gives you full sized products within each box instead of 4 samples and one full sized product. Each non subscription box is £19 + p&p but the retail value of each box is phenomenal.

Pretty Beauty Kit contains not 5 but 9 full sized products ranging from hair, skin care & make-up.

Betrousse UK Pretty Beauty Kit

24k Gold Collagen Face Mask*

24k Gold face mask, I hear you exclaim! Jamela Skincare have a 24k collagen range that aims at specific spots on body such as necks, eyes, underarm, breasts and lips. The natural plant collagen with the Gold contains natural healing properties that are easily absorbed by the skin.

24k Gold Collagen Face Mask

LP Skin Therapy by Dr Linda Papadopulos is all about psychodermatology which means it's how the mind can affect the skin. Various moods can affect the skin, I'm sure when some of us our stressed we end up in spots including myself. I remember when I was studying for my GCSE's and I ended up in spots on my legs not like acne or a rash but more like hives. It was unpleasant and killed my self esteem during those sunny days.

LP Skin Therapy

Finding that perfect nude to me is like finding that perfect red. It can be time consuming and we might not get it right the first few times but when we find it, we really do find it. I love  this colour so much, couldn't wait to share it with you - like OMG valley girl moment!!

The first time I found the perfect nude lipstick was when I was in my early teens and I purchased Mizz magazine and they had stacked lipsticks and one was called 'Camel' and it was a subtle brown and was good for me to wear to school cos of the 'no make-up' rule this lipstick was given a bly.

I've found that again in Shiseido's Lacquer Rouge in Camel* - I knew straight away this would be my ultimate choice, the name took me back, instantly I knew - you are mine!

Shiseido Lacquer Rouge

I have never been a Rihanna fan but it's changing & I do like how she does reinvent her image with each album a la Madonna who I am a fan of btw. Rihanna loves to change her hair a lot. My least favourite personally was her curly sideshow Bob do. The one I've always held a candle too & loved how she could make it edgy and soft was her mid / late 2008 curly mohawk!

The back of this hairstyle is gorgeous!

I haven't had short hair since I was a toddler, I've always kept my hair at a certain length it's my security blanket to my being.

You've no doubt read about me saying I've given my hair a rest for the remainder cold months as it needs a lot of recuperating. Plaiting it up yesterday I noticed the amount of dead hair that needs cutting, not trimming - I mean a CUT!

We all know your hair will grow but most times some of us don't see the growth in length as our hair is breaking at the ends.

Next month the hair is being cut and I need a style. I think what stops me going short is, I love short hair on bone structured faces, only bone structure I have is in my elbow.

What's a girl to do!?

"THE" Rihanna cut | My favourite

Dolce Vanity officially began on the 13th October 2008, most of my posts have been deleted but are still available through Google Reader if your subscribed to me on that.

In the last 4 years I've come across some fantastic bloggers, far & near. You've supported my blog and showed me a lot of appreciation, respect and love and I thank you for that.

Prizes Include : 
MakeBelieve Self Tan Mouuse ( zone 3 ) 200ml
Vita Liberata pHenomenal Tan ( dark ) 125ml
Soap & Glory Clarity Face Soap 50ml
Good Things Five Minute Facial Face Mask 100ml
Inika Eyeliner 
Laura Mercier Foundation Primer  50ml
Sanctuary Body Butter 150ml
Percy & Reed London Volumising Mousse 50ml
Apivita Refreshing Body Milk 75ml 
Apitvita 24hr Moisturizing & Revitalizing eye cream 15ml
Apivita Lip Care .15oz
Estelle & Thild Lip Balm 15ml 
Burt's Bee Banana Hand Creme 7g 
Rimmel 1000 Kisses in Faithful Rose
Rimmel 1000 Kisses in Kiss Me 
Kate Moss for Rimmel Matte Lipstick in 107 
Elise Eyelashes 
LipBoss Lip Stencils
Elegant Touch Envy Wraps
Nail Rock Nail Wraps 

If I could give each one of you lovelies something, I truly would. One lucky follower will win this prize bundle, various items have been either PR provided or I've paid for myself. This is open internationally.

Rules :
  1. Any entrants who have Twitter or any other social networking sites open specifically to enter giveaways will be disqualified. 
  2. Personal friends (e.g. those I know who do not blog) / Family members cannot enter.
  3. Must be 16 & over to enter
  4. Have a valid & open blog 
  5. Must be a follower of this blog. 
  6. Entries that are mandatory are that. 
  7. I will be monitoring this giveaway closely and there will be disqualifications if I feel they are necessary. 

Thank You Giveaway !!

Wow this is near the end, we have one more week and we are done with the #TFWOC project!!

Vita Liberata is our brand for the week. Vita is a tan brand that has been used on many red carpets. Celebrities such as Kelly Brook, Holly Valance, Michelle Keegan, The Saturday's and even One Direction enjoy using Vita Liberata when they want that touched by the sun glow!

pHenomenal tanning mousse, the world's first 2 - 3 week tan! This is the tan I will be reviewing for you in the shade medium. They say this tan is to last 4 times longer than any other tanning product on the market today. The pHenomenal tan incorporates new technology (pHeno2) that woks alongside the active tanning ingredient DHA to ensure that this formula takes to the skin in a way that normal tans cannot. It still contains the natural extracts that all Vita Liberata tans do, silk proteins, seaweed and ylang ylang. No parabens, perfume or alcohol are included in pHenomenal!

Bonus - this is great for people with sensitive skin, so if your worried this may not be for you. Don't worry it won't irritate your skin!

before tanning remember :
  • Make sure your skin is hair free. 
  • Exfoliate so you get rid of any dead skin, helps to make application easier and smoother.
  • Use the tanning mitt.
  • Moisturise only the areas of your skin that get a bit more drier than others e.g. knees, elbows, toes, knuckles.
  • If you get the tan on any areas that you don't want the tan to appear wash off immediately as the colour will set in within a few minutes! 
Remember to read the instructions and do some research on others who have tried and tested this tan, to learn from them. 

It says than once this tan is applied you can wash it off in 3 - 24hours.  I decided to wait until the next day to really let the tan set in and so I can see if I want to reapply a second application. 

1 application = approx 7 days
2 applications = approx 10+ days
3 applications = approx 2 – 3 weeks

I used one pump as I didn't want to load my mitt of tan, I decided to be maybe a little frugal with it as I was a little unsure, this tan is meant to last 2 - 3 weeks and the last thing I want is to load my skin with so much tan I look dirty.

There wasn't much smell to this if I'm honest when I pumped it out BUT the next morning I did smell of tan! I won't lie, it wasn't a hard 'biscuit' smell but it was there once I had left it until the next morning but once I washed off the application the smell had disappeared.

The tan dried pretty quickly, I had white sheets so you could imagine that they would of looked like a pig in mud by the next morning if it hadn't dried quick enough but I'm glad this is a tan that does dry pretty quickly.

Above photo was taken just after the first application on one of my legs ( can you tell which one ) before I moved onto the other one. The next morning when I woke up my legs were pretty dark! Around my ankle and knee the results reminded me of red roads back in Jamaica in the country areas. Give or take 3 days it started to fade into a nice brown colour.

On the 8th - 9th day of the application, the tan started to fade. I decided to show what it looks like if you don't exfoliate. It starts to shed, I read reviews before where people said that it doesn't flake / shade. I beg to differ. By the 10th - 11th day my legs were tan free.

Remember I only did one application and left it on until the next morning to wash off so about 11 hours later I washed mine and didn't reapply cos it was dark enough for me.

Besides the red road look around my ankles and knee, I didn't have much bad things to say about the tan. I think the main issue is if your a tanning newbie it's how much to use, do I or don't I reapply!? Trial and error. I just didn't want to be going out looking foolish so I just decided to wait out on my tan to see for myself.

Is this a tan I would use again? Probably if I wanted a tan that lasts, I think it could be it. As I said I applied it once, and under a fortnight later I was tan free so if I was to do 2 - 3 applications, this could live up to it's claims.

Available in light, medium or dark
Price : £37.50 / 125ml
Purchase from :

*This product was sent to me for consideration for a review. This does not sway my opinion. This is 100% my view and research is that of my own!

Tans for WOC | Vita Liberata pHenomenal mousse tan

Halloween is around the corner, how time flies. Lush are once again releasing some new products in association with Halloween. I have two here The Enchanter* (ballistic) & Twilight* (shower gel).

I love me a ballistic anytime. 

Halloween at Lush

MakeBelieve Sunbeam Bronzer. The packaging for this bronzer is one of elegance, can look gorgeous on anyone's vanity! Maybe a bit too bulky to carry around in your bag ( unless your name is LaaLaa and you carry anything & everything anyway )

The makebelieve logo embossed into the bronzer, personalising it. - yes I had used it before taking the picture *shoot me* The thing that makes me like this more - it's matte. Makes it so much easier to build on, some people don't like all that shimmer that some bronzers can bring and to me personally shimmer when you want to look 'natural' in Winter isn't practical. I can understand this colour wouldn't be good for girls probably any darker than me I can range to an NC42 on a good year . This would be ideal for a lot of women if they decided to bring out more colours and possible finishes. Just for an wider audience.

With this I think a lighter hand is better, less is more to begin with and work on your desired finish.

The kabuki brush it comes with feels very soft, slightly more tapered but truth be told, I didn't use it much - bad of me I know but I ever so rarely use brushes supplied with products! I honestly just prefer tools with more of a handle, I rarely use a kabuki brush - even for minerals. When I did chose to use this, it was on my temples where I didn't mind if it applied a little heavier. Yet I did just use my fan brush to apply this for contouring. It did replace my Sleek Suede blush. I used it for my TravelSupermarket Beauty & the Beach competition look. Just to lightly give me more colour and some cheekbones!

I have liked this bronzer and I've made no qualms in telling others this too. It's ideal for my skintone, I can build upon it, use it to contour, it's matte making it autumn and winter friendly and more versatile for my personal preference.

Purchase from :
Price : £15.00

So I know this product for some has been hit & miss but who rated it and who dumped it ?

Tans for WOC | Makebelieve Part 3 - Enhance Sunbeam Bronzer

september glossybox

I didn't post last months GlossyBox which was a special edition Maggie Li box. The design strayed away from the usual GlossyBox and the only thing I could really rave about was the box. That's due to inpart of when I received my first box the outer packaging came ripped open and repackaged with parcel tape! The box had obviously been tampered with and items missing. This isn't of course Glossybox's fault and they did respond to me quickly and sent me out a replacement box :

GlossyBox - September Maggie Li & October 2012

I posted a guess post during the week and Jennifer of Spiced Beauty guessed correctly and pretty fast - it is a wig! I was kindly sent 3 bundles of 4oz 20 inch Brazilian straight hair from Bella Dream Hair*

Bella Dream Hair

You've probably already seen these floating around the blogsphere. When Lush launched their cosmetics line earlier this Summer it made me smile, why? It's another animal cruelty free and vegan make-up brand that is very accessible.

Online they make the process very personalised and you can spin the interactive colour wheel and get your own personalised colour reading - how cool is that?! You choose three colours that stand out to you at that moment and these colours are linked to works that reveal a little about your current state of mind. Wear the colour to feel the word -  make word-up!!

Emotional Brilliance is made up of three products : liquid lipstick, liquid eye-liner or cream eyeshadow. All 30 products within the range are vegan - Boom!!

Today I will share with you 2 eye-liners, 4 lipsticks and one mascara.

Lush Emotional Brilliance Review

If you really want to make a statement with your body moisturiser, I recommend Jergen's Beauty Lotion in Cherry-Almond. This has finally reached us in the U.K. and if there's anything to make you want to eat your own skin ( that sounded good in my head ) it's this! Why? Not only is in nourishing and hydrating which is something we need from now due to the weather starting to get bitterly cold but it smells true to it's name.

I come across so many products that say they smell like x,y and z and all I smell is a, b and c - not many deliver and I love that this does.

Smells exactly like the cherry bakewell tart it's pictured next to! Jergens is my current body lotion, it's the only one that has a scent to it, that my skin can take. That's saying something as I will itch and moan when my skin starts to get irritated by over perfumed products. It's light and not hard to rub in so it's also a quick lotion to use. You ever squeezed out too much and you've spent most your time trying to rub in all that excess *nods* that's me.

Price : £3.49 for 200ml

In addition to all this goodness, Jergens UK Facebook are running a competition, you can win a collection of fabulous goodies. One lucky winner will receive a designer handbag, designer scarf, a pair of designer shoes and a complete range of Jergens moisturisers inc the original beauty lotion.
To find out more and enter - click here
( closes 31st October ) 

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*This product was sent to me for consideration for a review. This does not sway my opinion. This is 100% my view and research is that of my own!

Jergens Cherry-Almond Beauty Lotion

What have I been a little occupied doing?

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Can You Guess ?

You might be thinking but she already did this and yes I did but it only featured 1/3 of the new Krispy Kreme range due to a little mishap. The delivery man and I had a conversation for nearly 5mins about doughnuts he was giving me recommendations lol.  So I will now present all three in there Kreme Glory.

Kreme de la Kreme Take Two

My cosmo blog awards goody bag was requested for a sneak peek and it's taken me over a week to do this but it's getting done now. This goody bag was definitely a lot larger than last years and had a variety of stuff from jewellery, drinks, skincare, makeup + treats.

I want to see...

13th October 2008 Dolce Vanity was officially started. That was the beginning! Today is her birthday & I'm planning a giveaway *throws confetti & glitter*

This giveaway wasn't going to happen until the 5th blogversary if I was still going because I thought it would be a good milestone but after the start of this month I've decided to hold one for this birthday & also as a thank you to my readers.

If your support wasn't here, I wouldn't be in the position I have been in as of late. It's been busy and exciting opportunities have arisen & if you didn't love what I do it might not be the same. This giveaway is going to be entitled

"From Me to You - Thank You Giveaway"  

I asked on the Dolce Vanity Facebook page what products you would like to see in this giveaway & I got NARS, Illamasqua & Laura Mercier. If you are planning to leave a comment please do tell me what brands you would like to see - keep in mind, I'm only going to be including animal cruelty free brands. There's already such fillers within the box such as fake tan, Soap & Glory + a few more this giveaway will include - skincare, bath & body & make-up so there is a variation and something for anyone who does win this.

The plan is to have this giveaway launched for next weekend or the week of the 22nd October.

Leave me some suggestions and have a great Saturday & thank you xoxo 
- edit : forgot to note - this will be an international giveaway!

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Happy 4th Blogversary !!

Superdry the American vintage brand have released a range of female fragrances entitled NEON with four different scents & neon coloured bottles. That's right ladies it's our turn after the brand catered for men for so long in the fragrance sector with Steel & Black along with our four the men's range has also expanded with two more bottles. Yet today is about NEON blue*.
Being surprised with this fragrance it was a nice surprise as I do love a good old perfume and even though perfume can be something personal I'm happy that this is right up my ally.

Superdry NEON Blue

Can you believe we have about 3 weeks left on the Tans for WOC project! Where has the weeks gone. This week it's all about Xen-Tan, we was all sent various Xen-Tan products to try out. I got the Xen-Tan Scent Secure Gold*.
Xen-Tan was founded in the USA by a group of dedicated self-tanners who were unhappy with the orange finish, bad odours, dry skin and mess that would often occur with fake tanning products. Developing a range that was easy to use, smelled good and also kept your skin nourished and flawless and a healthy looking tan. To create this revolutionary beauty product, they’ve included a special molecule which surrounds the active tanning ingredient DHA that causes the traditional ‘fake tan smell’. Since being a hit within the US they have launched in the UK & even was named Elle's Best Ever Beauty Buy 2009. This year they launched a sister product to the original Scent Secure - Scent Secure Gold, which I will be reviewing for you.

Upon squeezing this out, you notice it's a little dark than a milk chocolate brown, you can see that there is glistening particles running throughout the product. Now this is the only way I can describe this one, when I purchased sweets from SugarSin last month the bag smelt similar to this - yup it smelt like sweets. More specifically maybe it's a watermelon it's not as sweet smelling as the MakeBelieve but it's still pleasurable.

Use alone as tinted moisturiser or smooth lotion onto face and body day or night to erase sunless tanning odour, wait one hour after applying self-tan to apply

The left side // no tan. The right side // tan. 

One of the key ingredients that this product contains is shea butter it aims to be hydrating and moisturising. As I used this as a tinted moisturiser I did use it on one arm without any cream - the other later on top of a moisturiser. Honestly I preferred it on top of the moisturiser just to have that extra moisturise my skin needs. This product is also paraben & oil free

Out of them all so far to create a glow that enhances my skin tone - that gives off something more natural but with a glisten - this is ideal for me. The glitter particles don't even bother me as there not large, that image was taken with the flash on and it picks up where the glitter is but it's not overbearing. It gives me a nice, even coverage.

Only problem? It doesn't last long, 4 hours max before it needs reapplying and for this reason I would score it lower as the longevity doesn't justify the price. Yet for what I'm looking for it's ideal. Maybe more than one application is needed to help it last longer but I then think once it's built up, it might be too much of a disco ball.

** This product is not tested on animals.
Purchase :

Tans for WOC | Xen-Tan Scent Secure Gold

She Only Likes Spikes & Studs

Here's another part to the bundle that MakeBelieve sent us to review, this time I'm reviewing their Enhance Glow Tinted Moisturiser.

Tans for WOC | MakeBelieve Part Two - Enhance Glow Tinted Moisturiser

Cosmo Blog Awards 2012

With Lush being one of few companies I could be 100% devoted too, I love when I see they have new releases and this one is Fun. No really, that's what it's called, Fun but for the next year Fun has a cause, for the first year 10p from each bar of Fun sold will go into a FunD to be given out in grants to projects providing recreations and fun activities for children living in challenging environments. Specifically working with Japan who was hit by the 2011 earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster. Lush understands that the problems are still not over and that even for children to play outside it's still too dangerous due to the high levels of radiation.

So what is Fun? Fun is going to make bathtime for you & children that little extra, gentle softening base of cornflour, glycerine and talc make these five different rolls which you can make shapes and characters into. This multipurpose products allows you to even wash your clothes with it as well as hands, feet, body and make loads of bubbles
( which I spend manually doing, swooshing my arm around )

The 5 Fun Rolls:
Sentai Ranger Yellow … vanilla absolute and gardenia
extract gives this bundle of fun a comforting marzipan aroma.

Sentai Ranger Green … uplifting and zinging, this one
has lemon and lime oils to awaken the senses.

Sentai Ranger Blue … a gentle, soothing hug in the bath
before bedtime using calming oils such as lavender and
chamomile. This one is also good for those with sore or irritated

Sentai Ranger Red … a fruity combination of orange and
mandarin oils, this one will revitalise the mind.

Sentai Ranger Pink … a sweet treat with ice-cream scented
tonka absolute and benzoin resinoid, which also has warming qualities
to help stimulate circulation.

Not sure about you but I'm getting one lol, I'm a bath time fiend, this looks fun and for the next year your helping.

Available : Lush stores & Online
Price : £5.00 / 200g roll

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Lush Fun

Alot of people in the UK kept asking me when the launch for the Marilyn x MAC collection was.
Well all I knew was it had an  October launch date, turns out it's today - Available online now

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Marilyn Monroe x MAC - Launched

Last night, I was in the bathroom doing my usual routine. Cleansed my face as usual and went to put my toner Fairly Naturally - Cotton & Cucumber on as routine and all of a sudden the top of my cheek bone as soon as I brushed it over, burnt. I washed it off immediately with cool water but the damage had been done.

Burned by a Toner